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Thread: Building BD (bd emu) for Test PS3

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    JailCenterKZ Guest

    Building BD (bd emu) for Test PS3

    Help me guys,

    I tried to build an image with title TEST 34553 - retail copy with original files, then I turned stick on (bd emu) and wonder to see title is working )), installed debug pkg patch, decrypted and replaced eboot.bin in game folder. And then I got error #80010009.
    Hmmmm..where I was wrong?

    When I tried to compile image with original BLES code title and original retail files it gaves me error

    [Error] /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN: Invalid ELF(magic).
    [Error] /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/linkapp.ppu.elf.self: Invalid ELF(magic).

    When I tried to replace compiled EBOOT.BIN it says

    [Error] EBOOT.BIN: Invalid flags(00400005)(PPU PT_LOAD).
    [Warn] EBOOT.BIN(embedded): Unknown ELF file.
    [Warn] EBOOT.BIN(embedded): Unknown ELF file.
    [Info] EBOOT.BIN(embedded): Section sceversion missing.
    [Info] EBOOT.BIN(embedded): Section sceversion missing.
    [Error] /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/linkapp.ppu.elf.self: Invalid ELF(magic).

    I'm in stuck now.

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    luix Guest
    you can use "TEST-12345" for Title ID, or you use "00.00" for Disc Version in the BD Image Generator Settings. you can ignore the errors cause with this settings you are going to create a "test disc/.emu file" and the program let you continue!

    you have to set this parameters and change the original EBOOT.BIN with the debug one, then you can either burn it to bd-dvd, create an .emu file or copy the image directly to your external bd-emu hdd. now you are ready to play the game. but notice that not all games work with this method.


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