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    mmanolos Guest
    If you installed Rogero 4.30 v2.03 then you have the "Install Package Files" in app_home/PS3_GAME.

    If you have only v2.0 then upgrade first to v2.03 from XMB.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    MultiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214) Update is Now Available

    Today deank has updated to multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214) for both CEX and DEX for those interested with details below, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (107.20 MB) / multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (Mirror #2) / multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (Mirror #3) / multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (Mirror #4) / multiMAN v04.16.00 Base (20121214).rar (Mirror #5) / ps3netsrv2_mmRAS.rar (1.11 MB) / ps3netsrv2_mmRAS.rar (Mirror) / ps3netsrv2_mmRAS.rar (Mirror #2) / v04.16.00 French Language by winch03200 / v04.16.00 Russian Language by pvc1 / v04.16.00 Polish Language by djtom / v04.16.00 Brazil Language by ajts1989 / v04.16.00 Portuguese Language by kgb / LANG_ES_04.16.00_(20121215)_CaptainCPS-X.rar]v04.16.00 Spanish Language / v04.16.00 Spanish Language (Mirror) / v04.16.00 Spanish Language (Mirror #2) / v04.16.00 Spanish Language (Mirror #3) by CaptainCPS-X / v04.16.00 Hungarian Language by JohnDoeHun / v04.16.00 Italian Language by Dino05 / v04.16.00 Indonesian Language by aquarius / v04.16.00 German Language by STAKERS / v04.16.00 Galician Language by ser8210


    multiMAN 04.16.00 (Base)
    • Improved quality and speed of remote access screen rendering. Depending on server PS3 resolution the image is rendered as follows:
      - 1920x1080 -> 960x720, 1280x720 -> 960x720, 720x480 -> 720x480, 720x576 -> 720x576 (all with PAR 16:9)
    • Added support for new functions in mmRAS
    • When using remote access to another PS3 both must be on mM 04.16.00
    • Added new lines in translation files
    • Added new linux (x86) version of ps3netsrv
    • Updated Showtime (for mM and standalone) to 4.1.307
    • Fixed a bug preventing mM from fixing 80010009 error


    • new ps3netsrv for Windows
    • new ps3netsrv for Linux
    • PS3_NET_Server (GUI for ps3netsrv by aldostools)
    • new mmRAS 01.01.00 (Windows application for PS3 remote control by aldostools)

    multiMAN ver 04.16.00 BASE (20121214)

    • multiMAN ver 04.16.00 BASE CEX (20121214).pkg
    • multiMAN ver 04.16.00 BASE DEX (20121214).pkg
    • multiMAN ver 04.16.00 BASE CEX STEALTH (20121214).rar
    • Showtime 04.01.307 [CEX].pkg
    • Showtime 04.01.307 [DEX].pkg
    • installPKG, lastGAME, bdRESET, gameDATA, stDISC
    • PC applications (ps3netsrv win/linux, aldos tools, c2d, rcp_bdemu, genGP3, split4G)

    CEX, DEX and STEALTH versions are also available via online update (2MB). 04.14.00 or later BASE/FULL required as usual. CEX and DEX Showtime 4.1.307 for mM is also availble via online update (6MB).

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    credentialz Guest

    Request PS3 FAN SPEED APP

    Ps3 fan adjuster within multiman ...to help prevent ylod.

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    tonyqc Guest

    MultiMAN v04.16.01 Base (20121215) Update

    MultiMAN v04.16.01 Base (20121215) Update is now below from deank with the changes, as follows: Here is a minor update:

    Download: multiMAN v04.16.01 Update (20121215) (5.70 MB) / multiMAN v04.16.01 Update (20121215) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.16.01 Update (20121215) (Mirror #2) / multiMAN v04.16.01 Update (20121215) (Mirror #3) / multiMAN v04.16.01 Update (20121215) (Mirror #4) / ps3netsrv2_mmRAS.rar (1.11 MB) / LANG_EL Update 04.16.01 (613 lines) by tupac4u

    v04.16.01 Changelog:
    • Scanning for games is greatly improved and is 40-80% faster now
    • Improved "Remote Access" functions (support for Left/Right stick mouse controls in remote mmOS)
    • Added support for new mmRAS 01.02.00
    • Some other general improvements
    • The online version of the "multiMAN Original Theme" is updated with the full audio version of Enigma's-TEOT (youtube.com/watch?v=b8ri14rw32c)


    • mmRAS 01.02.00 required for mM 04.16.01
    • ps3netsrv2 (windows/linux)
      PS3 Net Server (PC GUI for ps3netsrv)

    multiMAN ver 04.16.01 Update (20121215).rar

    • multiMAN ver 04.16.01 UPD CEX (20121215).pkg
    • multiMAN ver 04.16.01 UPD CEX STEALTH (20121215).rar
    • ps3netsrv2_mmRAS.rar

    CEX/DEX/STEALTH versions are available for online update within multiMAN as usual.

  5. #395
    seeman Guest
    i got a question! i want to mount my games straight from xmb (no direct boot)! i read that i have to use ebootfix and shadowcopy.. but there is no more shadow copy in the new multiman?!? is there anyway to get games on xmb like the lastgame.pkg from multiman?? this should be possible for every game i think but i dont understand how it words... and also i dont find shadow copy in multiman filemanger.... pls help thx greetz

  6. #396
    miandad Guest

    Loading PS3 games from LAN help?

    hello guys,

    i have ps3 games on my pc hard drive. can i share folder through lan and load the ps3 games through multiman?

    sorry for bad english

  7. #397
    Muhammad54 Guest
    No. Multiman could launch it. But your CFW needs to see those games in certain locations.

  8. #398
    richdotward Guest
    Mm does support this but only if you have a dongle and on their 3.55 cfw. Shame.


    Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2.

  9. #399
    miandad Guest
    thx but using mm_ras sharing folder any idea?

  10. #400
    tonyqc Guest

    MultiMAN version 04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) is Now Available

    Below is multiMAN version 04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) with the changes from deank as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) (2.57 MB) / multiMAN v04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) (Mirror #2) / multiMAN v04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) (Mirror #3) / multiMAN v04.16.02 UPD CEX (20121216) (Mirror #4) / v04.16.02 Arabic Language by HAIDER

    There is a 04.16.02 version available online (cex/dex/stealth).
    • A show-off version so you can find out what speeds is multiMAN capable of

    p.s. You will notice a great performance boost which affects nearly all mM functions (including copy/delete/verify/scanning for games/GUI/loading of images/coverart, faster remote-access, etc).

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