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Thread: Cellminer: Bitcoin Miner for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture

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    daveshooter Guest
    Do you mean, I could make money with this?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Of course you could make money with this. But you need the right equipment for making it profitable.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I knew of something like this years ago, but never thought it still was about, and you could make money with it.

    I should think tho if its connected all the time to your network and PPC/PS3, would your ISP think your seeding and Cap you like they do in the UK, and if so what sort of internet speeds do we need to get involved with this, if one was intrested?


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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    No, you just download a few kb/s, some encrypted stuff you don't see what it is and your PPC/PS3/GPU decrypt it, and if you find "something useful" you get an share, which is written in your wallet.dat/mining pool CP.

    Your ISP won't do any trouble, it's legal and the traffic is in the kilobyte zone. I think you can do it with a 56k modem. The official site is , but the client on that side, in my opinion - and every others, is crap.

    What GPU you have and are you interested in mining ?

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    xrayglasses Guest
    Just an update, after the last comment I did some digging, this has nothing to do with simulations, it looks like seedy companies are leasing time for bruting stolen data..

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    No not really, I don't know where you looked that up. It was an algorithm from an Japanese/Asia guy back in 2009. And the founder of Bitcoin's are anonymous - that's right. We don't know why we are doing this, but we get rewarded in an dynamical/complex system. It can be true, that the hashes we brute-force, are used for the FBI for some terrorism/hacking crap.

    You can't know/learn everything about Bitcoin's in a few hours, xrayglasses. It takes it's time, but it's an interesting, secure, anonymous, currency, with a lot of potential.

    Ah and yes, there aren't unlimited available - so there is no inflation !

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    daveshooter Guest
    I have 8 Ps3's that I was looking to link together as a PPC, I need to replace the router as it has only 4 x 1gbit ports.

    I have fore Internet connections running on a windows pc using win-gate to connect them together and was wondering if it could work with a Linux box and shire the modems the same way. Then it would be advantageous to look deeper in to renting out mine and Flops
    Truthfully it would be a wast to have more than 4 ps3's connected just to leave running, I may just use the other 4 on gt5 multi screen.

    PS I am giving away some ps3's

    I have too many of them and don't have the time or the need for them.
    1 stuck on 2.42
    1 beeps 5 times and powers off.
    3 ylod.

    Agree there not working, but you can use them as repair/ replace units, unlike myself being on 1st name terms with them now.

    So who wants the four?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Interesting thought, but it isn't remunerate for data-mining. If your PS3 which beeps a few times and immediately ran off, is on 3.41 you can easily repair it with an PS Jailbreak dongle and factory mode - It does the same.

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    I normally would've had my hand up for these for tinkering and learning with, but shipping from the U.K to U.S would be prohibitively high for me. Nice offering for someone nearby i'm sure..

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    daveshooter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Interesting thought, but it isn't remunerate for data-mining. If your PS3 which beeps a few times and immediately ran off, is on 3.41 you can easily repair it with an PS Jailbreak dongle and factory mode - It does the same.
    The one that beeps five times gives me no idea what firmware is on it to know where to start . Am I understanding you right and thats a 3.41 fault? I have tried a number of unbricking ways using a downgrader and many firmwares and jail-breaking tricks with now joy. The only thing I have not tried is the battery trick with the fore pins shorted which worked on another 3.41 box funny enough with another fault.

    so now I have lost interest due to having others doing what I need, but I may just try one thing, before I call it a day with the five beeper.

    I did think of stripping them down and using the cooling system for a 19" rack mounted aluminum hard drive cooling plate for a server, but I hopefully will go with SS drives instead now. I do keep the caddy's tho for easy harddrive swapping.

    The cases would be good if your pimping your ps3, and wish to change cases back. Just a thought.

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