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    d3adliner Guest
    What exactly is the point of stealth multiman? Doesn't it only prevent your friends from seeing that you're running multiman? I mean... can't Sony see everything you have installed and have ran anyway? Isn't being offline when starting the game via regular multiman, then logging in once the game has already started just as good?

  2. #492
    sharred Guest
    Is Sony such an idiot which doesnt know how multiman works in order to spot it in your system? I don't think so. There isn't such a think as stealth multiman. Sony knows, end of story...

  3. #493
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Awesome. Will ps2 games work for 3.41 rebug and 3.55 ? Or only works for 4.30 CFW ?

  4. #494
    arrakis31 Guest
    I followed the tut and used Capcpsx tool (LMG) and did final fantasy XII using Capcom Jam. Game work no problem, graphic and gameplay are smooth at least for the first portion of the game I have tried...

  5. #495
    StanSmith Guest
    I cant get any PS2 games to work on my slim. I tried just the PS2 game itself without any of these patches and they just wont work. Tried 2 games and both lock up the PS3.

    I swapped both games with a patched ISO and still the same, it looks like it goes into a PS2 mode then locks up. The TV looses signal and the PS3 stops doing anything. The light stops blinking, and the controller turns off. The only thing I can do is press the power button which beeps once then reboots.

    If I could get past that problem I would try converting a few PS2 games I have that I would like to play. Manhunt 2 is one I would like to see working on the PS3.

    Quote Originally Posted by sharred View Post
    Is Sony such an idiot which doesnt know how multiman works in order to spot it in your system? I don't think so. There isn't such a think as stealth multiman. Sony knows, end of story...
    The second you click anything Sony know so I agree, there is no such thing as stealth anything. I had everything stealthed and I still got my console banned.

  6. #496
    saaqi Guest
    Please don't shout at me. I have a question about IDPS. Here is what I understand, I have dumped Rebug 4.21.2 Nor 16 mb file with Rebug Toolbox then opened it in Hex Workshop pressed Go TO and entered this address 0x0002F070 now the next 16 bytes is my IDPS.

    My question is when I put the data in idps file do I put spaces between every pair or just paste the data as it is shown no separators.

    Example : 1
    00 00 00 01 00 8E 00 0B XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX

    Example : 2

    Which one is the right format for saving my idps file? Please help thanks

  7. #497
    sguerrini97 Guest
    You have to make a new binary file with that bytes. In your hex editor "File -> New" and paste your IDPS in the bytes section, then save the file as "idps".

    Anyway I got kingdom hearts working on my slim, but I can't find out a way to run swap magic (and open ps2 loader).

  8. #498
    ConsoleDev Guest
    StanSmith: are you using Rebug 4.21.1? Because this one have a bug with PS2 software (Backwards Compatibilty and PS2 Classics)

    saaqi: Commonly IDPS data is shown with separators (Example 1)

  9. #499
    kokotas Guest
    Try deleting or renaming the CONFIG file, it worked for me with converted FFX. But it's worrisome that you can't play the original PS2 classics either. In my case Psychonauts worked out of the box without any tampering (ps3 fat, rogero 4.30)...

  10. #500
    Xplic1T Guest
    So let me get this straight ... we can take our old ps3 games and patch them to run as a ps2 classics game on the ps3 ?

    Can someone post a tutorial ?

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