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    cfwprophet Guest
    Every one who can help is welcome.

    Just contact me via messenger and we can talk about next steps and such things.

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    mushy409 Guest
    I'm game. If I can help you out with payloads or whatever just give me a tinkle

    Got my 3.50 console in bits with my infectus soldered ready. Just getting some NAND dumps now

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    flashpc Guest
    I'm unable to help, but I must say I'm excited about a full installabe CFW, I've followed the scene recently and a lot of promising developments have come about, now if all the resources can be pulled together for one major project CFW is well in your reach... Good luck to you all.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Mushy409, StoneCutter91, ben2005, enohand and Sleekfire your welcome and we waiting for you to join the team or work with us together.

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    Red 13 Guest
    Hey. I have a "theory", that might help you guys with the project

    It's on how to make a copy of the dev_flash from any fw, new and old (debug)...

    You would be needing an old fat PS3 with two nand's and a infectus chip installed, and a JB with downgrad capability.

    Downgrade and upgrade the PS3 to different FW's that you want the dev_flash folders from, and then make cold dumps of the nand's.

    Then downgrade/upgrade back to fw3.41, start it up with the JB and install USB Firm loader and FTPserver 1.0, then make a copy of the dev_flash to a usb stick.

    Then start the Firm loader, while you are runing the dev_flash from the usb, then use the infectus chip to flash the nand's to one of the fw that you want to make a copy of the dev_flash from. Then use FTPserver1.0 to acess the dev_flash0.

    This should also give you the dev_flash files from the different debug fw's, all you need is a successful fw downgrade/update, and then take a coold dump

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    sharp30 Guest


    Hey, is there any chance you could help me i was really wanting to try that piece of kit that you made to get ps2 running but i have downloaded a few nxmb patchers but after extraction the app wont' boot up and i can't patch the dev /flash any ideas thanks ,and well done for creating that app in the first place.

    I know this is not the topic but i had a bit trouble installing acid cfw i got stuck at the bit where you had to enable debug using multi tools and didnt know how to enable debug options.

    i am currnetly running 3.41 firmware and any help would be grateful thanks

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Why you want to enable some debug options? Have i said a word to mod something on your console?
    Just use ACID CFW 002 and you will have allready VC enabled.

    Red 13
    Thx for that. But first YOU CANT USE JB ON A DEBUG UNITE
    Then a debug already can jump between installed fws. Last... sony have swapped both flashes with each other to prefent us of downgrading ps3 systems.

    By the way... we already can write to both flash chips. We just want to have first version 1.0 running without any nasty bugs before we start to flash the cfw onto the system. And second we need to came in contact with the person that can do this trick.

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    BwE Guest
    i added you to msn sir

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    Red 13 Guest
    I don't think you fully understod what i meant. In Service Mode you can installe debug fw on a retail ps3.

    Then you use infectus to dump the nand's, with the debug dev_flash on them. Then update back to retail fw 3.41, and then use the JB and my method to extract the dev _flash from the nand copys of the debug fw

    Or do you alredy have the dev_flash files from the debug fw?

    The debug fw dosen't even need to work correctly on the retail machine, you just need it to succsesfully install on to the nands, so that you can do a cold dump of it. And then you use the PS3 to "decrypt" them

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    Luckluka Guest
    BTW, There is a jailbreak for a debug console!

    Find it in the ps3dev section.

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