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    harveychan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    mkv support would rule.
    I AGREE. My tv would love that!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Doesn't work for me. Redirection of the dev_flash folder and also the dump option of lv2 and mount points are unusable.

    For the rederiction the ps3 restarts with a error message about system couldnt be booted. And dump option just frezze the console.

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    Ecniv Guest
    Nice one wouldn`t it be possible to do the same they did with the xbox 360?? Creating a secondary hardware ID within the playstation as it works for them it could work for us as well..

    I`m not worth much with scripting so don`t ask me to do it myself...

    For now its just my ideas I can try to help out with

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by msr View Post
    Plus some sort of media player like vlc or xbmc.
    It's called... TVersity. Anyone have this working?

    TVersity doesn't play well with dual audio though. Just use mkv2vob for D.A.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    mkv support would rule.
    Eh - I want it to play my Betamax video tapes and 8-track audio ones ...

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    Bishoff Guest
    meh tVersity is a pain. PS3 Media server is much better. It will play and convert on the fly, as well as copy straight to the hdd to play a vid without having to stream it.

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    xynuerz Guest
    nice job works fine

    cfwprophet i have first the same issus like you but after i have first patch to usb and after this i have repath an make a boot up of my fat PS i have startet once an it work now perfectly.

    now i have just an idea. i hope there is a way, we know the PS extract the content of an update to hdd0/1 i dont know how but i have read it that there is an partition for it.

    after we can patch redirection of system folder so we can now tray to redirect hdd0 and hdd1 to a usb device and make an update the content will be extract to them after a disconnect of de usb drive we cann make a reboot and have the extractet files on the usb its just an idea.

    its a stupid idea

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    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sinkillerj View Post
    Now we just need a exploit to remap flash to usb when the ps3 restarts in update mode.
    From what I understand, when you install an update, it actually restarts and boots the update version of the firmware in the same way that USB loader lets us boot firmware off a USB drive.

    So the problem then is that if you want to install 3.50, it will boot the 3.50 image meaning that we would have to have a 3.50 exploit first in order to remap flash to USB.

    I don't know that's the case with absolute certainty, but I believe it to be true.

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    SuperDre Guest
    Still no news on regionfree dvd/bluray?

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    BwE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDre View Post
    Still no news on regionfree dvd/bluray?
    region free? no

    change region? yes

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