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Thread: CD-Man & God of Thunder DoPSBox PS3 Homebrew Games Arrive

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    CD-Man & God of Thunder DoPSBox PS3 Homebrew Games Arrive

    Following up on the recent DoPSBox PS3 Emulator release, today PlayStation 3 developer Mr.GoodFrag has released CD-Man and God of Thunder for PS3 homebrew emulation fans.

    Download: CD-Man Shareware PS3 Port / God of Thunder PS3 Port / Updates and Guide

    To quote: Today I am releasing a proof of concept POC version of DosBox that comes bundled with a shareware release called CD-MAN that autoloads (no keyboard or DOS know-how needed)!

    What is this?
    This is a ready-to-go preinstalled DOS shareware game.

    Does this require DosBox to be installed on my PS3?
    No, DosBox binaries/config-files are included

    I already have DosBox installed, will this conflict with or overwrite it?

    Why do I have to press the right thumbstick before my controls will work?
    This switches your controller into joystick mode.

    How do I use this?
    • Install the PKG file
    • Run the game from your XMB
    • TRIANGLE will get you past the initial screen
    • Set the game up to your liking, SQUARE selects.

    Thats it! When you're all done, close via the PS-Button.

    Major props to Robo-Hobo, who ported DosBox to the PS3! Without him none of this would be possible!!!

    Feel free to make requests - I'll only release shareware or legally free titles in this manner. (I've got a few gems up my sleeve that I'll be releasing soon) Enjoy!

    Note: 2 Player support not tested or configured - keep to single player

    Update: Here's another release! Enjoy GOD OF THUNDER! Unlike CD-MAN, this is the full game!

    • SQUARE........BUTTON 2 (USE ITEM)
    • START..........MENU/ESCAPE

    • When asked if you want to use a joystick , say yes!
    • You can name your additional save slots by using the L3 virtual keyboard
    • Virtual Keyboard = R3 for mouse mode then L3 for keyboard (remember to R3 back to joystick mode when you're done)
    • As with all releases of this nature, hit R3 to switch to joystick mode.

    [imglink=|CD-Man & God of Thunder DoPSBox PS3 Homebrew Games Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|CD-Man & God of Thunder DoPSBox PS3 Homebrew Games Arrive][/imglink]
    [imglink=|CD-Man & God of Thunder DoPSBox PS3 Homebrew Games Arrive][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    cd man.. LOL thanks for this.. appreciate all the hard work.. i will definitely give it a try but i've started playing la noire and although i thought it be better, i will be busy with la noire for a long time!!


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    Doesn't appear to be a whole lot of interest in this based on the lack of replies, but here are some more releases for it:

    Remember to press R3 once loaded, if you have controller trouble, use the in-game joystick calibration.

    These releases rely on the virtual keyboard and virtual mouse.. press L3 to open the virtual keyboard when needed. DO NOT PRESS R3 once loaded or you will switch to joystick mode (a physical keyboard and mouse also work fine).

    Press R3 once loaded!

    • SQUARE........GRENADE
    • TRIANGLE......JUMP

    Also, here is a PKG fixed up for Jayman:

    25 Game Pack:
    • Biomenace 1
    • Biomenace 2
    • Biomenace 3
    • Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold
    • Blood
    • CD-MAN (Shareware)
    • Clyde's Adventure Chapter 1
    • Crystal Caves
    • Electroman
    • Epic Pinball
    • Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf
    • God of Thunder
    • Hocus Pocus
    • Jazz Jackrabbit
    • Jelly Bean Factory
    • One Must Fall 2097
    • Sango Fighter
    • Scorched Earth
    • Skyroads
    • Skyroads X-mas
    • Star Gunner
    • The Last Eichhof
    • Whacky Wheels
    • Wolfenstein 3D
    • ZZT Game Maker

    by Mr.GoodFrag:

    STEP 1) Install CYGWIN using all default settings from:
    When prompted during setup, it does not matter which mirror you choose.

    STEP 2) Extract - Custom_DOS_PKGs.rar
    to c:\Custom_DOS_PKGs
    (if you extract somewhere else, any folder names with spaces higher-up in the file-system tree will cause a later step to fail.)

    STEP 3) go to c:\Custom_DOS_PKGs and rename the folder ‘GAMETITLE’ to the name of your game
    Must be 9 characters, no more, no less

    STEP 4 - Editing the SFO)
    run PS3SFOEdit, ignore popups, hit load, and open:
    C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs\GAMETITLE (from step 3)\PARAM.SFO
    For Title ID: put in the same 9 characters you used to name the folder in step 3. Put 4 characters in the first block, and 5 in the second.
    For Title (default): enter the name of the game as you want it to appear on the XMB
    Click Save, close SFO Editor.

    STEP 5 – Adding the DOS Software)
    Copy the contents of your DOS game’s folder to:
    C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs\GAMETITLE (from step 3)\USRDIR
    (the actual executable for the game should be in the USRDIR folder, if you use subfolders, be sure to modify the .conf file mentioned later to reflect this)

    STEP 6 – The Configuration)
    Edit: C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs\GAMETITLE (from step 3)\USRDIR\.dosbox\dosbox-0.74.conf

    Scroll down until you see the long line that looks like this:

    ################################################## #######
    In the line below the bar, change the '*********' to the name of the folder in STEP 3 (must be EXACT)
    On the next line, change the ‘***********.exe’ to the name of the executable that launches the game
    Save and close the file.

    Step 7 – Making it Pretty – THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL!)
    at this point you should create a custom logo for your game, which will show on the XMB.
    Fire up your favorite image editing software (mspaint!), and modify, then save:
    C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs\GAMETITLE (from_step_3)\ICON0.PNG
    **don’t change the resolution**

    STEP 8 – The Build Phase)
    Navigate to: c:\Custom_DOS_PKGs
    Using your mouse, drag the folder you named in step 3 onto the d0zspatcher.exe file.
    Press the 3.41 radio button (why not?) - and press 'start'

    (the first time you run this it will ask for the location of Cygwin.bat – if you installed Cygwin using the default

    options point it to: C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat)

    **you may see a windows error stating that make_self_nprdm has failed, just close the error and keep going!**

    If you followed this guide to a “T”, then you should now be prompted with the message of success!
    Navigate to C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs and your PKG file should be there!
    Copy it to a thumbdrive and install for testing.

    Fire up your newly installed title and TEST IT! Chances are you will need to modify the controls for the game.
    You can open the control configurations using CTRL+F1 (hit L3 for virtual keyboard if you don’t have a USB one to use)
    To map a button to your controller, press the button on the screen using your virtual mouse.
    Click ‘add’ – Press R3 – press the button that you want to map to – Press R3 again.
    Repeat this process until you have the controls mapped the way you would like.
    Once you’re satisfied, hit save.

    STEP 10)
    On your PS3, using either FTP, or a filemanager + USB Drive combo, copy:
    //dev_hdd0/game/GAMETITLE (you used in step 3)/USRDIR/.dosbox/

    And use it to overwrite:
    C:\Custom_DOS_PKGs\GAMETITLE (from step 3)\USRDIR\.dosbox\
    **if you made configuration changes in your game, bring those files over as well, if in doubt just grab the whole folder

    Repeat step 8-10 until it’s perfect! If it’s legal to do so, I highly recommend you publish your PKG’s once completed.

    Also below is a TRON clone for DOSBOX from Mr. Goodfrag followed by Charlie The Duck v1.01 below.

    Download: TRON for DOSBox / Charlie The Duck v1.01 for DOSBox

    To quote via I was watching the new TRON, and it got me all nostaligic. I was shocked when I couldn't find a TRON clone on PSN, so I figured 'why the hell not'? I've been meaning to make more releases, but the wife and I just bought a house/moved, and I've been exceptionally busy lately.

    From here on out I'm going to start shooting to have at least one release a week. As always, you must press R3 after the DOSBOX splash screen to play the game! Single player only mapped, for 2 player use a keyboard.

    Charlie The Duck - Controls:

    I disabled MPU401 support, which allowed me to have sound enabled and have the game still run at a playable speed. There are some parts where it slows down a bit, but it's still completely playable and insanely fun if you like platformers.

    As with all DosBox ports, R3 must be pressed after the splash screen if you want to use the PS3 controller instead of a keyboard/mouse.

    Also below are Blues Brothers from crossfadeking, Scorched Earth from Errata and Ms Pac PC and Pac PC via raziel23x:

    Download: Blues Brothers for DOSBox / Scorched Earth for DOSBox / MS PAC PC for DOSBox / PAC PC for DOSBox

    Blues Brothers


    move= analogue
    jump= up on analogue
    duck= down on analogue
    pick up/throw crates= x
    enter some doors= up on analogue and X at same time

    Upon startup it will come up with an option to play in ega or vga.. you need to bring up keyboard using L3 and R3 at same time. Enter the number of desired option.

    Scorched Earth

    The classic DOS Game Scorched Earth. built using the DOStoPS3 program released earlier today. The controls need to be set in game and the manual is in the file and its easy to set up.

    Ms Pac PC and Pac PC

    Here is a dosbox port of basically pacman and ms pacman which was original written by which are ports of the original games to play on dos.

    From nate1017 via

    Download: Mortal Kombat 2 / Mortal Kombat 3 for DOSBox / Super Street Fighter 2 for DOSBox / WWF In Your House for DOSBox

    From zebular comes a War Craft 2 DOSBox port and from Brokenrage a HERETIC 1 PKG below:

    War Craft 2 runs fairly well, just go to the keyboard and hit enter at the screen, it will take around 20 secs to load up the campaigns.

    Heretic shadow of the serpent riders took like 5 minutes to extract the heretic WAD and thought it had frozen lol but then she fired up.

    Download: War Craft 2 for DOSBox / HERETIC 1 for DOSBox

    From mcpaddington via comes a Sam & Max Hit the Road DOSBox port below, to quote:

    Download: Sam & Max Hit the Road V1 for DOSBox (18.76 MB)

    This is my port of the DOS game "Sam & Max Hit the Road" by LucasArts.

    • X = Select
    • Left Stick = Move cursor

    • USE ICON (hand holding green object) = USE

    Also if you get stuck there are plenty of guides on the Internet

    HellReborn has made available a PS3 DOS port of the first Warcraft: Orcs and Humans game also below.

    Download: Warcraft: Orcs and Humans PS3 DOS Port

    PS3 developer samson has made available a Tempest 2000 and Tyrian 2000 v1 port for DOSBox and QBase / Gem Dos OS WIP V0.01 below:

    Download: Tempest 2000 for DOSBox (3.41 CFW) / Tempest 2000 for DOSBox (3.55 CFW) / Tyrian 2000 v1 for DOSBox (3.41 CFW) / Tyrian 2000 v1 for DOSBox (3.55 CFW)

    Tempest 2000 for DOSBox

    Press r3 at start up for joystick, exit via ps button. Credit goes to the atari game dev's and robo hobo for porting dosbox, and gliitch for helping me with the xmb music. and last but not least mappy123 for the idea. enjoy and be kind with your comments, its my first game port and its also been made in a day.

    Tyrian 2000 v1 for DOSBox

    buttons.. as always R3 at start for joystick
    pause= select
    skip music track = start
    directions= stick
    fire= X
    sidekick/reargun= []

    and two player arcade works and is playable but with a few problems connecting ships.
    to get it working, in game set up:
    player one= joystick
    player two= keyboard (mapped to second joypad)
    i need to redo the mapper file a bit.

    i also added two custom ships and cheats to the shoulder buttons
    L1= fill ammo/armor
    R1= invincibility

    L2= R-Type ship
    R2= Raden ship
    and i added the modded level 4 and if all thats not enough game saving works (use dosbox on screen keyboard)
    (modded level 4 not working .. looking into it)

    all mod files/docs and default ship backup can be found in:

    and all mods from: so big thanks to that neat little site..

    i've updated it to the latest version available Tyrian 200 version 3.0 (more info on tyrian 2000 v3.0: and made a funky new icon and a cool background with a button map and popped in some nice rockin xmb music Tyrian - The Song remix by orbik

    on to the new in game features:
    R3 for joystick

    impossible mode= on the difficulty selection screen press triangle
    max money= load the full money gamesave
    rear gun direction= press triangle in game and on weapon select screen.
    pause= select
    skip music track = start
    directions= stick
    fire= X
    sidekick/reargun= []

    L1= fill ammo/armor
    R1= invincibility
    L2= R-Type ship
    R2= Raden ship

    two player arcade controller mapping fixed in game set up:
    player one= joystick
    player two= keyboard (premapped to second joypad)

    blocky graphics smoothed with a shader
    in-between screen sound pops squashed
    episode 4 restored and fixed as well as the included additional fifth episode, bug fixes and a few new ships. it now plays almost like a ps1 game well i'm happy with it

    QBase / Gem Dos OS WIP V0.01

    Just a little some thing nice i cooked up to help people get their dos games running before making packages, and to also give those wanting to learn and edit games the tools needed at a basic level..

    Download: QBase / Gem Dos OS Wip V0.01 3.41 (40 MB) / QBase/Gem Dos OS Wip V0.01 3.55 (40 MB)

    The main two programs are:

    open gem from freedos..

    where you can launch exe
    edit text based files
    copy dos games from any folder inside dev_hdd0/game (mounted as cdrom read-only)
    or from usb (not read only)

    and Q Basic

    Q Basic is a dos based development environment where you can edit, run and make 16bit dos exe's from sometimes a single .bas file (dont worry I've included a few) anyway this is a wip for anyone interested in making there own simple homebrew games for dos or ps3 with dosbox.

    I've also included dosbox portable in the pack if you want to copy it out to usb and run a matching setup on pc all running from usb

    Also from samson is Haxed Alien Breed & Tower Assault v1 for 3.41 and 3.55 CFW below, as follows:

    Download: Haxed Alien Breed & Tower Assault v1 for PS3 (3.41) /]Haxed Alien Breed & Tower Assault v1 for PS3 (3.55)

    Hi guys, I'm back once again with another gaming classic but this time its alien twins Alien Breed+trainer & Alien breed Tower Assault (two games in one .pkg) it’s taken me far too long to get it all working right..

    Samson has also made available Ps-FreeDoom+ v0.05 Fallout, Ultimate Freedom, and Chex Quest for PS3 CFW... a 3d FPS and found a few stand alone iwads that run on the PS3 doom engine.

    Download: Ps-FreeDoom+ v0.05 Fallout / Ultimate Freedom / Chex Quest

    Fallout (doom2.wad)
    Ultimate freedoom (doom.wad)
    Chex Quest (doom1.wad)


    Damn nice control system, good replay value, no music or jump button.. but all in all very cool. Also you will need to back up any wads if you already have doom installed.

    Finally, dekofi has made available some PS3 game mods including Tron: Evolution and Singularity below:

    Tron: Evolution (BLES-00761) PS3 Mod via

    Download: Tron: Evolution (BLES-00761) PS3 Mod

    Mod prepared for 1.01 Retail version of Tron: Evolution
    Copy file to: /dev_hdd0/game/BLES00761/USRDIR/UNREALENGINE3/GRIDGAME/COOKEDPS3/ and replace same file in your backup game folder


    D-Pad Up - GOD MODE

    When is activated it will show on screen God mode on or God mode off. Enjoy!

    Singularity (BLES-00560) PS3 Mod via

    Download: Singularity (BLES-00560) PS3 Mod

    • Singularity PS3 & latest patch
    • PS3 at CFW 3.55 Kmeaw or other JailBroken
    • PS3 FTP homebrew or MultiMan by Deank
    • A little skills

    How to do it?

    1. Exec PS3 FTP homebrew
    2. login into your PS3 FTP
    3. copy "game" folder into /dev_hdd0/ and replace file
    4. Play Singularity

    After gameplay start just press left digital directional key and you're GOD!

    Also from samson comes Bubble Bobble (2 Players) .PKG with improved graphics and sounds and Star Wars Doom

    • R3 at Startup then R2 for no..
    • jump = []
    • fire = X
    • < = d-pad left + stick left
    • > = d-pad right + stick right
    • no= R2 (for exit of the blue start menu)
    • mute music = select

    Star Wars Doom v0.01 by samson

    Download: Star Wars Doom v0.01.pkg / Doom Conversion Mods & Covers

    Hay guys I am back with my latest retro offerings and this ones a corker, its been sitting on my desktop for a good few months now so i used my 1000 post as a reason to get it finished and packed, created a long time ago in a scene far far away (back in the 90's).

    I used prboom plus changing the game folder path and freedoom.iwad as a base and built up the star wars files found here and merged them into the iwad, i've also included the dark hour doom weapon pack in options/general just delete the 1 at the end, and restart.

    May not work on sd tvs just edit the .cfg in: dev_hdd0/game/HBDM90000/USRDIR/.prboom-plus/prboom-plus.cfg
    screen_resolution "1280x720" and change it to: screen_resolution "640x480"

    PS3 level list
    • Level One - Princess Leia's Blockade Runner Decks One and Two
    • Level Two - Princess Leia's Blockade Runner Decks Three and Four
    • Level Three - Death Star Chasm and Technical Stations
    • Level Four - Death Star Detention Level and Security Station
    • Level Five - Tatooine Surface
    • Level Six - Imperial Attack on Hoth
    • Level Seven - Endor Surface
    • Level Eight - Confrontation with Vader
    • Level Nine - Hall of Legends
    • Level Ten - Dagobah Surface ???
    • Level Eleven- ????
    • Level Twelve- ????
    • Level Thirteen - CRASHES TO XMB

    If you want to cheat and skip levels hold R3 until the OSK comes up and click Page down, hold R3 again to reselect joystick.

    I know there is a few levels missing/mixed up but it does make a nice little game also it searches usb root for any other .iwad files, all credit go's out to the the old doom modders behind star wars doom, and Robo Hobo for prboom port. Enjoy!

    From STLcardsWS (via : These are the Total Conversion Mods I (STLcardsWS) have been able to get running on RetroArch's libretro port of prBoom. With some of these mods the only way I could get them to run was by using wads converted for the Nintendo DS (I am still a noob when it comes to prBoom things so there may be a better way or just a simple edit to the original files) I also included a Cover Pack that i made for the conversion mods that can be used in multiMAN. (I used Mclub's Doom Cover in his multiMAN cover packs and edited it for each conversion)

    TIP: When switching PrBoom WADS in RetroArch make sure each time you select "change libretro core" first and then select prBoom even if that core is already selected to avoid a bug that freezes the PS3 system. These covers are an edit of Mclub's Doom cover in his multiMAN cover packs.

    Download: Complete Cover Pack (Eternal Mega Doom Cover not included in pack) / Total Conversion Mods & Covers / MegaWad Eternal

    From pete_uk comes 4D Sports - Driving AKA Stunts as well as Maniac Mansion.

    • Press R3 to activate the controls.
    • Start - Enter Key
    • D-PAD Left / Right - Steering
    • Cross (Or UP) - Accelerate
    • Square (Or Down) - Brake
    • Select - Escape Key

    Maniac Mansion

    • Best played with a USB mouse, but can be played with a pad.
    • Left Stick - Move Cursor
    • Cross - Left Mouse Button
    • Square - Right Mouse Button
    • Press L3 to access the OSK, then press F5 for game load & save options.

    Finally, below are some more DOS PS3 Ports by pepethedon as follows:

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    richdotward Guest
    Release some classic dos games and i'm sure interest would increase.

    Shareware quake, doom, duke 3d, c&c, jazzy jack rabbit - sure theres loads more.

    Hell even windows 3.11 would be interesting.


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    alwayshungry Guest
    I would be real interested if you could make Raptor to work. Also a PC emu for a game called I'm Going In, my dad would pay money to have that game on ps3! He's 54 and loves that game!

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