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    Banned User
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    you could always install rebug 4.21 rex and buy an ext. harddrive.

    most games run from ext. hd from app/home using rebug 4.21 rex. even assassins creed 3 etc.

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    Just found this on the Cobra site: 11 - 12 - 2012

    Coming soon! In order to support Cobra USB users better Team Cobra will release in the next few weeks a custom 4.3x+ firmware...

    Not sure if I'm the only one on the planet still on Cobra 3.55 but I thought it was worth a post.

  3. #333
    its certainly interesting to me.

    curious as to what features it can offer that multiman isn't already offering through rebug 4.21 rex.
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  4. #334
    Wish somebody could work out the PSP feature as that would be awesome to have on ANY CFW not just this dongle firmware.

  5. #335
    just playing psp games directly from cso. backups would get me one.

  6. #336

    MultiMAN v04.11.12 Base CEX and DEX (20121116) Now Available

    MultiMAN v04.11.12 Base CEX and DEX (20121116) are now available from deank with the following changes and updates:

    Download: multiMAN v04.11.12 Base CEX (20121116) (22.76 MB) / multiMAN v04.11.12 Base CEX (20121116) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.11.12 Base CEX (20121116) (Mirror #2) / multiMAN v04.11.12 Base DEX (20121116) (25.77 MB) / multiMAN v04.11.12 Base DEX (20121116) (Mirror)

    • Fixed LV1 peek/poke for 4.21REX in DEX mode + DEX lv2_kernel
    • Added back IDPS display in "System Information"
    • Added preliminary support for 4.30CFW with LV1 peek/poke syscalls (sc 8/9) or lv1 mmap patch (hvsc 114)
      (if such CFW is released then direct-disc-access/PS1 disc backups should work)
    • Increased number of supported simultaneous FTP transfers to 8
    • FTP user/password can be anything
    • Added support for "Change BD-Movie Region" function for 4.30CFW
    • Updated Showtime to 04.01.224

    I can add support in mM for any firmware (I only need lv1.self and lv2_kernel.self decrypted). The fact that no one took the time to add proper lv1/lv2 patches in a 4.30CFW is not my problem or issue as I'm happy with 4.21REX. AFAIK there is no 4.30CFW with the patches mM requires, although Rogero is working on one.

    Ah, and something else... That stupid rumor that stuff must be signed with 3.55+ keys because 3.40 are blacklisted or something is just ... well stupid ... All mM versions are signed with 3.40 keys. I wonder how that same pkg installs and works on all firmwares since 3.41+dongle to 4.30.

  7. #337

    multiman help?

    I'm sorry but can anyone teach me how in the world can I move , not copy , move files and folders within the same USB drive folder directories in multiman 4.0.3 with the new pc looking thing I press circle but it don't have the move option just copy and everything else. this is driving me crazy.

  8. #338
    Can't you just copy and then delete the original file?

  9. #339
    Easy, easy instead of looking for move, use the CUT option, MOVE=CUT, the same bro.

  10. #340

    Arrow multiMAN v04.11.13 Base CEX and DEX (20121118)

    Below is multiMAN v04.11.13 Base CEX and DEX (20121118) from deank with the changes, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.11.13 Base CEX (20121118) / multiMAN v04.11.13 Base CEX (20121118) (Mirror) / multiMAN v04.11.13 Base DEX (20121118)

    Another minor update:
    • Added check for EBOOT.BIN firmware version (offset 0x428) and prompt to 'fix' the version to your current one.
    • This will fix 80010009 errors for 04.20-04.31 games without updates if EBOOT.BIN is encrypted with 4.20/0x1C key revision or lower.
    • Tested NFS:MW on 4.21REX without installing the 01.01 update for the game.
    • It will probably fix errors on Rogero's 4.30CFW if 4.35 games are released encrypted with 4.30 keys.
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