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    why are these Multiman updates being posted on a thread about the Cobra USB dongle if the latest Multiman versions don't even support the Cobra CFW ?

    Do you plan on adding support for Cobra in Multiman or plan on releasing an update to mmCM soon? That would be great...

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    This is our ongoing thread for both multiMAN and Cobra updates, whether he decides to readd Cobra CFW support up to deank though.

    Also HERE is our archive link to the most recent multiMAN and Cobra file downloads.

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    thanks for the clarification.. and for that archive link

    On another note.. I'm having a hard time finding information about the Stealth version of Multiman. As I understand you need to use that version if you want to play online while minimizing the risk of getting banned? My question is.. why would anyone not use it? I mean why would you use the regular CEX version over the Stealth version?

    Maybe I completely misunderstand its purpose or limitations.. if so then sorry for my ignorance. I did search for the answer but couldn't find anything truly helpful.

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    If you scroll down HERE you will find some details on the multiMAN Stealth (StealthMAN) version. However, the Stealth version still isn't completely Stealth from Sony as mentioned HERE:

    Be aware the Stealth version (StealthMAN) isn't completely safe as Sony (or other users) can still see when you 'Install Package Files' (as pictured below) at the moment.

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    new multiman for 3.55 cfw

    hi there what multiman the new one can i use for my ps3 cfw 3.55?

    thank you

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    You can use all versions on MultiMan on 3.55, I'm running the latest version and I'm on Kmeaw 3.55

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    MultiMAN v04.20.02 PS3 Backup Game Manager is Now Available

    MultiMAN v04.20.02 PS3 Backup Game Manager (and Showtime v04.03.037 CEX and DEX) is now available from deank with the changes outlined below, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.20.02 Update (20130301) (11.26 MB) / multiMAN v04.20.02 Update (20130301) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.20.02 Update (20130301) (Mirror #2) / multiMAN v04.20.02 DEX Update (20130301) / ps3netsrv_mmDM_mmRAS (4.14 MB) / Showtime 04.03.037 [CEX].pkg (5.67 MB) / Showtime 04.03.037 [CEX].pkg (Mirror) / Showtime 04.03.037 [CEX].pkg (Mirror #2) / Showtime 04.03.037 [DEX].pkg (5.73 MB) / Showtime 04.03.037 [DEX].pkg (Mirror) / DUMMY_BDEMU.rar (1.35 MB)

    multiMAN ver 04.20.02 update is available online and in the WEB column. There are some minor changes and optimizations.
    • When using /net_host to load PS3 games via mmDM+ProDG - the scan/refresh is greatly improved. I'll appreciate feedback on that.
    • There is a new option in "Settings" - "Expand Contents of XMMB media columns (net_host)" - default is "No". When disabled, mM will only scan for PS3 games in FOLDER FORMAT from the remote hosts. It will not scan for DVD/BD iso files or other non-game content.

    multiMAN ver 04.20.02 UPD (20130301).zip (11.26 MB) Includes:
    • multiMAN ver 04.20.02 UPD CEX (20130301).pkg (Requires 04.20.00 BASE/FULL installed)
    • multiMAN ver 04.20.02 UPD DEX (20130301).pkg (Requires 04.20.00 BASE installed)
    • multiMAN ver 04.20.02 UPD STEALTH (20130301).zip (Requires 04.20.00 BASE/FULL installed)
    • mmCM ver 04.20.02 UPD (20130301).pkg (Requires 04.18.00 or 04.20.00 BASE/FULL installed)
    • lastGAME5, bdRESET5, gameDATA5 (for standard CEX/DEX firmwares only!)

    Make sure you are using the latest versions of mmDM, ps3netsrv and mmRAS: (4.14 MB) (also available in the WEB column)
    • mmRAS.exe
    • mmRAS_server.exe
    • mmDM (DEX_Game_Mounter_GUI.exe)
    • PS3_NET_Server.exe GUI (+ps3netsrv.exe)

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    Add MM to 4.31 possiblity?

    Ok i am digging around the PUP files and extract them. In there, the files are update.rar and few other files. The question, is since we can update using the same file version, is there a way to include mulitman or any other programs to the packages that it installs. I can extract and add files, but dont know how to compile it back to a PUP. I have linux and windows so please educate me.

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    No you cannot do that.

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    pardon my ignorance but what do these files do??

    Make sure you are using the latest versions of mmDM, ps3netsrv and mmRAS: DUMMY_BDEMU.rar

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