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    just finish a few games now! i'm still on 3.55 using the bypass!! not banned for the time been!

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    To above, glad its working for people, want to wait for my new coming ps3 to jb it

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    LOL at first commenter "CaStR0_21: How long am I banned for? This console has been permanently banned from the Black Ops servers Does this mean forever? Or will I be unbanned after awhile?"

    It says PERMANENTLY banned, not temporary, of course that means forever.

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    it's better played on the 360 Live anyways.

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    What bypasses are you guys talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCSUfan View Post
    I am on CFW never cheated or any lame chit like that, but I am on the latest patch which I thought is 1.06 (you speak of 1.05, but I could be wrong and have my # wrong)

    But I know I am on the latest patch and CFW so does that entail a higher probability of banning?
    If your on the latest 1.05 update and never cheated then I guess your just like me and probably won't get banned.

    I don't know why they are banning people but I say it's probably the cheaters getting banned, NOT the CFW your running it from.

    I don't like COD:BO anyway, too many campers at spawn points shooting you in the back. I prefer MOH or BBC2. Its front on combat and a lot more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkzero51521 View Post
    What bypasses are you guys talking about
    Yeah answer that guy^

    How are people playing online with 3.55 kmeaw? we have to go edit some parameter to 1.05? Where and why? Someone explain again so I can try, because I have never cheated and have a legit B.O. ID anyway?

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    This was posted in the 3.56 thread, but I will post it here as well... the bypass methods temporarily work whenever new PS3 Firmware updates are released but then a few days later Sony always blocks them again.

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    Sony can kiss my butt, greedy people!

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    so wait. its only people who ACTUALLY cheated in black ops are getting banned? (some people might be acting innocent and their probably lying that they didnt cheated and got banned as some people said here)

    i'm on CFW Kmeaw havent updated yet, but i have the legit/bought copy of black ops (preordered it) so if i go online, will i get banned? i hope not. cuz it would suck not being able to play with my buddies anymore.

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