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    sargos Guest

    Lightbulb Which chips to check for the PS3 hack...

    Ok, I have been trying to exchange dvd-roms and hdds from one PS3 to another, that will be useful for future repairs and hardware hacks in ps3... (Since I am not a dev, I post this thread here, but I wish it could be added in dev forums in conjuction with ps3 firmware thread)

    The basic steps are:

    1. To locate the chips that are holding the critical data on the console (dvd-rom, mobo)
    2. A way to duplicate the chips that we will find from step #1
    (read and write in those chips, or replace with other chips if needed)

    Our first goal is to manage to plug a dvd-rom from one system to another and try to boot an original game.
    For this purpose we will:
    - Replace the dvd-rom from PS3-a to PS3-b.
    - Replace the chips from MAINBOARD-a to MAINBOARD-b
    (desolder the chips from one mainboard and solder them into the other mainboard and try to boot games)
    This step will let us to know which chips are holding the keys to success..!
    The same should be done, after replacing hdds...

    Before doing this action, I would like to determine which chips to check, in the mobo. I guess this would be a good start:

    Chip 1: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=10837

    Chip 2: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=10837

    I remind that we are looking for chips to hold (dvd-key, hdd key, ps3 version) Can anybody with experience help, which are most likely the needed chips?

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    Apr 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargos View Post
    (Since I am not a dev, I post this thread here, but I wish it could be added in dev forums in conjuction with ps3 firmware thread)
    I will follow-up on this with CJPC... since you've spoke to him on iRC before (about the TEST PS3), he may invite you there as well and then we can move this post if necessary.

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    sargos Guest
    Ok, thanks... Meanwhile, I have succesfully removed the chips from a v1.32 jap console which I am thinking to test in a v1.32 us.

    Unfortunatelly, I have to stop now for some vocations, I 'll be back 2 weeks later for the real tests!

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    Resolver1 Guest
    Why not use the probe?

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