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Thread: Cobra USB - PS3 Dongle Runs Blu-ray & PS1 iSOs and PSP Minis

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    crazelunatic Guest
    here's to hoping someone releases a way to get the ps3 to load ps2 backups off an hdadvance formatted ide internal drive.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    and why on earth would you have an hdadvance formatted ide as an internal on your ps3?

    Surely given the stock formatting for a PS3 hdd (UFS2) allows large files (+4GB) it would probably be easier just to keep it where it is?

    If it can launch PS1 iso's from HDD and it's using the gameOS built in emulator, in theory, it should automatically then work for PS2 games on backwards compatible units but then again we'll just have to wait for details.

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    elser1 Guest
    sounds like a good product, glad i stuck to 3.41 now.. if this will also play ps2 backups then ill buy one,not that ps2 games are much chop these days, outdated, just look at front line remastered... but i have about 100+ ps2 discs sitting there doing nothing.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    I don't barryk, I have it in my ps2 but it would be a little inconvenient to reupload the images to my internal sata NTFS on pc and then rerip them to an internal w/e file format the ps3 uses for internal drives... I was thinking something more along the lines of an ide hdd enclosure and the usb 2.0 ports on the ps3... Or maybe network the ps2 to ps3 and load and play games that way.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Ok there's been a bit of an update on the cobra usb site:

    In the download section the user manuals (attached below) have shown up. Some notable bits of info are:

    When making a PS3 Game Backup
    4. You will be asked if you want the dump in iso or in the standard format. Choose the desired option and wait for the copy to complete. Pros and cons of iso format compared to the standard directory based format:

    Support of backups with files bigger than 4 GB on external drives is possible. Iso files with a size bigger than 4 GB are split in parts.
    Less files on hard disk, it can help to reduce fragmentation.

    It is a less standard format for ps3 backups.
    It always requires a ps3 disc game inserted.
    So it handles games with +4GB files on external by creating one big iso file and splitting that into parts

    Regarding blu-ray backups
    Warning: although Cobra USB Manager allows original blu-ray movies to be copied, backups won’t work because of AACS copy protection. However, you can transfer these backups to your PC, decrypt them using some tool such as AnyDvd HD, DVDFab, etc, and transfer the decrypted iso back to the PS3.

    If you have a blu-ray reader on your computer, you may want to do the full process there instead.
    So again it just makes an image of the disc so they'll still need decrypting (Same for DVD movies with CSS protection)

    And about PSX support
    The first time a psx backup is going to be played, you will be prompted to install psx support. This process overwrites a system text file only used in jailbreak mode, and it only needs to be done once.
    So it looks like it actually uses the in-built emulator and instead modifies one of the related files to allow launching it in JB mode (also supports both bin/cue and iso formats)

    There's some more stuff in the guide that kind of adds to the validity of their claims but if you're interested you should have a look at the actual user guide. I just want to know what file it modifies to allow psx backups

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update barrybarryk and +Rep, as usual most will probably just wait until a free solution is available for CFW users I'm sure.

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    NTA Guest
    i wouldn't mind getting it if i ever wanted it but i wouldn't want to downgrade currently, but i would if i wanted to play ps1 games
    great product but i wouldn't buy it

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Well I think before we see a CFW that copies it (or patches for existing CFW) we'll probably see payloads for existing dongles that add the same features. The ISO mounting is interesting because replacing eboots in an iso (cobra requires 3.41) will be a major pain for a lot of people and a split iso will be an even bigger pain to manipulate.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Seem like they're using a modified Gaia as their BM.

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    SpaceAgeHero Guest
    Cobra USB Manager has been released. Can someone get it to run without the dongle?

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