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  1. #11
    barrybarryk Guest
    it'll just be cheaters, otherwise it'd be more than a black ops ban.

  2. #12
    semitope Guest
    maybe it IS true that people who have been in a hacked match are banned as well.

  3. #13
    Coragin Guest
    And we would see a ton more posts.

  4. #14
    Darkzero51521 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NCSUfan View Post
    Can anyone else confirm this? I've been usin the bypass and now too scared to sign in, might be too late already if what you say is true.

    I'd like the glitchers gone but banning anyone on CFW?? that seems more than a little shady.

    Can someone who has backed up their own copy of Black Ops who is on CFW confirm/deny they are banned or just cheaters... or just cheaters and pirateers... or cheaters, pirateers, and anyone using CFW regardles if they own the disc or not.
    I haven't updated my ps3 yet, but i'm pretty sure its the case with all CFW users on BO, if you've played since the newest BO patch (1.06? the one released three days ago). I don't think there would be any point to delay logging in, i'm sure they banned everyone at once.

  5. #15
    barrybarryk Guest
    if a game can detect cfw or any kind of tampering with the os, the ps3 has some more security issues to worry about.

  6. #16
    ModderFokker Guest
    Excellent news !!!

  7. #17
    barrybarryk Guest
    yep verified, i'm still able to login to black ops using a backup on kmeaw. looks like it's just cheaters.

  8. #18
    NCSUfan Guest
    awesome man thanks for letting me know!!!

    If there's a +rep or something I will return the favor.

  9. #19
    hacked2123 Guest
    strange... pirates can't be on 3.56...

  10. #20
    barrybarryk Guest
    argh i'm not on 3.56, like stated in my post.

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