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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    Cobra ODE News - Update: Cobra_ODE_Firmware_v2.1_[M2S025].rar

    10 - 7 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Update

    We have now uploaded the 2.1 release for 5.1B QSV users who have the Microsemi M2S025 chipset.

    In the future release for M2S010 and M2S025 version of 5.1B will be simultaneous.

    Download: Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1 * M2S025 Only*

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    MultiMAN v04.60.00 CEX (Base) by DeanK, WebMAN v1.30 is Released

    Following up on his previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer deank has released MultiMAN v04.60.00 CEX (Full) alongside a WebMAN v1.30 update for his MultiMAN PS3 backup game manager and Showtime 04.07.095 with details below.

    Download: multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE CEX DEX STEALTH (20140712).zip (124.89 MB) / MULTIMAN4.60.01-BASE.rar (42.39 MB) / Showtime 04.07.095 [CEX].pkg (7.27 MB) / Showtime 04.07.095 [DEX].pkg (7.34 MB) / Prioritys 4 multiMAN and PSP Launcher.rar / Set multiMAN Priority OFF v0.01 / Set multiMAN Priority ON v0.01 by brunolee / webMAN_1.30U_(vanilla_mod_for_4.60).rar / webMAN_MOD_1.30.0U.rar / webMAN_MOD_1.30U.rar Multi 17 / 18 / 19 / webMAN Mod v1.30.14 Multi 19 / webMAN Mod v1.30.14 Multi 19 (Greek Lang Fix) / webMAN Mod v1.30.15 Multi 19 / webMAN_1.30U_(vanilla_mod_for_4.60).rar / webMAN Mod v1.30.19 / webMAN Mod v1.30.20 / webMAN Mod v1.30.21 / webMAN_MOD_1.30.33_Updater.pkg by aldostools / [email protected] / GIT / PS3_Web_Debuger.rar / Unofficial MultiMAN 4.60.00.pkg by Isleofdoom / MultiMAN Cover Packs (Full) by ZOMBIEKILLAH


    multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE CEX DEX STEALTH (20140712).zip
    • Added support for CFW 4.60

    • multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE CEX (20140712).pkg
    • multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE DEX (20140712).pkg
    • multiMAN ver 04.60.00 STEALTH (20140712).zip
    • (cobra/cappi/standard versions)

    Showtime 04.07.095:

    Showtime 04.07.095 is available within mM and as standalone packages.

    I noticed that it won't autoselect the .srt subtitles named after the movie/video in the same folder, which is a downer for me, but still here you have the latest from andoma.


    PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has also updated the Set Priority packages created by brunolee alongside some WebMAN Unofficial Mods for 4.60 CFW (linked above) by [email protected] as well for those interested.

    Unofficial WebMAN Mods for 4.60:

    WebMAN with support for 4.60 and the Habib's fixes that solve the errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside. Also [email protected] fixed a bug with the combos and also activated ps2emu switch for future 4.60 cobra and removed that feature for noncobra compilation (making the plugin more lighter, due it's useless on classic cfw). Thanks to DeanK, Joonie, Habib, EvilNat & Matsumot0. Also Orion90 & checcolin for the tests and reports.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.2 Multi 16:
    • Added support for Korean language [Translation by]
    • Addressed a data type issue spoofing IDPS/PSID.
    • Setup form is created using these functions: addcheckbox, addoptionitem, addradiobutton

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.3U:
    • Labels on setup.ps3 now are clickable
    • Language now can be changed without have to restart
    • Fixed issue displaying notification messages
    • Enabled the Lowest speed to fan control
    • Increased the allowed minimum from 25 to 30
    • webMAN Setup on My Games now displays webMAN menu from XMB Manager Plus (if it’s installed)
    • Scans for covers in more folders

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.4:
    • The installer now can upload into flash a modified category_game.xml, if the webMAN’s My Games entry is missing;
    • Fixed a bug switching languages;
    • Fixed a bug in the label “Show PSP Launcher”;
    • Added language: Modern Greek;
    • Correct encode UTF-8-BOM for Korean language file;
    • Change some signs utf-8 to unicodes.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.5:
    • Added option to include the ID of the game as part of the title;
    • Fixed issue scanning the covers;
    • Fixed issue on some labels displaying the (tm) symbol on XMB.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.6 Multi 17:
    • Disabled the option in the installer that upload the category_game.xml to dev_flash.
    • Expanded the size of 3 notification messages to fix an issue in Greek language.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.7:
    • Added display of webMAN startup notification on non-Cobra CFW.
    • Fixed PL language. Thanks to Raskolnikow.
    • Improved the algorithm for covers scanning: only existing folders are scanned.
    • Set back the minimum allowed fan speed to 25.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.8 Multi 18:
    • Addressed the duplicate “My Games” issue in the installer. (Thanks zar)
    • Added new “Copy Folder” option to the File browser.
    • Added option to copy individual files using /copy.ps3/
    • Replaced some copy code in mount_with_mm with the new copy functions. - Re-made the get covers / icons. Merged all related code in 3 functions.
    • Added Croatian language. Updated Hungarian.
    • Added new labels to all languages for the new Copy function.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.8 (Fix4) Multi 18:
    • Fixed a missing quotes that prevented the 'Copy Folder' work on the web interface;
    • Fixed "webMAN loaded" notification not being translated;
    • Updated Italian language for the new Copy functions;
    • Fixed the issue not scanning the "video" folder on non-Cobra editions

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.8 (Fix9) Multi 19:
    • Fixed a missing quotes that prevented the 'Copy Folder' work on the web interface.
    • Fixed "webMAN loaded" notification not being translated.
    • Updated Italian language for the new Copy functions.
    • Fixed the issue not scanning the "video" folder on non-Cobra editions.
    • Fixed an error listing net host files
    • Re-added scan for covers in WMTMP folder like before
    • Hrvat → Hrvatski
    • Addressed a rare case where webMAN generates a blank name in mygames.xml for ISO games inside /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO
    • Added Bulgarian language (thanks to Dzver).
    • Removed the option "Remove cfw syscall at startup" option for noncobra
    • Fixed "Copy Finished" displayed untranslated.

    Changelog WebMAN MOD 1.30.9 Multi 19:
    • Enabled a fast auto eject/insert when a game is mounted on nonCobra CFW
    • Added option to scan a user defined path indicated in the COVERS_PATH entry of the language file.
    • Added option "Disable startup notification of WebMAN on the XMB" to the web panel.
    • Updated language files with this new entry.

    Changelog for webMAN Mod 1.30.11 Multi 19:
    • Fixed various bugs in the peek/poke function.
    • Added web command to search value: /find.lv1?{from-hex-address}={hex-value} or /find.lv2?{from-hex-address}={hex-value}

    Changelog for webMAN Mod 1.30.12 Multi 19:
    • More bug fixes in the peek/poke function.
    • Found value is now highlighted
    • Better integration with PS3 Web Debugger

    Changelog for webMAN Mod 1.30.13 Multi 19:
    • Bug fix in the address for Pokes
    • Highlight poke value
    • Translated “Not found!” to the other 18 languages.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.14 Multi 19:
    • Fixed a regression that prevented to mount second game and perform other tasks.
    • Updated Hungarian and Bulgarian translations.
    • Changed html error codes responses from 200 to 400/503

    The {hex-value} for poke/find commands now can be 8bit/16bit/32bit/64bit.

    WARNING: Use poke function with caution!!! You could brick your console if you don’t know what you’re doing!

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.10 Multi 19:
    • Fixed issue with blank titles when parsing PARAM.SFO with multiple TITLE
    • Added ability to peek/poke lv1/lv2 using web commands: /peek.lv1?{hex-address} or /poke.lv1?{hex-address}={hex-value} or /peek.lv2?{hex-address} or /poke.lv2?{hex-address}={hex-value}

    The issue with the Greek language must be fixed in this build... It was due some text strings were using more space than the one reserved by webMAN.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.15 Multi 19:
    • Added 4 new ftp SITE commands:
    • SITE FLASH <- Toggle /dev_blind via FTP
    • SITE CHMOD nnn folder/file <- Set permissions to files/folders
    • SITE COPY folder/file <- Set the source folder or file to be copied using SITE PASTE
    • SITE PASTE destination <- Copy the file/folder to the destination path
    • Updated the languages files to ensure an improved load speed
    • Increased the width for the html tables of settings. It should display the settings better is many languages (less word wraps)
    • Moved the language files to the folder: /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_lang
    • Updated the installer to copy the language files to that folder and remove the existing ones on /tmp
    • Updated Polish (Thanks mpq1671 & Raskolnikow)

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.16 Multi 19 (2014-8-1):
    • Fixed regression loading "Unknown" language.
    • Fixed bug displaying < > on hex viewer
    • Changed the increment of Max Temp combo from 5 to 1 (Hold R2+SELECT+Up/Down for increments of 5 degrees).
    • Removed patch that disable Lv2 memory protection on 4.60 in the function mount_with_mm. It seems to cause a black screen mounting games on 4.60 Habib.
    • Updated PL and EN language files.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.17 Multi 19 (2014-8-3):
    • Added payloads for 4.53DEX and 4.55DEX.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.18 Multi 19 (2014-8-3):
    • Fixed regression in "Eject Disc" icon on "My Games".

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.19 (2014-8-6):
    • Updated syscalls with proper addresses for 4.53DEX
    • Rewrote PSID/IDPS logic... Patch of PSID/IDPS can be up to 4X faster.
    • Renamed "My Games" to "webMAN Games" like Rebug's mod of webMAN.
    • Grouped some check mark options in Setup menu.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.20 (2014-8-8):
    • Added support to use the new icons of 4.53.1 Rebug

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.21 Multi 19 (2014-8-21):
    • Added option to mount any path or ISO on startup.
      (The default is /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/AUTOBOOT.ISO, but can be changed to a /net_host folder, local folder, an ISO or a game in folder format)
    • Added link to mount the current folder in the file browser

    IMPORTANT: The path currently does not support special characters (like +, % or unicode characters).

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.33:
    • Added support for 4.65 DEX / 4.65.1 rebug rex (thanks to Joonie)
    • Added traditional Chinese

    PS3 Web Debugger

    Here (linked above) is a very simple debugger based on the new peek/poke features of webMAN-MOD 1.30.10:

    • v1.0: Initial Release
    • v1.2: Added a basic bookmark GUI.

    Finally, from brunolee: My "Priority packages" only contain the PARAM.SFO, "App Version" is always 01.00, and on the installation does not show any message about the version installed.

    [imglink=|MultiMAN v04.60.00 CEX (Base) by DeanK, WebMAN v1.30 is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MultiMAN v04.60.00 CEX (Base) by DeanK, WebMAN v1.30 is Released][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MultiMAN v04.60.00 CEX (Base) by DeanK, WebMAN v1.30 is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kaynshi Guest

    Multiman Split game problem


    I have a very strange problem with my PS3 and hope someone can help. I've played a lot of games with split files, but Darksiders (1 not II) gives me a lot of trouble.

    I'm using Rogero 4.46 + Multiman 4.60. The installation of the game goes without any problems, but then in the Multiman window under the game I see different icons. One of the is the SPLIT icon in red. Meaning that there are split files. That shouldn't be the case if Multiman automatically merge the files. When I go into Game settings I see there is an exclamation mark over the start icon. Meaning I can't load the game from the Game settings menu. When I go back to the games list, I see the image is in grey but I can load it.

    And this is where it all goes wrong: Once the game starts I see the intro and then the screen goes black. The sound works fine, but there is only a black screen. Sometimes the intro works fine, but once I'm in the game I only see the character floating in black. No monsters, no sky, ground or whatever...

    I tried removing the cache for darksiders and installed it again, but the same problem occurred again.

    The strange part is that I've given the game to a friend of mine and it's working fine on his PS3. I don't know which firmware he is using, but it's not up to date as mine.

    Any information/tips is highly appreciated, since I can't find anything on the web about this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    misiozol Guest
    move game to internal hdd

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    kaynshi Guest
    Thanks Misiozol. I have only 80GB on my internal HDD, so I was hoping to play it directly from the external HDD. But if there are no other solutions, then I'll have to I guess.

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    newkidds Guest

    Iso question regarding the cobra ode and usb

    A few days ago I bought and had installed the Cobra ODE. My question is can I use the isos I have ripped with the usb on my Cobra ODE? Thanks in advance!!

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    Cobra ODE News - Information

    30 - 7 - 2014: Cobra ODE News - Information

    We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing an update in the next week or so for 4k users which allows all versions of Cobra ODE to function on 4.60 OFW including all game updates. A swap disc is still required. This makes us the first team to confirm full support of 4.60 OFW with 4k consoles.

    We are currently developing methods to bypass 4.60 OFW on PATA phat, 2k and 2k5/3k systems. A news update will follow again shortly, stay tuned!

    The update for 4k users to bypass 4.60 OFW will be bundled with several other improvements and a couple of added features in the 2.2 update.

    In addition, we can now confirm that shipments of the 5.30A complete version of the Cobra ODE took place over the weekend and stocks should be available from your local resellers over the next couple days.

    Play PSN Games in Cobra ODE by Making ISO of PKG Files Tutorial by IamImtiaz

    If you guys facing problem making iso file of PSN Games than follow this video tutorial...

    You need these softwares:

    1. PkgView_1.3
    2. ODDE Eboot Resigner
    3. ISO Tool

    I made a ISO of PSN Game (RESIDENT EVIL UMBRELLA CHRONICLES) and it worked

    Note:- The ISO will be made without IRD so it wont be 1:1 so do go online...

    From Mogwai: Yeah, 4.7 does behave a little quirky.

    Here is the stable 4.6.10:

    Download: showtime-4.7.iso (Cobra) (Saves to first USB port... no idea if it writes to NTFS) / showtime-4.6.10.iso (Cobra) by Mogwai

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    misaalxperia Guest

    Unhappy dlc help

    i am using ps3 with firmware 4.55 , cobra ode version 2.1. i am trying to install dc for few weeks but i am not able to find a way , tried comogenie file manager a, sonicman and multiman they all didn't worked as they were not converting to 4.55 version iso.

    i tried usb way to install pkg files but was not success. only multiman was a lill success but it got stuck after choose base version or.. screen. i am trying to install black ops2 all dlc maps. i am completely a noob in dlc installation , please help me .

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    tmt Guest
    thank you

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    Cobra ODE FW 2.2 Beta by Magneto

    Cobra ODE FW 2.2 Beta by magneto is now available with details below, as follows:

    We are releasing a beta firmware for the version 2.2 of the Cobra ODE.

    You will need to have the 2.1 firmware before applying this update, and we are only releasing the mcu.rom image for v3.x and v4.x boards at this time. We will release the update for v5.x boards once we release the final 2.2 version.

    This update will make your Cobra ODE work with the 4.60 firmware for PS3 superslim 4k models, including games that have been updated.

    • Download and run extractps3swapfiles: extractps3swapfiles.exe
    • Download and run genps3swapdisc: genps3swapdisc.exe
    • Burn the swap disc to a BD-R or BD-RE disc.
    • Download and run convertps3iso on each of your ISO files: convertps3iso.exe
    • Download and install the 2.2 Beta firmware for v3.x and v4.x boards: mcu.rom
    • Edit the cobra.cfg file and add the following lines:
    Test your games. If you have installed an update to a game, this firmware will still allow you to run the game, but you will need to swap the discs twice.

    If you have any issues, report back here so we can fix them before release. If it works without any problems, let us know as well.

    To everyone complaining about the swap method for older models: The Cobra Team has been working hard to give you a solution in order to keep playing online and keep using the ODE. Online capabilities were never guaranteed, and no one is being forced to buy a BD burner.

    If it is too expensive for you, then you can stay on 4.55 and enjoy your ODE, or you can update to 4.60 and enjoy online. If you want to enjoy both, then the Cobra Team has a solution for you, it is your choice whether or not to use that solution.

    Remember that online play was never guaranteed and the anti-ODE security measures introduced in 4.60 were added by Sony to protect their intellectual property, it is not Cobra's fault. You may be disappointed, but that is out of our control.

    Will there be any reason to update to Firmware 2.2 for 4k system owners on non-4.60 OFW? Are there any additional improvements other than 4.60 compatibility?

    Yes, firmware 2.2 adds other improvements such as:
    • Increase USB read speeds by 40% for v5.x boards (now over 16.5MB/s)
    • Better swap disc reliability for some brands of BD-R
    • Fix a bug in PS1 game mounting
    • Add support for automatic region patching of PS1 games
    • Fix PS2 games and BD movies support when manager.on_reboot option is enabled

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