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    Lightbulb Cell BE SDK iso + Cell BE Simulator publicly available

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here, so please don't flame me if this is old stuff to you guys

    I'm no dev, but since the purchase of my Eur 40GB PS3 recently, I've been following this space closely to see if there is any hope on seeing a iso loader soon.

    So, trying to pitching in what I've found up till now is as follows:
    - Cell Broadband Engine Software Dev Toolkit v2.1(SDK) ISO, including code examples on how to develop on the Cell BE (from IBM)
    - Cell BE Programming Handbook (from IBM)
    - SPE Runtime Management Library PDF (from IBM)
    - Cell BE Security Software Dev Toolkit v3.0 (from IBM) Guide
    - Toshiba Super Companion Chip (SCC) architecture pdfs (from Toshiba)

    I'm attaching a couple of screendumps for you to illustrate my findings. Hope this is of any use to you devs!

    If there is any interest in more of these files, just say so here, and I'll try to upload them here as well.

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    Apr 2005
    Its great there new to you, but they have been publically available for nearly one year.

    For those who want them, many of the documents and tools are located here (and within the CELL section on IBM's site!)

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