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  1. #31
    BwE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    would it bypass/help with bannings?

    and didn't somebody in this thread just confirm it wasn't just cheaters.

  2. #32
    Anticleric Guest
    I don't see how changing your PSN id would help with banning in Black ops. Isn't your progress attached to your ID? You would have to start over again.

  3. #33
    tonyqc Guest
    I play zoombiess online right now with multiman 1.14.01 and wutangrza

    only game save cheater get banned and seem to be only for cod bo

    good news

  4. #34
    fantasypower999 Guest
    good news, thanks a lot!

  5. #35
    dulal Guest
    that's good those freaking cheaters deserve this and all those Innocent statements are bullshit they know they cheated they just wanna act innocence typical human things that everyone does including me so yah i am glad they banned those cheaters so people who actually are legit can have fun.

  6. #36
    Darkzero51521 Guest
    What bypass allows you to play online with firmware 3.55? I'd like to see if im banned. And i really don't think my friend would even know how to hack his COD saves, i had to put his CFW on his ps3 for him because he isn't a technical user.

  7. #37
    Jes03 Guest
    I just finished a game online with a friend and they are still playing. I'm using Wan's CFW and its all good. I'm not banned. With a backup from USB, updated to 1.05.

    As I previously said it probably has nothing to do with 3.56 firmware but more with the 1.05 update that came out recently.

    It might also detect what version they are running. They might be on CFW3.55 but if their version of BO is 1.00 then it's a hacked version and get banned.

  8. #38
    barrybarryk Guest
    if their version of black ops is 1.00 or any other version it'll just ask to update before going online.

  9. #39
    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    if their version of black ops is 1.00 or any other version it'll just ask to update before going online.
    You can hack it to still get online.

    Just change param.sfo to say its v1.05 and it'll get online. It should get online...

  10. #40
    NCSUfan Guest
    How is this?

    I am on CFW never cheated or any lame chit like that, but I am on the latest patch which I thought is 1.06 (you speak of 1.05, but I could be wrong and have my # wrong)

    But I know I am on the latest patch and CFW so does that entail a higher probability of banning?

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