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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    Foo Guest

    Cobra ODE Hardware - Main Board pictrures

    Cobra ODE Hardware - Main Board pictrures

    4 - 04 - 2013

    We're pleased to present pictures of the final Cobra ODE hardware - Main PCB assembly. As you can see there are two switches which enable configuration of PATA (FAT consoles)/SATA (FAT CECHL consoles) and 2k, 2k5k, 3k and 4k series slim and super slim consoles. Cobra ODE is the first truly universal PS3 ODE bringing maximum convenience to end users and resellers alike.

    As you can see we've designed everything to be connected via FFC cables directly between ODE and console or console, ODE and daughter boards in the case of the 2k5,3k and 4k series consoles. A great deal of effort and time has been put into designing a system with best performance and maximum convenience for installation.

    We're working hard on the finalization of the software, stay tuned for further information....

    • Play all PS3 games.
    • Play PS2/PS1 games on backwards compatible consoles
    • Movie ISO's supported
    • Compatible with all PS3 models including phat/slim and super slim
    • Solderless installation on all FAT consoles and 20xx/21xx SLIM consoles
    • Easy and fast installation for 25xx series SLIM, 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM consoles
    • Supports all current OFW and CFW's
    • OSD selection of ISO's
    • UI commander included
    • Easy selection of Emulation and pass through modes
    • Flexible and powerful embedded OS
    • High speed ARM and onboard FPGA's are updatable via inbuilt updater mechanism
    • 256 Mbits SDRAM onboard
    • Supports USB hard drives
    • Additional hardware interface included to support future hardware addons, giving user maximum flexibility
    • * Designed by the team who brought so many firsts to the scene!
    • * 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM hardware supported from launch
    • * Manufactured at a high tech facility = superb quality

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    Showtime 04.03.154 for CEX and DEX Released

    Today Showtime Media Player 04.03.154 by Andreas Oman is released with CEX and DEX updated for multiMAN by deank below.

    Download: Showtime 04.03.154 [CEX].pkg (5.68 MB) / Showtime 04.03.154 [DEX].pkg (5.74 MB)

    Also available online for mM and in the Web column.

    Also attached below is LANG_CZ.TXT by varinek, LANG_TR.TXT‎ (Turkish) from ozayturay and LANG_HR.TXT by Robi666 who states: Here is Croatian (Hrvatski) translation of MM v4.30.00 All letters working under User #1 (font0) and User #2 (font1) 621 lines.

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    msam17 Guest
    Hi I am not able to update my covers and showtime online through multiman. It says unable to connect to the server at the moment, is the multiman server is down ? though I am able to update the games.. why the content update is not working in multiman ? I am on Rogero 4.3 v2.5

    Any update on this ?


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    Drakhen Guest

    multiMAN error help?

    ok when I first turn the system on and go to system info it says the system is at 4.31. so now I go to games and launch multiman I get this:

    WARNING your installation of multiman is incomplete, please install BASE or FULL version! ok

    can someone guide me in the right path as to where I can get either of these and what is the difference?

    do I need to uninstall multiman prior to installing?

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    Azrial Guest

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    jaiter Guest

    No Multiman?

    I had an old phat ps3 here a cecha01 that had no hard drive and red light of death. So I put a HDD and re flowed it works great. I am at Rogero 4.40 v1.02 right now and I can't get multiman to work all I get is a black screen what am I doing wrong. I installed full 4.04 and 4.06. Then 4.14 full and 4.30 base nothing?

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    Drakhen Guest
    ok I see several multiman downloads there which one do I want... there is cex, dex, base, stealth, upd?

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    You may want to try this Base version following by updating it through multiMAN or using THIS update afterwards:

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    MultiMAN 4.40.00 is Now Available, Updated for PS3 4.41 CFW

    Following up on the previous update, today multiMAN PS3 back-up manager has been updated to support Rebug 4.41 CFW with the changes outlined below.

    Download: multiMAN v04.40.00 Base (20130502).zip (104.59 MB) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Base (20130502).zip (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Update CEX (20130502).pkg (2.57 MB) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Update CEX (20130502).pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.40.00 Base CEX (20130503).pkg (39.17 MB)

    More Mirrors (via

    To quote: Dean has come through and updated multiMAN to version 4.40.00. This quick update makes it compatible with REBUG's released 4.41 LITE CFW As well as any future 4.41 CFW's that are eventually released.

    • Added support for 4.41 CFW
    • All specific features (like BD Movie region Change, BD-Mirror, DYNAREC, PS1 BIN+ISO backups, PS2 Classics, discless, etc) work.

    multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE (20130502).zip (104.59 MB) Includes:
    • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE CEX (20130502).pkg (37 MB)
    • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE DEX (20130502).pkg (32 MB)
    • multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE STEALTH (20130502).zip (35 MB)

    Note: If you ran multiMAN on 4.41 before this update, you will need to re-enable the BD-ROM emulator (bottom option in settings) and restart multiMAN for it to work.

    Note 2: lastGAME, gameDATA and stDISC won't work. bdRESET should still work. The function in mM for data works. If you have gameDATA installed you can switch back to HDD mode.

    Update: Dean has compiled a new mM compatible version of Showtime. Showtime 04.03.211 [CEX] for multiMAN: Replace it (via FTP or mmOS) in /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/sys/:

    Download: SHOWTIME.SELF (5.89 MB) / Showtime 04.03.211 [CEX].pkg (5.93 MB) / Showtime 04.03.211 [DEX].pkg (5.99 MB)

    Update 2: multiMAN ver 04.40.00 BASE CEX (20130503).pkg is also now available above with the following additions:
    • Updated Showtime for mM to 04.03.211
    • Updated PS1 Emulator (ps1_emu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)
    • Updated PS1_NET Emulator (ps1_netemu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)

    Now mM will use ps1_emu/ps1_netemu from 4.41OFW (patched of course) when launching PS1 ISO/BIN+CUE backups if your PS3 is running 4.40CFW/4.41CFW. I didn't change the mM version, but if you wish better PS1 backups compatibility and newer Showtime - update to this BASE version.

    You can install this version either from scratch or update any installed mM version.

    Finally, mMTools has also been updated for PS3 4.41 CFW with details below, as follows:

    And here are the remaining tools:

    Download: (722.63 KB)

    • lastGAME6.pkg (requires mM 04.40.00 if used for PS1 backups)
    • gameDATA6.pkg
    • bdRESET6.pkg
    • stDISC4.pkg

    All tools should now support 4.41 CFW. Older firmwares 3.55 / 4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40 (CEX / DEX) are supported, too.

    The server issue is that there is no more a server. You should have no problems playing retro roms with any mM version.

    [imglink=|MultiMAN 4.40.00 is Now Available, Updated for PS3 4.41 CFW][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MultiMAN 4.40.00 is Now Available, Updated for PS3 4.41 CFW][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    yeopajee Guest
    is STEALTH multiman working with rebug 4.41.2?

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