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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    Arrow Cobra USB v3.55 patched with KMEAW features

    Here is an update for Cobra USB users by johnnydoe of the Cobra USB v3.55 patched with Kmeaw features:

    To quote: Hi everyone! i have patched the cobra firmware with the usual stuff like lv2 peek/poke etc both their core os files are patched so it should work with or without the dongle.

    If you wanna unpack it and have a look or try it you can download it here:

    From the ReadMe file: This is cobras 3.55 firmware patched with peak/poke for lv2 on both coreos files and the usual vsh/nas_plugin and install package file option.

    Finally, confirmed by PS3 hacker Cyberskunk stating there: It is what it says it is but you would still need the dongle to use the cobra features. I have not installed it though..

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    SpaceAgeHero Guest
    As far as I know every PS3 model is capable of PSone emulation but not every model is PS2 backwards compatible.

    Cobra USB however can enable PS2 emulation on every PS3.

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    Arrow Cobra USB Firmware 3.1 is Released

    For those who own one, Cobra USB Firmware 3.1 is now released with the following changes:

    Cobra Firmware 3.1 is out, minor release to fix bugs.
    • Fixed stability problems. Cobra users are advised to update to this firmware as soon as possible.
    • Fixed compatibility issue with Mortal Kombat.
    • Fixed PAL/NTSC issues in psx games.
    • Bugfix: some few specific psx titles such as Langrisser Final Edition wouldn't play in other regions.
    • Fixed a possible discless bug under very rare circumstances.
    • Cobra USB Manager can now understand the ".001, .002, ..." name convention used by hjsplit and other similar programs and rename them automatically to ".0, .1", name convention. Users can use hjsplit or any other similar tool to split iso files in the PC.
    • Added functionality to the core to implement a cobra firmware updater in the PS3.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I'm very surprised this hasn't been cloned yet!

    I understand it's supposed to have some sort of on-board security, but since when has that stopped anyone

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    Ezio Guest
    Maybe everybody waiting for the jailcrab-dh firmware and maybe no one moved to clone it.

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    Natepig Guest
    They must have some real talent onboard their team, considering the features they have with it, and the water tight security (so far) on the device. I'm also very surprised that it hasn't been cloned yet as its been ages.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I would buy this if JFW wasn't being made.

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    Arrow Cobra USB Firmware 3.2 is Released

    For those who own one, Cobra USB Firmware 3.2 and 3.3 are now released with the following changes: 05 - 09 - 2011

    Cobra Firmware v3.2 More Features and bugs fixed:
    • Added support for PS2 backups in optical discs (CD-R/DVD+-R)
    • PS2 original games are now region free too.
    • Fixed a bug that caused incompatibility with several PS2 backups in iso format.
    • Fixed some remaining PAL/NTSC problems in PSX games.
    • Cobra USB Manager will output now a mds file too when dumping a dual layer DVD or PS2-DVD. This file is not used by Cobra at all, but it can be used for burning to a dual layer DVD+-R while keeping original layer structure. This is mandatory when burning dual layer PS2 dvd's.

    Cobra Firmware v3.3
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.2 that made some systems unstable when starting a PSX game.

    Easy Cobra USB v3.3 Installer

    Easy Cobra USB Updater v3.3 Installer (MOD) for Noobs. Cobra USB is for PS3 Jailbreak OFW3.41 or MFW COBRA 3.55 PUP.

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    Arrow Netflix Working Again on JailBroken PS3 Consoles via Cobra USB

    Today several users have confirmed that Netflix is working again on JailBroken (Backwards Compatible) PS3 consoles with a PS2 Netflix Disk (SLUS21949) via Cobra USB for those who own the device.

    Download: PS2 Netflix Disk (SLUS21949) for PS3

    To quote from:

    Nodieza: So I was on Blackcats checking out the new releases and I came across a "PS2 netflix disk" uploaded by a fellow Blackcats member named mredfield.

    So I gave it a shot on my Cobra USB enabled PS3 and sure enough.... it works! Yes it's lacking all the HD glory of the PS3 version but it works!

    Apparently this is a very rare disk so I shall upload it for all to enjoy.

    "This is verified a legit release from Brazil. I called netflix today and talked on the phone. They said netflix for ps2 is available only in Brazil which is why no info is available, this means it isnt a hack, it wont steal info, ect."

    It's also a padded ISO so don't be surprised by the extraction size. Also I am assuming this will only work on PS3's with native PS2 support.

    It's hard for me to tell because I have my NTSC PS3 hooked up to a computer monitor (as far as I can tell it's staying at 60hz). I didn't have to do a Y Fix pal conversion on the iso or anything like I've had to do on some PAL games... so I assume it should work on any NTSC tv.

    Also for those wondering I live in North America and my Netflix account works fine despite it being a Brazilian based Netflix disk. And everything is in English.

    lukethomasx: I can also confirm this working on my fat NTSC ceche PlayStation 3 with my American netflix account. Thank you very much for the heads up +1

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    Arrow Cobra USB Firmware 4.0 for PS3 is Released

    Today Cobra USB Firmware 4.0 for PS3 is released for those who own the device... with the changes detailed below as follows: 04-10-2011 - Cobra Firmware v4.0
    • Added initial support to play PSP games in iso format. Please read the user manual for instructions. The emulator is not perfect and it currently fails in saving/loading data, but there are several games playable at full speed. We've fixed some bugs in the emulator, and it loads now more games that it originally did. In the future, we will continue to improve the compatibility of the emulator and fix the savedata issue.
    • A new version of cobraflash has been released, and is required to install firmware 4.0, that uses a new format. You can find it in the download section. Drivers remain the same, there is no need to update them.
    • New update format is more secure against bad writes, and it will be compatible with cobra updater for PS3 which will be released along with firmware 4.1.

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