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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    ps3slaagg Guest
    • ps2 only on bc ps3's ps2 sofware emu was a gimmick but never implemented on any ps3
    • psx backups on all ps3's slim / fat
    • no psn access
    • 3.41 v2 required but all 3.56fw req games will work incl 3.60 patched < 3.55cfw

    i for one hope this comes to light

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    jackpollack Guest
    The Cobra USB which allows playing of PSX and PS2 isos runs on 3.41. That feature would be included in this CFW. Plus, 3.41 currently allows the choice of several different payloads, which 3.55 CFW doesn't. The big feature of 3.55 cfw up until now is that you didn't have to patch or swap eboots for 3.55 games, but reading the feature list of this cfw would seem to say that it spoofs 3.55 well enough to run 3.55 games from disc.

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    damox Guest
    It has always been possible to add the 3.55 keys to any of the lower firmwares in order to achieve this. It isn't a 'spoof' - the keys are actually available for decryption.

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    Sostanco Guest
    the new features seem interesting. thx!

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    I updated the first post with another video (also below) from DemonHades, with the following rough translation:
    DH JFW entering the official Store

    Nothing guys, as it has been speculated that it all was not true, that Thégra with JFW and DH are the really same as the other CFW, so here I leave a video with what we have and can do.

    And thanks to everyone and especially for the video PS_Juan, sorry for chompy video because of rushing I took.

    Soon the truth, only to see how the DH JFW while entering the store on 341 , and is dedicated to dospiedras pdnked EOL.
    It appears to be in response to this "Dospiedra modified firmware" video by pdnked:

    Rebug 3.66 CFW (Spanish) PUP: / (Mirror) / (Mirror #2)

    Rough translation: Dospiedra modified firmware.

    Details to note:
    • Only user-3.55 (no matter if CFW or OFW)
    • No turning back, pass over to 3.66 with all that that entails. Only you can downgrade to INFECTUS (dospiedras method).
    • No syscalls / payloads ... so that the burden of copies is disabled. For what is agreed is a firmware guy ... GeoHot.
    • The 3.55 homebrew installed no longer work.
    • There is no package installer (for now).
    • Full access to PSN.
    • Works on both Fat and Slim (as shown in the video), no tricks hardware and could suggest a user in the comments.

    Of course, install under your own responsibility, nor do I Dospiedras not responsible for any errors or omissions performed by the user.

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    tigereye Guest
    its sound real good, let see when it comes out..

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    Arrow Cobra USB 3.55 Compatibility is Coming Next Week

    Today Cobra USB has announced that 3.55 compatibility is coming next week, as follows:
    We’re pleased to announce that development work is drawing to a close for our Cobra USB 3.55 solution. As previously announced, the new firmware pack will allow users running 3.55 cfw’s to install a new firmware console and dongle side which will enable use of the Cobra USB functionality, as well as allowing users to retain standard 3.55 cfw functionality.

    Owing to testing and security implementation, the development cycle lasted a little longer than expected, but we are on track to release the new firmware pack sometime next week. Enjoy the new release and look forward to the next, there’s plenty more features and surprises on the way from the Cobra team...
    Also below is a Cobra USB Manager Reskinning Guide from gliitch for those who own the dongle itself:



    Cobra USB Manager Reskinned Tutorial:

    PART 1:

    To make things easier please make sure that the following programs are installed before hand.

    The pictures MUST be in 1920x1080 for this to work. A quick google will bring up aload of images in that resolution. If you have a picture that isn't in 1920x1080 you can create it with Infan View.

    1: Once you have the picture you want, load up Watermark Image, this is where you'll be able to layer on top of the current image. Anyway, upload the picture you have chosen, untick "Resize Images" and "Use 3D depth map."

    Where it says Output Format make put it up to 100, then change the output format to PNG. Click "File", you'll then be asked to upload the picture. Now click "Select Preview Image" This will bring up an image of the picture you have chosen.

    IMPORTANT: If the picture is of the wrong resolution and not [1920x1080] the teplate will turn your picture black. Now, where it says "Image used for watermarking".

    It is best to keep everything in one directory so you know where it is. On your computer navigate to the "Templates" directory, select "Template 1" and use that. So now you should have your chosen photo overlayed with the template you've just selected.

    Once you've created the templates, you will need to rename them as
    • "back1.PNG"
    • "back2.PNG"
    • "back3.PNG"

    Then FTP them into /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234/USRDIR/

    Overwrite the exsisting files. Below is an explanation of whateach of the templates do.

    Templates Explained:

    Template 1:
    • X - Load
    • Square - Change mode [Games PS3 Blu-Ray DVD PSX PS2]
    • Circle - Copy
    • Triangle - Delete

    Template 2:
    • X - OK, Circle - Cancel
    • Copies Disks to HDD

    Template 3:
    • X - OK, Circle - Cancel
    • Settings

    As I am a very avid fan of Final Fantasy VII and to show my appreciation, i've decided to go with a FFVII Based Skin. You can use your own images, but they need to be 1920x1080 also in full color. it's due to the manager itself the wording doesn't show up properly if you use a white or light based background ] We haven't found a way to change the fonts, or the colors used yet, but once we/ i have, this will be updated to reflect these changes.


    These 2 must be in PNG format, the Background should be in 1920x1080, which should be named PIC1. Any Icon can be used but it has to be name as ICON0


    Now open up Audicity select the audio you would like to use [MP3] and drag the little finger icon across to where you'd like your music to finish. Go to "Edit" "Delete" so you are now left with a part you wish to use as your background music.

    If you would like your music to fade out select the end, 3 seconds will do, and then go to effects and select fade out. Now go to "File" and "Export As MP3" you will need to install the lame_enc.dll file, which also be included in the pack.

    Once this is done, fire up Goldwave, go to File and select "Save As" and select WAV. then scroll down and select ATRAC3 66kbs. Now click save.

    Finally click on to GWAT.exe, drag and drop the pre-made X.wav file into it. Press "Goldwave" it will then say "X.wav looped" but it will save it as "Looped X.at3"


    Fire up FTP on your PS3 and whatever program you use, to FTP into it. Go to the following directory /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. (i'm not joking that is the cobra directory >_<) Now copy the PARAM.SFO to your computer. Load up PS3SFO.

    It will complain about not being finished, ignore that. Load up the PRAMSFO file you've just ftp'd from your PS3.

    Once this has loaded, it will display "COBRA MANGER" you can edit this to whatever you'd like. Putting / wont work though.


    Keep FTP open and have your PS3 connected. Navigate to /dev_hdd0/game/CBUM01234. Open this folder and replace the SFO file, add PIC1, also ICON0, SND0.AT3

    Now go into USRDIR. You will see a list of:
    • dvd.PNG <- DVD ICON
    • bd.PNG <- SAME AS THE DVD ICON BUT IN BLUE (yeah COBRA got lazy)
    • back1.PNG <- It has the box with those buttons which i explained up above
    • back2.png <- A box which displays where to copy your "digital goods" to.
    • back.3.PNG <- Settings

    • Watermark Image - for the image layering.
    • Goldwave to make the SND0.AT3 file [background music]
    • Sony ATRAC Codec
    • GWAT - to make the sound loop.
    • Audicity - to added fade out, and to cut parts out. (Thanks to linuxx for making the tune, and teaching me how to make proper SND0.AT3 files)
    • PS3SFO EDIT- to change the name of the loader.
    • Infan View - to change the resolution of photos.
    • FILEZILLA -FTP Program

    PS3 ITEMS:
    • ICON0: this is the icon which displays on the XMB
    • PIC1: Adds a background to the program your about to run
    • SND0: Its the background music which plays in some games, you can add your own though.

    • The COBRA ICON to a more fitting one.
    • Added a background when the "Manager" is highlighted & audio which loops too.. these can all be changed to your liking (currently SHINRA BUILDING TUNE).
    • Changed the name of the manager.
    • Removed the normal X, Square, Circle, Triangle Buttons to glassy versions.

    Download: NEW SKIN

    More skins:

    • LUNXX

    This wouldn't of been possible without you guys

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    daveshooter Guest
    Its all very well people creating videos with homebrew icons in their xmb on 3.66 and going into psn, any fool can do that, but running homebrew is another matter.

    Maybe a video of someone using homebrew 1st, then exiting back out to the xmb and then login to psn after would be nice.

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    Cobra USB 3.0 Firmware Pack and 3.55 CFW

    Today the Cobra USB 3.0 Firmware Pack and 3.55 PS3 CFW is released, with details below from their site:

    Download: Cobra USB PS3 CFW 3.55

    The Cobra Team is proud to present the Cobra 3.0 firmware pack, available from downloads section. In this release we enabled the Cobra USB device on 3.55 via use of our own cfw. Enjoy the release and look forward to many new features to come in future releases. Please be sure to read the updated user manual for detailed instructions on upgrading and usage!
    • Added compatibility with 3.55. Support for firmware 3.41 is discontinued, since now all updates will be for 3.55. In 3.55, Cobra keeps all the features of previous versions, adds the ones listed below and also removes some of the annoyances of the jailbreak exploit. Please, follow the steps in the manual, you must install first Cobra 3.55 cfw.
    • Added a new discless mode for PS3 backups in jailbreak format. This mode will be activated automatically when you load a backup and there is no disc inserted. In this mode, games are loaded from disc icon, not app_home, although app_home hack is still supported. This mode has a higher compatibility than the app_home hack, and smaller than discless PS3 isos.
    • Added support for PS2 backups in iso format to the remaining backwards compatible models (CECHA and CECHB).
    • PS2 isos can now be played discless too.
    • Fixed compatibility issue with GT5. If you still experience poroblems, please delete installed game data from XMB and try again.

    Note: Cobra CFW will behave like a 3.55 ofw if the PS3 is booted without Cobra USB connected. It is useless to install this CFW if you don’t have a Cobra USB device.

    Cobra USB requires certain binary files of the firmware not to be changed. Changing these files may make Cobra USB not to work at all, or to behave incorrectly. Changing fonts, xml, etc is fine, if the user knows what he is doing.

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    NTA Guest
    I'm confused about this part. "Integrated support to play PS1 game ISO’s from HDD". Would this mean for backwards compatible PS3's on 3.55? I have one of the newer slims sadly lol.

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