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    Jul 2008

    Thumbs Up Building Up a Hack Team for the PS3 ACID CFW

    Hi Sceners.

    During my work on the ACID CFW i came across a few ideas and hacks that i want to add to the cfw.

    But now i have the problem that i don't can do everything on my own. I'm seeking seasoned persons to join the party and building up a team.

    If your interested and already have some abilities in coding and or hacking then contact me via msn and after a little proof of your abilities (can be in any form - that's on you) i will share my projects and ideas with you.

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    As you can see i am a complete NooB to this, but i couldn't find anywhere else to ask this question, i was fiddling around with a P3Free this morning and got curious, knowing that it wouldn't work but just had to try it, i placed all sorts of discs in (dvd's, blu ray movies, etc) and the game i had b/up would boot from internal HDD.

    Now i placed a PS2 game in and got the message boot.ini failure, something like that, for all you programmers out there could this mean a possibility of getting PS2 games to run with all this new stuff always coming out on the PS3 ?

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    Apr 2007
    Afraid this is beyond me so I can't help you much with coding as all I know about modifying xmls and rcos I learned by trial and error after getting firmloader 0.3. If I can help you by testing AcidCFW betas at any stage let me know, don't mind if they are unstable or whatever, I would be glad to help.

    I have a pic18f and minimus v1 jailbreak devices, 60gb launch ps3 on FW3.15 for ps2 BC, 80gb (now 250GB) phat ps3 on 3.41 for games, 120gb slim ps3 on 3.41 for media, 80GB phat on 3.50 for online so plenty of hardware software combinations, looking to get a xplain or some other dev board with 128kb flash next for a bit of future proofing.

    Also have ideas sometimes which I will throw your way if they seem worth it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge so far, I'm sure AcidCFW will grow and grow.

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    Apr 2010
    I can do stuff.

    By that I mean I'm a qualified manager and team leader

    Also a digerati of sorts.

    I'm also friendly.

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    Relatively busy with life as of late, but if things clear, or you need someone to shoot some ideas off of, I can at least do that for now.

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    Jan 2010
    I can help you!

    I created the nXMB for the PS3!

    I know what I'm doing!

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    Jul 2008
    Ok guys your all 4 are welcome

    Add me to your msn or icq or what ever for messanger you use.

    Best would be if we use all the same.

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    If you need help then i can be of assistance. I'm not much for coding but if you need anything else then i'm more than welcome to help.

    I'm pretty new to the ps3 but i've been modding since the old dreamcast and xbox1 days. Then moved to the 360 when they came out with the xell hack. Then that eventually turned into the rebooter and i'm pretty tired of it now and ready to move on to something else.

    If you need anything then let me know and i'll do whatever i can.

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    Mar 2010
    Luckluka are you still working on nXMB or is it not going any farther?

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    i can code. i can help. i just registered to this site.

    i added you up, we can chat there

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