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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    Arrow Cobra mmOS Coming Soon, multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) Updates

    Below are some details on the upcoming Cobra mmOS and multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) updates from Gary Wayne Bowser aka GaryOPA (via as follows:

    It has been very silent recently in 'mmCM' updates, but we have good news today, developers behind 'Team Cobra' have contacted us and shared with us what they been working on since March, and it is is awesome, basically a full featured desktop enviroment called 'mmOS' to replace the old multiman file manager.

    Click on the above picture, for a jaw-dropping HD screenshot of 'mmOS' in action, and after your jaw lifts off the keyboard, see below some of it's features:
    • supports 8 windows with up to 4096 entries per folder
    • double-click to launch video/music/picture/games...
    • single-click to multiple-select for copy/move
    • desktop icons for fast access to various options/functions
    • (shortcuts for showtime, games, themes, user created shortcuts)

    This is just a hint of what is coming in the next big update, so we can't wait to see 'mmOS' all completed and fully in action with its many new jaw-dropping features on our PS3 consoles, and it might not be too long either as the developers are hinting at before this month's end for a big release, so this is already heating up to be nice hot summer for us Jailbreak Sony PS3 owners!

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    Roach95 Guest

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It's about time MultiMan Manager become it's own OS. I wonder if it will have an inbuilt browser in the near future though, never like the PS3 one.

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    MultiMAN (mmCM) v04.03.00 Introduces mmOS PS3 File Manager

    Following up on the previous Cobra mmOS multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) updates, today condorstrike has made available the mmCM v04.03.00 changelog alongside mmOS PS3 File Manager functions detailed below.

    Download: mmCM v04.03.00 Base (20120531) (24.63MB) / mmCM v04.03.00 Full (20120531) (293.93MB) / mmCM v04.03.00 Base (20120531) (Mirror) / mmCM v04.03.00 Full (20120531) (Mirror)

    To quote from (linked above) and via on the changes:

    04.03.00 -
    • Added support to launch DVD-Video titles (disc/folder format) from mmOS and other display modes (Showtime Media Player required)
    • Added support to load DVD-Video movies in ISO format from DVDISO folder (Showtime Media Player Required) (for non-Cobra Firmwares)
    • Added option to override SBS/TB modes in stereo player for .avi3d video titles (with L3/R3)
    • Changed: File Manager is replaced by a new powerful and memory efficient engine (mmOS) to resemble desktop environment

    mmOS features:
    • Uses just 1-2MB of RAM (about 10-15 times less than the old File Manager mode), intuitive and faster
    • Desktop + Taskbar + 7 Windows + Desktop Shortcuts + Clock + Tray + Clipboard
    • Clipboard and each window support up to 4096 entries
    • Window properties: minimize, restore, close, move, sort contents by name/size/date (asc/desc), fast scroll in rows and pages
    • Window history: 16 path levels deep (forward and backward), window state and current scroll/cursor position
    • Window contents: content icons/names/size/date, status bar, header, scrollbar
    • Window actions (single click/tap): single/multiple entry selection
    • Window actions (double click/tap): start music playback, image viewer, hex/text viewer, launch executable files (.self/EBOOT.BIN), play video titles (standard 2D and AVI3D), play DVD folders/ISO, direct-boot or load "folder/jb" games, load Blu-ray/DVD-Video/PS3/PSP/PS2 ISO files and BIN+CUE PSX images, load AVCHD video folders, mount folders to install PKG files, install themes and launch PSX games from CD-R discs (when DDA mode is enabled: PSX.EXE/SYSTEM.CNF/ps1_*emu.self)
    • Taskbar actions: minimize/restore a window, minimize all, change active window
    • Context/command menu functions: Copy (copy selected entries to clipboard), Cut (copy selected entries to clipboard; entries will be deleted after "Paste"), Paste (paste clipboard contents), Paste as ISO (create an ISO file from a single folder selected with "Copy"), Delete, Rename, Properties, Create New Folder, Create Shortcut, Shadow for PKG game (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_hdd0/GAMES), Activate BD-Mirror (when a PS3_GAME folder is selected from a game under /dev_usb***/GAMES), Eject Disc, Open in HEX Viewer, Refresh Net Host
    • Added option in "Settings" - "Swap Sticks In mmOS - Change actions of Left and Right Sticks in mmOS."

    • Right Stick - Move mouse pointer (can be changed to Left Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")
    • Left Stick - Move active window (can be changed to Right Stick in Settings "Swap Sticks in mmOS")
    • LEFT/RIGHT - One directory level back (history) / forward
    • UP/DOWN - Scroll up/down window contents
    • L2/R2 - (PgUp/PgDn) Scroll window contents in pages
    • CROSS - (single tap) Select/Deselect entry
    • CROSS - (double tap) Execute/View/Play/Open folder
    • CIRCLE - (right click) Open command/context menu
    • SQUARE - (ALT-TAB) Switch active window
    • SELECT+(CROSS double tap) - Open folder in new window
    • SELECT+(CIRCLE) - (ALT-F4) Close active window
    • SELECT+(SQUARE) - (F5) Refresh active window
    • SELECT+(UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) - Move mouse pointer (useful with BD-Remote Controller)

    Finally, below is how to launch PSN games via multiMAN for those interested from sealhealy (via

    Launch PSN Games from multiMAN like any other PS3 backup:

    1. Install your PSN package game like you normally would
    2. In multiman go into file manager and navigate to /dev_hdd0/game
    3. Find the corresponding game folder to the game you just installed eg. 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD' = NPEB00527
    4. Copy this folder to your USB game folder /dev_usb000/GAMES
    5. Now rename the copied folder to something meaningful eg./dev_usb000/GAMES/NPEB00527 becomes /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527
    6. Inside the [Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527 folder create a new folder called PS3_GAME eg. /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527/PS3_GAME
    7. Now move all files inside /dev_usb000/GAMES/[Splinter Cell HD]-NPEB00527/ into the PS3_GAME folder.
    8. Go back to your Game list and refresh it, the new game will appear
    9. Mount the game
    10. When kicked back to XMB start the game from App_home not the disc icon

    • You don't always need to copy all files sometimes just creating the file structure and copying the eboot.bin and param.sfo is enough.
    • I also think the reverse maybe true for some other games that don't work copying only eboot.bin eg. leave behind only eboot.bin param.sfo TROPDIR in the /dev_hdd0/game folder.
    • Creating a shadow copy of the USRDIR may also work? Nope

    [imglink=|MultiMAN (mmCM) v04.03.00 Introduces mmOS PS3 File Manager][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I just hope the new mmOS feature doesn't make transferring video files to my PS3's HDD more difficult (more steps) since that is my current main/only function for it during the past several months.

    So, for that to happen, let's hope that currently open windows/directories get saved on exit and appear on next use.

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    jabberosx Guest
    Don't know how i missed this. But isn't this more important than the mmOS release ?? Any dev's looking /working on this to release the free cfw version of cobra ?

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    Just a quick note to people, the movement of the windows is super sensitive.

    Over all though, amazing work. Can't wait to see what else he is able to add to the OS or mm itself.

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    Team Cobra Releases multiMAN mmOS / mmCM v04.03.01 Update

    Following up on their previous release, today Team Cobra has released multiMAN mmCM update v04.03.01 with the mmOS changes detailed below, as follows:

    Download: mmCM v04.03.01 Base (20120604) (25.19MB)

    4 - 06 - 2012

    mmCM ver 04.03.01 BASE

    • Added option to mmOS context menu: [Paste as Link] to create shadow copy of one folder copied to
    • Added ability to create desktop shortcuts to devices (hdd, usb, ms, cf, sdhc)
    • Added free space information for devices when browsing PS3 Root
    • Added information to the window status bar about selected entries and their size
    • Added "Home" menu with options to Enable Direct Disc Access Mode, to Restart/Quit to XMB, to
      Restart/Shutdown PS3
    • Added key-combo "SELECT+TRIANGLE" to minimize current window (holding the combo will minimize all
      windows) (press or hold [SQUARE] to switch/restore)
    • Fixed issue with loading Blu-ray movies in ISO format which contain jacket images in BDMV/META/DL folder
      (introduced in 04.02.04)
    • FTP Service: For best performance use ACTIVE mode and 2 concurrent file transfers
    • Improved loading of PSX games burned to CD (no eject/insert procedure)

    Recorded non-PSX CD/DVD/DVD-Video discs:
    • No need to enable Direct Disc Access Mode *if disc is inserted while mM is running* (for best results
      insert the disc after mM is loaded)
    • It allows users easier access to content on recorded discs (video/music/pictures/data) in mM and spawned
      applications (Showtime)

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    Cobra multiMAN mmOS / mmCM v04.03.02 PS3 Update

    Cobra multiMAN mmOS / mmCM v04.03.02 PS3 update for those with the DRM dongle is below which includes bdRESET2 via deank which fixes the ability to mount app_home and get the disc icon back after TB users turn on their PS3 without having to eject / reinsert or run / exit multiMAN.

    Download: Cobra mmCM v04.03.02 Base (20120606)

    6 - 06 - 2012

    • Extended desktop content to 48 icons (6 system and 42 user defined); system icons cannot be moved/renamed/deleted
    • Added ability to arrange desktop icons - press L3 over an icon to move it to a free placeholder and then press L3 to place it
    • Fixed issue with playing/loading 2GB+ files with Showtime from /net_host or NTFS USB HDD (file wrongly cached to /dev_hdd1 when there isn't enough space there)
    • Fixed issue when USB.CFG is not present in USRDIR - now warning is issued when user enables PFS mode
    • Fixed loading of last open folders in mmOS - now /pvd_usb* folders from NTFS drives are not reloaded

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    Cobra multiMAN mmOS / mmCM v04.03.03 PS3 Update

    Cobra multiMAN mmOS / mmCM v04.03.03 PS3 update for those with the DRM dongle is below.

    Download: Cobra mmCM v04.03.03 Base (20120607) / Cobra mmCM v04.03.03 Full (20120607)

    7 - 06 - 2012

    • Fixed rare issue causing mmOS to lock/stall when browsing /ps3_home subfolders
    • Added "Reset Desktop" option to mmOS home menu (resets icons positions and closes all windows)
    • Added "Set as Wallpaper" / "Restore Wallpaper" to mmOS context menu when single image (jpg/png) is selected; affects all display modes
    • Added better visualization when moving icons around the desktop with L3 (Windows alike)
    • Changed visualization of selected/hovered desktop icons (a bit slicker)

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