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Thread: BUZZ Studio Cheat Bug for PlayStation 3 Uncovered

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    BUZZ Studio Cheat Bug for PlayStation 3 Uncovered

    Today SKFU has uncovered a BUZZ Studio cheat bug for PS3. To quote from his page, linked above:

    You're playing BUZZ Studio in PlayStation HOME and you never win? I found a simple trick to win always, it's lame to cheat but well... hehe^^

    When you join a game there's a XML file sent to the PlayStation with all questions and answers which will appear in the current game. It looks like this XML Example.

    You will notice a simple false/true structure, so it is pretty easy to find the correct answer before the BUZZ time limit ends.

    So if you want to win, sniff the traffic while joining a BUZZ Studio game, copy and paste the URL of the XML which appears in the traffic-data in a web browser and you have a chance

    [imglink=|BUZZ Studio Cheat Bug for PlayStation 3 Uncovered][/imglink]
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    51N15T3R Guest
    lol that's pretty sneaky, good job!

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    moseisley Guest

    Thumbs Down BUZZ Studio Cheat for PS3 HOME uncovered

    Personally, I find Buzz Studio a lot of fun ~ some of the questions are simple, some not, but isn't that what you'd expect to find in a Quiz game? If you want to cheat, go right ahead but you will gain nothing from the experience - except maybe a "t-shirt" in your locker. Should you, however, play the game as it's meant to be played, then receiving that "prize" will feel great!

    And you can "wear" it with PRIDE at your achievement, quietly satisfied that you did NOT cheat to get it. Plus, you will learn the answers to questions you didn't know before, thereby boosting your General Knowledge quotient - armed and ready for future combat!

    Don't cheat, play the game fairly and rejoice in your well earned victories!

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    loadstone007 Guest
    You're pretty good for finding this, nice job.
    However, I think having a life is better.

    So please do.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    Or you could just go to and search for the quiz you're doing...

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    booniemiller Guest
    I don't see the point. If you're not sure about the answer, follow the crowd. I think they failed hard making this game. It would have been just as easy to press circle, square, triangle, or cross to answer.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Crowd is not always right You'd hardly EVER get 100 correct answers in a row just by following the crowd anyway ... :P And even if you'll be using the mybuzz site to get the answers it's still quite tricky to do that as you need to go through over almost 13 quizzes without a SINGLE mistake which is a bit of problem due to the way the quizzes are searched for anyway (e.g. it always supplies all the similary named quzzies rather than just EXACT name match which is a bit of problem with all the Capital cities or The Simpson ones etc.) as well as the initial delay before the quizz actually load on your PC so you have up to 13 (or at least 12) possibilities to burn out on the initial question of each quizz

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