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Thread: Cherophobe v1.0 PS3 Homebrew FPS Game is Now Released

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    sdlaurin Guest
    no wonder most devs hate the scene. if you guys don't want/play it just move on..

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    mod632 Guest
    we have right to say what we like to not! if you don't like comments then don't read it


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    barrybarryk Guest
    I like these homebrew games, not really as fully fledged games but as proof of concepts or showcases to how libs and engines are being ported they're pretty cool.

    Mind you I'd still love to see a Doom 3 port now it's gone open source lol

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    inginear Guest
    if i had a reason to, i'd be working on the port like white on rice.

    without possessing a ps3 capable of homebrew, i have no reason to, sorry.

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    Foo Guest
    Yay. A FPS from this guy! Respect.

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    sdlaurin Guest
    I'm not speaking about your rights, you have the rights to that is clear but where are your filters?

    just because you can doesn't mean you should, when you go to the store do you complain to the manager about tide not getting your stain out or a chocolate bar not tasting as good as you were expecting? Do you go on hondas site and flame them for not having a comfortable seat enough for you?

    Complain more about the stuff you pay for and less about the free stuff is all i'm saying.

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    agree, the whining babies who feel they are too good for simpler games/demos should just see the news title and move past to something they are interested in rather than trying to deprive the whole homebrew scene from any contribution they personally don't deem good enough. Who made them the quality police?

    There aren't tons of people developing free stuff for ps3 to begin with, and newer dev's grow their skills to make more advanced stuff by starting with smaller ports/HB that others appreciate being shared- instead of just selfishly leaching and dumping on others efforts

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