Hello friends. The PS3 test / debug hardware is supposedly the same as the retail, I have it in memory. Unfortunately I can not even find out, as my debug console is still on the road.

With Infectus2 Mod chip we can read out the NAND Flash from a Debug and back flashing on a retail console. Ok, we know this does not matter, because other factors play.

The Fat and Slim PS3 is already connected by DemoHades successfully on a PC. The firmware could also allegedly read. Therefore, you can connect the debug BD-Rom also on PC and read the firmware. Then back flashing to the retail console.

Of course that is not properly functioning. I would imagine that the serial number of PS3 Debug / retail also play a role. Therefore, the serial number must be read also from the Debug. Has anyone here more information about this?

As it looks to the network card and wifi card? Could you rewrite the MAC address? If the BD-Rom intigriert a serial number? Is the firmware in the intigriert or separately on a different chip? so that one must also be read.

Another problem is that the read is not easy to determine. It is intended to give a read lock. because someone had a ready solution for it?

what do you think about this? Have anyone try this?

i hope you understand my english