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    prab1975 Guest

    help please guys multiman wont work..

    right i updated to rogero 4.55 and multiman wont work, i click on the multiman icon on ps3 and it goes to black screen then back to main screen, tried deleting it and reinstalling (multiman 4.55) still no joy..

    tried swapping to habib 4.60 and multiman 4.60 and all i get then from multiman is error, so tried loading multiman 4.55 back on and its back to the going to black screen for couple of seconds then back to main screen.. help..

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    misiozol Guest
    Install newest multiman base package but before delete old one completely.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I don't have a super slim to test it on. I sold my only one.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Cobra ODE News - Update, Cobra ODE v2.2 Released

    19 - 8 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update, Cobra ODE v2.2 Released

    We are happy to release the 2.2 update for all Cobra versions including the 5.1B and 5.3A PCB revisions V5.x boards, we have increased USB read speeds by 40%* and further improved the success rate of swapping discs for the bypass.

    Furthermore, we have added support for 4.60 ofw bypass and new bypass tools (applicable to all Cobra ODE versions v3.x, 4.x and 5.x)

    We have also added a another nice features, auto region patching for psx games.

    Various fixes for stability and configuration have been added, please refer to the changelog in the mcu update folder.

    V5.30A users please note that a bug has been fixed in the 2.1 firmware which caused ISO's not to load if the drive door was not toggled open and then closed. Please ensure you update to the 2.2 Cobra ODE fw asap.

    We have now successfully bypassed 4.60 ofw on older PS3 consoles (PATA, SATA FAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k models). An additional hardware module (Cobra DMC) is required and will be sold bundled with 5.10B or 5.3A versions of the Cobra ODE.

    The Cobra DMC hardware module also supports in tradition with Cobra philosophy all previous versions of the Cobra ODE (V3.x and 4.x) hardware and may be purchased from your local reseller soon.

    Resellers may contact us at: [email protected] to order the additional Cobra DMC hardware modules.

    The cobra 2.3 firmware will be released simultaneously with release of the DMC hardware module.

    Photo's of the Cobra DMC will follow next week.

    NOTE: Cobra ODE v3.x and 4.x users already on 2.1 firmware can ignore the FPGA update files.


    cobra.cfg Config Tool v2.2 by SDeath

    I have made a new program for you guys so you can create the cobra.cfg in a few easy steps. It is setup with default settings and you can just click the options you want.

    I have 2 sections, Basic Settings and Advanced Settings, only use the Advanced settings if you where told to do so by a member with more experience or if you know what you are doing.

    All options have tooltips if you want to know more about what they do. By default the following is set:
    • COBRA Browser
    • Eject Disc On selection in Browser/Manager
    • Add "Return to Manager" in XMB
    • MCU Underclock

    For users on a 4k and on OFW 4.55 and everybody else on OFW 4.60 enable that option too in the basic settings. If you want to use the Manager just enable that.

    After setting the right settings press Generate and select the destination of the cobra.cfg so the COBRA folder on the external HDD, if it already exist it will be overwritten.

    v2.2 Changelog:
    • Added support for the latest config options introduced in firmware 2.2, 2.1 and 2.0.
    • Changed version number to the same as the firmware version it reflects.

    Download: cobra.cfg_Config_Tool_v2.2.exe / cobra.cfg_Config_Tool_v2.2.rar

    Easy Batch Generate/Merge COBRA ISO's Tool (Including OFW 4.55/4.60 ISO's + Swap Disc) by SDeath

    Easy Batch Generate ISOs Package 2.2 Full / Light v2.2 20-08-2014 (dd-mm-yyyy) Changelog:
    • Updated to the latest version v2.2 firmware, v1.3 bypass files and genps3iso v2.5, released today by the COBRA Team.
    • Full Package includes 1574 IRD files and 7914 swap files.

    Download: Easy Batch Generate ISOs Package 2.2 Full.rar / Easy Batch Generate ISOs Package 2.2 Light.rar

    Easy Batch Generate ISO's Instruction Movie / Easy Batch Generate ISOs Tutorial

    Updated Source Code:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Tutorial: How to Prepare the HDD (with Preconfigured Packages) by SDeath

    To make things easy for you I have setup 3 pre-configured HDD packages to prepare your HDD, this way you are sure all the needed files are there on the HDD.

    The Packages:

    *Stealth will show the COBRA Browser in the Games and Video section of the XMB, SuperStealth will only show the COBRA Browser in the Video section.

    All 3 packages include the Browser and the Manager, from update 2.0 onward it's very easy to switch between the two, just a small edit in the cobra.cfg. The differences between the packages is just how the cobra.cfg is setup. The Manager now also supports disc dumping so that's why I think it should also be included in the Browser packages.


    01 - Download one of the above packages.
    02 - Extract the contents to the root of the HDD.
    03 - Copy the games to the folder PS3_GAMES.
    04 - Adjust the cobra.cfg to your needs, since FW 2.1 most used options like Return to Manager and Eject On Selection are enabled by default, the other options like 4.55 or LED disable you need to adjust yourself.
    05 - Safe eject the HDD and connect to the external PCB USB port.


    If you downloaded one of my Browser packages you can switch easily to the manager by changing this line:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And if you used my Manager package you have to do the revers to switch to the Browser so change this line:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    To this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Changelog v2.2:
    • Updated to the new 2.2 firmware, the packages also include the files for PSX auto region patching

    File versions used:
    • Firmware 2.2
    • Browser/Manager 1.6
    • cobra.db 14-06-2014

  5. #705
    D4RKN355 Guest

    Can't see multiman icon anymore help?

    i was attemp to play Sengoku Basara 4 but the game seem to be not working and freezed at the loading screen. after that, my friend told me to go to game setting menu in multiman's game selection screen and tick all the choices at the left except BD Mirror, Discboot and USB patch.

    i then booted the game at xbm screen and the screen showed a bunch of japanese and cannot process further so i quit the game. after i quit the game, i couldn't find my multiman icon anymore.

    now i am stuck and cannot play any games at the moment. Is there anyway to fix this ?

    Update: i installed multiman and sorted out the problem.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    21 - 8 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update / HCL - Humble Cobra Laucher

    21 - 8 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update

    We have updated the 2.2 fw archives to correct errors in the names of the update files for Cobra ODE ver 5.30A and files relating to PSX auto patching. The PDF for 5.xx board include in archive have been updated as well. We have also updated the user manual to reflect these changes.

    Users kindly ensure that update files should be named as follow for 5.30A Hardware:

    Chipset M2S010 file name should be v5p30A10.spi or Chipset M2S025 file name should be v5p30A25.spi

    Download: Cobra ODE Firmware v2.2 Fixed / Cobra_ODE_Bypass_455_v1.3.rar / Cobra_ODE_Bypass_455_v1.3.rar (Mirror)

    Also from Roor comes HCL - Humble Cobra Laucher with details below as follows:

    Download: manager.iso

    Hi. Since last week I've been working on my own Cobra Manager. I begun it because I wanted a fast-loading, easy to use Manager for my games; that I feel comfortable with.

    It is still "under development" but it already does all what the official Cobra Manager does, more and in a faster way.

    If someone is interested in testing, please let me know and I'll send you a first "private" beta tomorrow night. I'm quite limited in testings, as I only have one PS3. So it has only been tested with Cobra ODE 4.30A in my Slim PS3.

    I'm posting some pictures I took with my phone last night (my screenshot capability is zero right now).

    Thanks in advance,


    Update: Hi. After being tested by some users, I'm releasing my first version of HCL (Humble Cobra Launcher).

    Basically another homebrew that works in the line like SonicMan, Cobra Manager, GameSonic and similar.

    It was created during last week, and designed specifically for Cobra ODE. My plan is to make a couple of weekly releases until I find myself satisfied with the product; and then to make updates from time to time based on new Cobra ODE releases and features.

    In order to use it, just place the manager.iso file in your COBRA folder, and make sure to set your Cobra.cfg to use homebrew.

    If you have a PS3 Slim, like me, I recommend setting your EJECT.DELAY=10000 in Cobra.Cfg and set your PS3 to to auto start games when discs are inserted.

    Here are the current features (HCL V0.1):
    • Compatible with the latest Cobra MCU.
    • Very fast loading times, compared to other Managers.
    • PS1 and PS2 game covers included. (covers are autodetected based on GameVolume name. Will be improved later).
    • Separate menus for every Cobra flavour : PS1, PS2, PS3, DVD and BLURAY.
    • Many integrated tools (disabled on this first release).
    • As stealth as possible. HCL is recognized as "PS MOVE STARTER PACK". And doesn't touch PS3 HDD at all.
    • Cache mode: If you plug a FAT32 formated USB Drive, Covers, Icons and even Cobra's Fodlers are cached into your USB. It takes a bit longer the first time, but it makes HCL boot a lot faster from then on.
    • Some graphical glitches, which will be fixed on next release.

    Future features (weekly updates expected):
    • File Browser (ready right now, but being tested).
    • Disc Ripper (ready right now, but being improved with "multithreading" in order to make it even faster).
    • PKG Installer (still under study)
    • Integration with some Emulators and Players.
    • Automatic detection of PS1 and PS2 covers (right now you need to set the "disc names" to the name code, in order to get this working).
    • Save Settings and Cache inside PS3 HDD (once it is considered stealth enough).
    • Sound Effects.
    • Graphical Enhancements.
    • Faster navigation.

    Please write feedback.


  7. #707
    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    27 - 8 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update - Cobra ODE Firmware v2.2 Fixed2

    27 - 8 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update - Cobra ODE Firmware v2.2 Fixed2

    We have updated the 2.2 fw archives for Cobra ODE v5.30A with chipset "M2S010" to correct a problem which prevented updating from 2.1 to 2.2.

    All 5.30A users should therefore update to 2.2 with this update.

    Download: Cobra ODE Firmware v2.2 Fixed2

    Note: This UPDATE require 2 steps:

    1: Copy "v5p30A10_step1.spi" to your USB key.

    2: Rename file on USB key to "v5p30A10.spi" and use ("safely remove hardware") from windows.

    3: Proceed with UPDATE. *Refer to Cobra_ODE_V5_Update_Process_(_README_FIRST_).pdf *

    4: When process is done with "solid GREEN LED" then then remove USB key and (Unplug PS3 power cable).

    5: Delete file on USB key and copy "v5p30A10_step2.spi" to this last.

    6: Rename file on USB key to "v5p30A10.spi" and use ("safely remove hardware") from windows.

    7: Proceed with UPDATE.

    8: When process is done with "solid GREEN LED" then remove USB key and (Power Cycle PS3).


    Also from Roor today comes an update to HCL - Humble Cobra Launcher as follows: Today I'm making the second release of HCL.

    Download: manager-v0.2.rar

    Here are the most important changes in this version (HCL V0.2):
    • Graphical enhancements. Most glitches are fixed. Better Icons.
    • Better autodetection of PS1 and PS2 titles and covers.
    • Added File Manager in Tools section. Now you can copy/move/delete folders and files.
    • Added FTP Server in Tools section. Now you can access your PS3 through wifi using any FTP client, including Windows Explorer.
    • Integrated Showtime in Tools section. Just select it, and enjoy your movies.
    • Initial Disc Rip support in Tools section (doesn't work well yet, though).
    • Settings and stuff now are saved INSIDE your PS3 HDD. HCL remembers the last game you mounted, and loads faster.

    Coming features (in following weekly updates):
    • Disc Ripper (fully functional).
    • PKG Installer (great progress has been made, but not stable enough for release yet)
    • Integration with some Emulators and Players.
    • Sound Effects.

    In this opportunity, I'm posting some screenshots. Please write feedback. Cheers.

    Update: HCL - Humble Cobra Launcher v0.3 / v0.4 by Roor

    Download: manager.iso / manager.iso (Mirror) / manager.iso (Mirror #2) / manager.iso (HCL v0.3 without PS1 and PS2 Covers, and without Eleganz) / manager.iso (HCL v0.3 removed the still unused 3 gamecode databases / hcl_v0.4.7z (61.41 MB) / Mirror / Mirror #2

    Hi. As promised (again), here's the third weekly update of HCL (Humble Cobra Launcher).

    HCL is a Cobra ODE manager. If you want to use it, just replace the original "cobra manager" (manager.iso) and make sure that your "cobra.cfg" is already set to use homebrew.

    Here are the most important changes in this version (HCL V0.3):
    • PKG Installer. (yes, you now can install demos, games and homebrews from PKG files - read bellow for further information).
    • Hex Viewer. Now you can open any file from the File Manager and have a look at its binary contents.
    • Better File Manager. Now it has icons, allows to execute .self files (correctly located and signed), install .pkg files and Hex Viewer.
    • Graphical enhancements. And better resolution backgrounds.
    • Faster load time. Once installed, HCL takes less than 8 seconds to start and allow access to your games!

    Coming features (in following weekly updates):
    • Disc Ripper (present right now, but seems that doesn't work in ALL Cobra ODE, I'm still investigating the issue).
    • Better PKG Installer (support for game updates and DLC installs)
    • Param.sfo Viewer.
    • Image Viewers.
    • Integration with some Emulators.
    • Sound Effects.

    • PKG Installer, for now, only allows you to install Games, Demos, Homebrews, and others. But it WILL NOT allow you to install Game Updates nor DLCs. This is because a "safety" measure I implemented that doesn't allow the installer to write over "already existing content" inside your PS3. This feature, after further investigation, might be added in next update.
    • You can install PKG from the File Manager. Just "select" it, and you will be asked if you want to install the file.
    • The PKG INSTALLER from TOOLS menu, will ask you to place the file you want to install in a USB Drive and it must be named INSTALL.PKG . Remember that the USB Drive must be formated as FAT32. Also, you can install the same file through the FILE MANAGER if you want (it's exactly the same internal procedure).
    • The INSTALLER does not "crack" the games for you. Most PSN content, if not cracked before install, will just run in "demo mode" or not run at all.
    • The INSTALLER will install PS1, PS2 classics content and others. But the games will surely not work, because their licence is surely "not activated".
    • After installing a PKG, you need to enter into GAMEDATA TOOL menu of PS3, this will force XMB menu to update, and then it will display the icon to the stuff you just installed.

    Please write feedback. Cheers.

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    makemind Guest

    Lightbulb Starting with console PS3 help?

    Hello, i bought a ps3 with ode and i need to know where to start!

    I read about Firmwares and i don't know what kind is mine... It's a 4.53, but i donīt know if itīs OFW or CFW ...

    then, i think i need to install, for example, Habib CFW 4.53 right? Then, i need multiman for better experience right? Using showtime etc ...

    I really don't know what to do, if i can upgrade firmware by software only or so ...

    Can someone help me start please??

    Thanks a lot

  9. #709
    ahole Guest
    why did you buy this??? not knowing what to do or where to start I for one wnt be wasting time explaining the ins and outs if you cant take the time to learn sell it

  10. #710
    misiozol Guest
    There you go my friend 71 pages of knowledge: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...is-118726.html

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