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Thread: Castlevania PS3 Backup Works on 3.55 GeoHot Custom Firmware!

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    WeedsmokerLOL Guest
    There's no point in doing this, update to Kmeaw CFW 3.55. It works with backup managers so you don't need to edit anything and bother with Cygwin. Gay-o-Hot is egoist arse that wants attention.

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    modmate Guest
    Regarding Geohot tools issues:

    For ALL members regarding problems using the package_finalize and other tools from from Geohot.
    Example package_finalize:

    Even if there is NO error message it seems to sign fine but in some cases it does not. You need to install OpenSSL x32 and the Visual C++ 2008 Redis.
    These both are needed to pack, sign... anything. The package_finalize calls for a dll file come with OpenSSL. This seems to be a magor issue for the most cannot get the geohot tools to work. This should be added to the first side Tutorial for sure.

    To be sure finalize worked look at the Date of the pkg after signing. Changed ? Signed !

    Greets Modmate

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    mleonard166 Guest
    i need help with the installing castlevania. when i download castlevania it comes as a package file so what do i do it the package file?

    hey man how do i play the castlevania game pkg with a backup manager

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    creatorzhou Guest
    thinks, this is what I needed

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