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    CMP Auto Tools Version 6.3 Arrives for PS3 Cheats & EBOOT Patches

    Recently PlayStation 3 developer Skiller of CodeMasters-Project.net (linked above) has made available CMP Auto Tools Version 6.3, which can be used to add in your own PS3 Cheats and make EBOOT patches.

    Download: CMP Auto Tools Version 6.3 for PS3 / CMP Auto Tools Version 6.3 for PS3 (Mirror)

    To quote: About CMP Auto Tools Version 6.3:

    CMP Auto tools has been fully update to Version 6.3. There are still things being worked on it, but as of right now it will allow you to add in your own cheats/patches. It auto patches the standard 3.60 down to 3.41..

    The patches Duplex are putting out (3.55) can be easily compared original EBOOT vs Dup EBOOT to get Patterns for making your own mods into other regions of the said game or Versions.. just in case you did not know that them new games are big time patched..

    Things I'm still Adding are auto support to SPRX/Self file Decryption/Repacking (note Can be done from other tools folder but is not put into root yet)

    PKGtoPKG: This will allow people to go from PKG state update add codes and back (right now Auto tools goes from folder to Pkg or Eboot.bin Depending on the Param.sfo...

    Check it out if your into modding files more freely

    You will notice I put a little Example of the layout in the GameSource .. its the layout you need to have to use the bats..

    Here is an Example of one of the Duplex patches... Assassins Creed 3: In CMP Auto Tools Main folder you will see Mcode.txt this is where u place all the codes between this line

    :: Put Your Code Between this And the next dots
    :: Don't change anything below this

    So example:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is the patch Duplex did to AC3 to make it work on 3.55, using this on that game will make it work if your patching the orignal Eboot

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    windrider42 Guest
    Awesome job skiller.

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    face2poney Guest

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