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Thread: CoD: Black Ops Hackers Hit with PS3 Firmware 3.56 Ban Hammer

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    msr Guest
    Sony must of had something to do with this, they had to authorize it.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I agree with some of this Bud. But forgive me if I'm wrong Sony have to win the case 1st, about this CFW, and homebrew stuff, before their start putting the down hammer.

    Like I have said before, its to soon, even the Japaneses forums are saying the same. Its coming but not yet. It all stands on the outcome from the court case, how they fire back that is, they may have to win 1st before they can ban you, me, us for something that the law has not yet said is illegal. so as it stands Sony are on thin ice at the moment, and relying on the games groups to side with them and ban you for them.Thats how I see it.
    Quote Originally Posted by msr View Post
    Sony must of had something to do with this, they had to authorize it.
    I did think the same but, I have learned that this may not be the case because 3rd party game servers have a right to ban anyone from their servers as they see fit, if they believe that none cheating game players are hindered in any way from unethical game players, hackers and cheaters.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Sony doesn't need to win anything before they start PSN bans, they can ban people from PSN for any reason whatsoever whenever they see fit. No PS3 owner has a god given right to run free on PSN hacked PS3 or not. PSN bans aren't a legal issue.

    The reason they haven't banned anyone yet for CFW or jbing is a mystery, but if Sony ever decided to ban cfw users no one has a legal leg to stand on, they are Sony's servers and they can allow on whoever they like.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I agree, but no one has been banned from anything connected to Sony yet. But yes I fully agree Sony can stop anyone using their service if they wish, as you said its free and they can stop it.

    Like I said maybe the games groups are siding with them, who knows, and who cares, I know I don't. I think it's funny, and awaiting more PS3's coming my way on the cheap, as they always do, just like the 360's did.. ha ha ha ..

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    KRaZE Guest
    Bravo Sony! Bravo!!!

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    avojps24 Guest

    Exclamation Sony Implementing The Kill Switch Against CoD PS3 Hackers

    I got this from NGU.... to quote: "Treyarch just came out of some serious negotiations at Sony HQ and the legal documents they released are shocking. The DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) has recently been revised and apparently it gives Sony the ability to shut down our PS3s internally, read this from the legal docs:"

    "In affiliation with Treyarch, Sony has decided to take affirmitive action against all users of Call of Duty: Black Ops that have engaged in console exploiting and unfair alteration of Sony firmware keys for personal use. Citing the newly revised edition of the DMCA under section 1-6 it states that under any violation of such offenses that Sony and any other electronic manufacturers whose devices have undertaken such actions are entitled to take any necessary actions to combat said threats.

    Starting 2/1/11 all users of Black Ops who have been implicated with any sort of hacking will be unable to access their 'Playstation 3' consoles and will receive an error message indicating their ban. E-mails will be sent out accordingly to the respective users. At this time Treyarch as well as Sony are choosing to keep information away from the press in anticipation of the major upset, this right is reserved for them under the DMCA as well. As of today, upwards of 50,000 consoles are being prepared for the console ban."

    "This comes from within the HDD of your PS3 and is unfixable but there may be a way around this in the future. This is all highly legal and they have backing from the DMCA so this is definetly going to happen."

    looks like i'll be having my ps3 off on the first of FEB. what will you do?

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    ThetaSigma Guest
    Hmm, i wonder what will happen if i remove my ps3's wifi chip?

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    NoZart Guest
    Banning is not illegal, as it is a service which Sony can declare who is allowed in. Disabling the PS3 completely (as in bricking them) would be illegal in many countries.

    Maybe, but that is a long shot: Sony knows how many PS3s are hacked. Calculates a bit. Ways the pros and cons of a total ban vs. effectively breaking and then re-fixing peoples properties. Sabotages our PS3 remotely. Given the Customer rights of many countries, people are entitled to working consoles as they bought them, so they get a notice to have their PS3 fixed. Send them in, get them back with new firmware. Sure, that is a very expensive method, but it would surely help weed out the hackers tremendously. This would be in tune with the bit stating sony wants to shut up press.

    This is really just speculation, but as i see it, forcing people to be legal seems to be the best way financially. Microsoft just bans consoles and risks people not ever buying XBLA content again. The other method would allow sony to get back in the wallets of the gamers...

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    mckarlsson Guest
    they should ban all MW2 Cheaters. They destroy the game completely, i hate them...

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    JohnboyWaltons Guest
    Great news, even if I do not play CoD Black Ops ! I hope it will get $ony under control all undocumented players to dispel.
    Because everyone wants to play online, is to buy the game because otherwise no money will be available for new developments.

    I myself play GT5, Dirt2 and Grid and not willing to go against pirates or cheaters to race. This is not to say that I have anything against JB or CFW. I like homebrew and emulators, but if I want to gamble a game really right, then I'll buy it!

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