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  1. #201
    BiMode Guest
    Does multiman 4.03 support playing ps1/ps2 iso format for regular CFW?

  2. #202
    technodon Guest

    Cobra PS3 USB Dongle Reversed by Zadow, Payload Development

    Following up on the recent PS3UserCheat dongle hacking news, today PlayStation 3 developer zadow28 has updated his ongoing work with some reverse-engineering and payload development research on the DRM-infected Cobra PS3 USB dongle.

    Download: Cobra USB Payloads and Other Essential Files (77.33 MB) / Cobra USB Payloads and Other Essential Files (Mirror) / Cobra USB Payloads and Other Essential Files (Mirror) / Cobra USB Update v1 (350.88 KB - place these in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR directory) / cipher.ppu.elf.txt (954.98 KB)

    It's important to note that these files are not end-user friendly yet, work still needs to be done by those familiar with PS3 PPU / SPU coding in IDA Pro by other PlayStation 3 developers to further develop payloads for dongle-free PS3 scene solutions.

    Finally, below are some recent related Tweets via Twitter (linked above), as follows:

    If you cant uses the stuff i post carry on. as promised i post all i find compared to others. Like secrets Hens that work on 4.11

    Its my findings regarding the cobra, lot off reversed, and decrypted. Shouldn't be any trouble porting this to any device

    Ohh almost forgot one off the most important ones goes in the Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0\CBUP43210\USRDIR

    Don't think Dean is gonna be very happy.but but.

    Just an little test off whats ill be sending tomorrow. will explain also there

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  3. #203
    niwakun Guest
    another game over for dongle, 2-0

    now there only one left.

  4. #204
    Xplic1T Guest
    this next one though is pretty much the one that everybody wants though ...

  5. #205
    Transient Guest
    What's with that guy's tweets? Is he drunk?

  6. #206
    NTA Guest
    I wonder how deank feels about this lol

    Quote Originally Posted by BiMode View Post
    Does multiman 4.03 support playing ps1/ps2 iso format for regular CFW?
    I highly doubt it.

  7. #207
    smokyyuwe Guest
    That's funny. I came on to see if I could find a way to make multiman play ps2 games without the dongle (I have a b/c ps3, so getting the dongle just for backed up ps2 games seems.. a little pointless).

  8. #208
    racer0018 Guest
    The perfect Cfw would have them all built into it. But this a start. Good job.

  9. #209
    elser1 Guest
    i didn't know dean from multiman was behind the cobra dongle and selling it. i dont think its bad at all in his case. he deserves something he gave us multiman for hmm sake.. lol

    i won't be using a Z pirate version of cobra out of respect to him but i don't really need cobra anyways. this guy is ding good stuff decrypting the dongles. thanks for the news

  10. #210
    SwordOfWar Guest
    I already have a Cobra, but if this leads us to a hybrid CFW with both features then it will surely be nice to be dongle free again.

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