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Thread: Cellminer: Bitcoin Miner for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture

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    Cellminer: Bitcoin Miner for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture

    Today Cellminer: Bitcoin Miner for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA) was made available via Github for the PS3 entertainment system.

    For those curious, this was developed on a PlayStation 3 using Debian GNU / Linux 6.0.1.

    Download: Cellminer Auto Installer / GIT

    From the ReadMe:


    Debian Packages [aptitude install ...]

    - make
    - gcc
    - binutils-spu
    - ruby1.9.1-dev
    - libspe2-dev
    - gcc-spu
    - binutils
    - ruby1.9.1
    - libspe2-2

    (packages marked - should be included automatically as dependencies of packages marked -)

    Ruby Gems [gem1.9.1 install ...]

    - net-http-persistent


    In order to make use of your SPEs under Linux, you must have spufs mounted on /spu. For example:

    # mount -t spufs spufs /spu

    Or equivalently, ensure /etc/fstab contains a line similar to the following:

    spufs /spu spufs defaults 0 0


    $ make


    $ ./cellminer --help

    RPC username and password will default to those found in ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf.

    [imglink=|Cellminer: Bitcoin Miner for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    i'm not sure how this works. how do you get the coins? do you buy them so you purchase online? does your pc or ps3 "mine" them out of thin air? LOL

    i watched the video but can someone please explain what it is and advantages over say visa card or paypal..


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    YuuZA Guest
    Bitcoins use your GPU power to do calclations, i suggest googling as i am learning as well.

    Paypal + Visa may have different amounts that they deduct when receiving funds into them, you will need to do more research am afraid.

    Bitcoins is virtual currency that uses the power of your GPU (only ATi is worth investing in).

    Hopefully with the power of our cell processors, we won't need to fork out extra.

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    elser1 Guest
    so are they paying to use your spare power of your processor?

    what an idea eh

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    BitCoin is a virtual currency used online at specific websites, and some sites let you convert your bitcoin credits into rewards such as pre-paid credit cards.

    You can earn bitcoin credits either by selling products services to other bitcoin users (and have them pay you bitcoin credits) or you can run a computing tool that uses your CPU/GPU to do calculations for bitcoins. This is similar to the Folding at Home app on the PS3 except you can use your virtual credits (bitcoins) to trade with other people for products/services or for real money.

    Don't expect to make a lot of money with this. You might be able to get about $3 per day if you run a ATI Radion HD 5780 Graphic Card constantly for one day.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    The PS3 does 21 Mhash/s , which is quiet good for an CPU. On the current difficulty mine 5870 does roundabout 0.31 per day, which is with the current value $5.36. The electricity costs are roundabout $3 per day for it, so it only make sense to mine if you have more capacity or some seed capital which you want to use.

    I'm kinda experienced in BTC's, so for any further questions - I like to answer them.

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    xrayglasses Guest
    -nobody accepts bitcoin, and the banking industry hates virtual currency systems (every charge-back puts a smile on an executives faces)

    -Why ATI? for the BSODs and lack of support both from AMD and game engines?

    -The PS3 uses ~5KWH per 24 hours, the 42/40 nm ones even less.. too bad bitcoin doesn't actually buy anything except bots and garbage..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Some shop accept BTC's but it's more for buy/sell to the market.

    ATI is used because the miner are more efficient with OpenCL and CUDA isn't that good for it.

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    Linx86 Guest
    Guess you've never heard of the Deep Web, people can easily acquire handguns (among other things) using BitCoins.

    I was kinda surprised to see something like this being mentioned to a larger public audience.

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    xrayglasses Guest
    Yeah but most of us are employed and have lives. Who wants to mingle with dirt bags who live in trailers and projects? Who wants to buy some POS weapon from one and risk a felony?

    deepeep and sitemap can find stuff on deep web if you're that desperate. I'd rather do legit business and not be a loser though..

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