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    Vertigo81 Guest

    Can't update Firmware on PS3 Test

    First of all, nice to meet you all, guys!

    I own a PS3 Test 40Gb and I have a quite strange problem... I can't do the internet firmware update, though the console acquires successfully an IP adress and I am able to surf the web through the web browser

    When I am going into: Settings->System Update the "update via internet" option is in gray and not selectable

    Furthermore, I tried to download the 3.21 firmware from Sony's site, put it in a USB key and try to update offline, the result: I can see that the system recognize that FM 3.21 is available on the USB key but it is also in gray.. if i try to press "X" on it a message appears saying that the data are damaged (I tried to dowloadi it another time but same thing)

    Yes, I am quite confused Do you guys have some hints?

    The FM version is 2.53

    Thanks in advance

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, PS3 TEST updates are not available over the internet (by the PS3). Furthermore, retail updates (those found on Sony's site) can not be used on a PS3 TEST either.

    We do have a collection of PS3 TEST firmware available, currently up to version 3.20.

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    MrWizard Guest
    is there any plans to add 1.50 and 1.00 to the collection?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Basically the same applies to them as with all PS3 Debug Firmware updates... when they are leaked we add the files to the download section. Not long ago someone on the Forum mentioned he had 1.50 obtained through a source that didn't mind leaking the file, but no word on it being uploaded yet. If/when it is we will post it in the Site News though so you won't miss it.

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    zhixiang Guest


    It will when there is a leak. As far as I know, the guy who has it does not want to share it, at least not yet.

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    MrWizard Guest
    well what about the july 4 post a year ago, what ever happened with that?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    If you mean THIS post, it wasn't actually last July but the one before that... but sadly, the source didn't want those leaked which is why (as I mentioned above) we have been waiting for another source who doesn't mind taking the risk in leaking them publicly.

    Generally speaking, sources still working in the industry aren't willing to take the risk so it's often someone outside or who has access through a friend or the press who leaks such things... basically someone with less to lose, such as their career, being sued for breaching an NDA, etc.

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    MrWizard Guest

    two versions of 1.5 debug firmware?

    I wondering because I know someone who can get that as well as 1.0 and 095.001 dated 9/25/2006.

    So is there two different 1.5s? one for downgrading and one for upgrading?

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    CJPC Guest
    Most likely yes, one is the original 1.5 "upgrade" PUP, and the other is the special "downgrade" PUP!

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    MrWizard Guest
    well i'm happy, just received my 1.5 downgrader pup and got my test down to 1.5, time to install some retail packages!

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