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    HeyManHRU Guest
    There is no way to play PSP games without it unless it is a PSP Mini game from PSN that works on CFW (someone correct me if I'm wrong). PSP games are mountable on the PS3 though (http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ew-of-gitbrew/).

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow mmCM (multiMAN Cobra Manager) v04.00.01 Base (20120126) Update

    Below is a mmCM (multiMAN Cobra Manager) v04.00.01 Base (20120126) update for those with the dongle, with the changes outlined as follows:

    Download: mmCM (multiMAN Cobra Manager) v04.00.01 Base Update

    26 - 01 - 2012
    • Added new display mode (Board 5x4x5), replacing the oldest "Game list (plain)" mode
    • "Board" display mode shows ICON0.PNG game images by default. You can use covers by changing the option "XMMB Icon Swap" in Settings
    • Improved File Manager visuals when used in SD resolution (480p/576p)
    • Fixed an issue, which prevented operation on CFW/MFW 3.41
    • Added support for showing PSN titles in all display modes from internal/external HDD (PSN titles cannot be loaded and you have to put empty RELOAD.SELF in game's USRDIR folder to make it show!) (requested)
    • Added lastGAME2 and bdRESET applications
    • Added 11 new themes to the theme download section (total of 14 now)
    • Updated 15 language files
    • Added separate background images for Board and XBDM display modes (PSVBG.JPG and XBDBG.JPG)
    • Updated mmCM Original Theme (includes new images PSVBG.JPG, XBDBG.JPG, PBOX0.PNG, PBOX1.PNG)
    • Preparations to support loading of network PS3, DVD and Blu-ray ISO files
    • Preparations to support firmware version spoofer (auto-spoofing to latest official FW or to user-defined fixed version)
    • Required Cobra USB update will be announced when network ISO and firmware spoof support is available

    Q: So what's the advantage of lastGAME2 over the original LastGame app?

    A: There are 3 versions actually:

    1) The original lastGAME works with mM 01.13.* - 02.09.02.
    2) lastGAME2 works with mM 04.00.00+.
    3) lastGAME2 for CobraUSB works with ISOs (DVD/PSX/PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/BD-movies), too.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    That new display mode looks awesome, it's simple and easy to use. I'm also glad they added new themes, the ones that came with the first mmCM weren't that good.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Today we have a little snipesd of the COBRA dongle with a few interesting parts of code they proof that what we sayed is true and that you can turn a normall retail ps3 into a debugger one or at least into debugger mode. Enyoi reading and have fun

    [Register or Login to view code]

    flags -> 0x8x

    -> load /apphome/liblv2.sprx


    sys process elf

    sys prx user

    sys prx kernel

    elf fixed

    it's a patch !!

    real time patch

    elf -> LV2

    [Register or Login to view code]

    and after they said that cobra/tb2 are not related to debugger

    Version -> 0x08X the PS3

    revision -> boot mode

    [Register or Login to view code]

    selfdecrypter ??

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    kernel memory shrinked ? there is the part emulator etc

    [Register or Login to view code]

    if you check you can read sysini, spemulator, bdp_BDVD, Hex.h, sp_emulator, ps1_net, mcore

    [Register or Login to view code]

    system.cnf = PS1/PS2

    [Register or Login to view code]

    as we said they using the system embended emus

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The rest of the code you can download as text and read by yourself if you're interested in

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    Malleco Guest
    We're getting there... But don't pay for a dongle, with patience all comes free...

    And then there will be PS4 and we started over again...

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow Cobra USB Firmware v5.0 and mmCM v04.01.00 Full (20120204) is Released

    Today Cobra USB Firmware v5.0 and mmCM v04.01.00 Full is released for those who have the dongle, with details below:

    Download: Cobra USB Firmware v5.0 / mmCM v04.00.01 Base (20120126) / mmCM v04.01.00 Base (20120204) / mmCM v04.01.00 Full (20120204)

    04 - 02 - 2012 Changelog of Cobra USB Fw 5.0:
    • Added support to play isos from a PC using network connection. No more waste of time copying between PC and ps3, play directly from the files on your computer!

    Requires to run the supplied ps3netsrv server application (it is inside mmCM 04.01.00 download) on the PC, a version for windows and linux is provided (mac users can use the windows version with wine

    Note: when using wine, we recommend to run directly the command line ps3netsrv.exe and not the gui).

    Currently the following items can be played from network:
    • PS3 isos
    • PSX cue+bin or isos
    • Blu-Ray isos
    • DVD isos

    Currently the following items cannot be played from network:
    • PS3 games in JB directory format (planned for 5.1 release)
    • PSP isos (planned for 5.1 release)
    • PS2 isos (planned, but we cannot estimate the version)

    Although Cobra doesn't restrict the isos from being loaded through wifi, wifi is too slow for most uses, we recommend to use a wired connection.
    • Optimized a bit the read of PS3 isos (15-20% gain in external disk, not noticeable in internal disk)
    • Added dynamic firmware version spoofer capabilities. You can set the spoof in mmCM settings. As Sony release new firmwares, the spoofer can be updated by updating mmCm, without need of updating Cobra USB fw. No system files are modified by the version spoofer, all take place in ram.

    Changelog of mmCM 04.01.00:
    • Changed: Nethost PC server application "ps3serv" is replaced by new windows/linux application "ps3netsrv"
    • Added support for playing PS3 and PSX games in ISO/CUE+BIN format from remote net_hosts (PCs connected to the LAN)
    • Added support for playing Blu-ray and DVD-Video movie titles in ISO format from remote net_hosts
    • ! NOTE: For best performance and compatibility of the new net_host interface, a WIRED network may be required (Wi-Fi is also supported)
    • ! NOTE: Root folders served by remote hosts must contain /PS3ISO, /BDISO, /DVDISO and /PSXISO folders to enable remote content
    • Added new option in SETTINGS column: "Network Servers" for setting up to 10 remote nethost IP:PORT values
    • Removed: *nethost* settings from options[_default].ini are ignored and no longer supported
    • Added new option in SETTINGS column: "System Firmware Version" for "spoofing" current FW version to 4.00 or higher
    • Added support for thumbnail images for remote BD/DVD/PS3/PSX ISO/BIN+CUE files (*.jpg / *.png)
    • Added support to copy files from one net_host to another
    • Added support to delete folders from remote net_host
    • Added support to view files in TextViewer from remote net_host folders
    • Added support to copy games and ISO images to remote host from SIDE menu ([TRIANGLE] in XMMB/XBDM/BOARD display modes)

    Finally, below is a usage guide from coveman via: tortuga-cove.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=2509&p=4828#p4828

    1) Pick a folder which will be used for sharing: I created a folder called H:\PS3_ROOT
    2) Created the subfolders for different type of content: BDISO, DVDISO, PS3ISO, PSXISO, PSPISO, PICTURE, VIDEO, MUSIC
    3) Double click the ps3netsrv_GUI.exe to start the GUI
    4) Click the box under "Folder to share" and selected my folder H:\PS3_ROOT
    5) Click [Start] button

    If everything is okay, a black window will appear with message "Waiting for client..."

    6) Go to my PS3 and in SETTINGS -> Network Servers I added my PC as /net_host0. I set the IP address of my PC and used the default port 38008. Make sure that you find the IP address of your computer and even better - using a STATIC IP ADDRESS will make it easier for you, because it will not change between PC restarts.

    7) After you complete step 6 - you should see the messages in the black-box "Connection from xxxx" where xxxx is your PS3's IP address.

    In case you don't have "Connection from..." message, make sure that your WINDOWS FIREWALL is either disabled or it allows incoming connections to the selected port (in our case the default 38008). Also check if you entered the IP address correctly.

    That's it. I guess I was helpful!

    Tip: If you want to save yourself a bit of time next time you need the ps3netsrv, just create a simple .bat or .cmd file (I created one called ps3.cmd) and save it in the same folder where ps3netsrv.exe is saved. You can see mine in the first screenshot.

    Just put this single line in your cmd/bat file and save the file:

    ps3netsrv.exe . 38008

    Pay attention that there is a DOT "." before the port. You can also use any other path and replace the dot if you wish, but that's not necessary. The next time you can simply start the ps3.cmd by double clicking on it and you won't have to use the ps3netsrv_GUI.exe.

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    Apr 2005

    mmCM v04.01.01 Update (20120209) is Released

    Today Cobra has released mmCM version 04.01.01 update (20120209) for their dongle with details below, as follows:

    Download: mmCM v04.01.01 Update (20120209)

    Note: In order to install this Update package, you must first be on version 04.01.00.

    09 - 02 - 2012 Changelog:
    • Increased max number of entries for directory listing in file manager to 3584 (from 2560), fixing issues with PSX/PS2/PS3 covers
    • Optimized scanning for network content (ISO/CUE+BIN) (Video, Music, Photo and Roms are also supported)
    • Added "4.10" option in "System Firmware Version" to spoof reported version to the latest OFW 4.10
    • Added support for creating ISO images from PS2 DVD, PS3 BD, Blu-ray and DVD discs *directly* to remote host (remote file system must support 4GB+ file sizes)
      --> You can now create backups of your games and movies directly to your PC and play them remotely! (Blu-ray movies/DVD-Video titles may require additional decryption)
    • Added support for extracting ICON0.PNG for network PS3 ISO games, which don't have .png/.jpg thumbnail in the remote folder (when game ISO is loaded)
    • Added support for extracting coverart (/BDMV/META/DL) for Blu-ray ISO movies, which don't have .png/.jpg thumbnail in their folder (when movie ISO is loaded)
    • Added support for installing PKG package files from remote host (clicking over a .pkg file from /net_host folder in File Manager)
    • Added "Network" device-browse entries in PHOTO, MUSIC, VIDEO and RETRO columns to enable browse/view/playback functions for remote content
    • Added support for loading RETRO games (ROMS) from remote host
    • Added support for thumbnails for ROMS, PSX, PS2, PSP, BD and DVD titles
    • Added new game titles to internal database (PSX/PS2)
    • Fixed an issue which caused mmCM to lock during boot (on boot screen)
    • Fixed a potential issue which may have caused creating invalid *split* ISO files from PS3/BD discs (when output exceeds 4GB and is stored on USB)

    NOTE 1: Playing video content from remote hosts requires caching to local storage

    NOTE 2: For best compatibility with remote content, the following content folders are automatically created in the root folder served by ps3netsrv:

    ! - BDISO - for Blu-ray movie titles in ISO format
    ! - DVDISO - for DVD-Video titles in ISO format
    ! - PS3ISO - for PS3 games in ISO format
    ! - PSXISO - for PS1/PSX games in ISO or CUE+BIN format
    ! - PSPISO - for PSP games in ISO/CSO format (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for storing backups and not to play games)
    ! - PS2ISO - for PS2 games in ISO format (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for storing backups and not to play games)
    ! - MUSIC - for audio files in MP3 format
    ! - PICTURE - for image files in JPG/PNG format
    ! - VIDEO - for supported video files
    ! - ROMS - for supported RETRO games (gen/fba/vba/snes/fceu emulator subfolders)
    ! - PKG - for installable package files (.pkg) (NOTE: You can install packages from remote host in File Manager mode)
    ! - GAMES - for PS3 games in folder/jb format (NOTE: Currently used ONLY for creating/storing backups and not to play games)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.01.02 Update Released

    Below is another multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.01.02 update for those with the dongle and the changes, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.01.02 Update (20120213) (4.52 MB - Can be used to update 04.xx.xx to 04.01.02) / multiMAN v02.09.02 Full (20111011) (106.18 MB - 3090 covers - showTIME lastGAME bdRESET ebootFIX ebootMOD ps3SERV)

    13 - 02 - 2012 - Changelog:
    • Added support for creating ISO/BIN+CUE images from PS2 CD and PS1/PSX CD *directly* to remote host
    • Added automatic extraction of thumbnails after ISO/BIN+CUE is created (PS3/PS2/PSX/BD/DVD)
    • Added support for displaying coverart/jacket for Blu-ray and AVCHD discs (if /HDAVCTN or /BDMV/META/DL folders contain jpg jacket-image)
    • Added support for creating ISO files from folders to remote host (ISO is cached to internal HDD and then moved to remote host)
    • Improved FTP transfer speed (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
    • Improved transfer speed from and to remote hosts (/net_host) (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
    • Improved scanning of remote host content folders
    • Added support to set "External Game Data" for games/applications installed under /dev_hdd0/game or /dev_usbxxx/GAMEI (RELOAD.SELF required)
    • Fixed few issues introduced in 04.01.01, related to displaying/refreshing Retro/Music/Photo columns

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    Apr 2005

    multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.01.03 Update Released

    Another multiMAN Cobra Manager (mmCM) v04.01.03 update for those with the dongle and the changes, as follows:

    Download: multiMAN v04.01.03 Update (20120217) (4.88 MB)

    17 - 02 - 2012 Changelog:
    • Changed: 4x2 display mode is rewritten to use XMMB engine which makes it 5x faster and allows access to all content (Games/Music/Video/Photo/Retro/ISO)
    • Added "4.11" option in "System Firmware Version" to spoof reported version to the latest OFW 4.11
    • Added support for loading network PSX/PS3/BD/DVD ISO/BIN+CUE images to lastGAME2 application
    • Added proper support for covers in "Coverflow" mode, without affecting XMMB and other display modes (covers in Coverflow/4x2 modes and icons in BOARD mode)
    • Added PIN-protected option "Reset Options to Default" in SETTINGS (press [TRIANGLE] to access it in the SIDE menu). Default PIN is "0000".
    • Added support for forcefully resetting mM to default during boot if L2+R2+L3+R3 buttons are pressed
    • Changed: PIN-protected options will not prompt for PIN code if using the default PIN "0000". If "Parental Level" is set, games which require higher level will still require PIN.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    Anyone kind enough to link me to new LAST GAME app for mmCM v4?

    I had mine from v2, and now when updater to v4, last game app just refuses to work

    UPD: Okay, found it. It's LASTGAMEv2.pkg inside "Base" 4.01.00 distro

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