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    ddsb Guest

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    Aesyn Run Guest
    Thank you

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    infinitybooster Guest
    Looks nice but too expensive

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    charismatyk Guest
    good news

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    xbxbau5 Guest
    yay thank you!

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    Apr 2005

    MultiMAN v04.66.05 Base CEX PS3 Game Manager, WebMAN v1.32 Out

    Following up on MultiMAN v04.66.04 and PS3 developer aldostools' WebMAN Mod 1.31.01 Updater, today PlayStation 3 developer deank updated to MultiMAN v04.66.05 Base CEX PS3 Game Manager alongside an official WebMAN v1.32 update with details below.

    Download: multiMAN ver 04.66.05 BASE CEX (20141129).pkg (46.36 MB) / multiMAN ver 04.66.05 BASE CEX (20141129).pkg (Mirror) / multiMAN ver 04.66.05 BASE CEX (20141129).pkg (Mirror #2) / multiMAN ver 04.66.05 BASE CEX (20141129).pkg (Mirror #3) / webMAN_1.32.zip / webftp_server_lite.sprx / webftp_server.sprx / webftp_server_ccapi.sprx / webftp_server_noncobra.sprx / webMAN MOD 1.32.00 Multi 23 / webftp_server_rebug_cobra_english.sprx by aldostools

    Below are the changes, to quote: multiMAN ver 04.66.05 BASE CEX (20141129).pkg

    multiMAN 04.66.05 is now available online within the app.
    • It fixes some problems with 4.66 firmwares (especially COBRA compatible CFWs and the 80010017 error).

    webMAN v1.32

    webMAN is updated to 1.32 to fix issues on 4.66 cobra CFWs.
    • webftp_server_lite.sprx (Use this one on COBRA CFWs if you don't use network loading (ps3netsrv)). Rename to webftp_server.sprx.
    • webftp_server.sprx
    • webftp_server_ccapi.sprx
    • webftp_server_noncobra.sprx

    multiMAN 04.66.05 is also available online with changes to mmCM to better support 4.66 COBRA CFWs.

    Finally, from aldostools comes webMAN MOD 1.32.00 Multi 23 with the changes below, as follows:

    Changelog (2014-11-29):
    • Added new icons by brunolee to the updater
    • Added PS2 Classic toggler for 4.65.2 Rebug
    • Lv2 patches are now applied for all cfw on Cobra edition (previously only for 4.6x) like official webMAN 1.32
    • Added compilation flag for LOCAL_PS3 (to compile a cobra "lite" version without support for remote files)
    • Added the web_server_lite.sprx to the updater.
    • Added new FTP SITE commands: UMOUNT, MAPTO, EXTGD
    • Added partial support for passwords in ftp server. Requires to put the file manually in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/password.txt

    The updater pkg includes 7 editions of webMAN MOD: 3 cobra (english + multi23 + Lite), 2 rebug cobra (english + multi23), nonCobra, CCAPI

    The updater auto installs the cobra multi23 by default, the rebug cobra multi23 on rebug and the nonCobra on nonCobra CFW. The other should be installed manually.

    This is the sprx that was requested: http://aldostools.org/temp/test/webf...a_english.sprx

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    tenet Guest

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    dyorucci Guest
    I have tried since rev 03 and sometimes got blank screen

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    baba9 Guest
    go back to previous version mate

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    neurogenesis Guest
    Thank you! After being a chipped PS2 nut, I'm back in the scene as of today, and I'm so stoked to see how active it is. Especially the dev's being such badasses with their update schedules wow!

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