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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    Longshot Guest
    Well guys you should update your multiman to the new version 04.06.00

    It says:
    • Added support for 4.21CFW(CEX) (syscalls 6-10 required)

    and some more so i wouldn't already run around and saying CFW 4.21 will never happen.. i would assume it will happen very soon if MultiMan adds support for it ! Don't you think so ?!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    that is what is confusing and bothering me. we can't make assumptions here, cause then consoles can be compromised. i sure hope another wanikoko brick fiasco doesn't happen.

    deank, do you trust this source? if so, that's great! cause i do trust you

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    utar Guest
    For Deank to have developed the new version with the "Added support for 4.21 CFW (CEX)" he clearly must have access to the firmware, or at the very least have testers who do have access. I think it is safe to say this is legit.

    From the changelog it is interesting though as there is clearly more than one 4.21CFW in development. I would think it is unlikely these were all developed independently and just so happened to be ready for Deank to add support at the same time. Presumably some new exploit must have been shared behind the scenes among a number of developers.

    Anyway I'm sure if we all wait a short while these new cfws will appear

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    my brain is barely working right now... this is hard.

    uhhh... i don't like this (what we're discussing). i can't keep a thought for a minute though. deank, you need to not surround yourself with controversy like with dongles. you gotta let out a few more words; realize this, you're like a president or a leader to the ps3 scene. when you say something, it's gonna get dissected and stuff. idk what i'm talking about.

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    Ron36 Guest
    dean has made small uninformative posts and many members have asked him to elaborate on his knowledge of the cfw but he has not responded to any of the requests, so either he knows nothing about the cfw or he can not say or is not willing to.

    i suggest stop asking him and wait patiently to see where the cards will fall!

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    He's clearly not responding any questions because we are supposed to be reasonable. If he has just updated MM having said he added support for CFW 4.21, what else do you need to know?

    What you need is to wait for the 4.21 CFW so that then you can use the new MM with it, that simple.

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    Ron36 Guest
    ok, mr. repeated everything i just said.

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    kreus Guest
    MM change log talks about a 4.21 CFW and not a specific cfw, so i think there is more than one ... maybe they found the keys ...

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    itsbighead Guest

    Question Few questions about PS3GEN

    Hi again,

    I have a few questions about PS3GEN.

    1) I know that it says its only for DEX consoles only but if burn a ISO created with PS3GEN (eg Borderelands 2) onto a blueray disc will it play on a CEX console with CFW or does it only work with DEX Machines?

    2) What is the compatability ratio of PS3GEN? Does it work with all games or is it a hit and miss method like discboot?

    3) Has anyone encountered any problems with games created with PS3GEN?

    Sorry if these questions sound noob or if they've been answered already


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    Apr 2005
    It sounds like you are referring to GenGP3 as you mentioned it's only for DEX consoles, so I moved your post to our ongoing thread for it.

    PS3Gen is a Sony PC app that isn't console specific, although it too is intended for developers who primarily use DEX consoles as well.

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