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Thread: BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked!

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    CJPC Guest

    BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked!

    A bit of unexpected news on this LEAP YEAR DAY indeed.. a nice guy has leaked PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 today! A picture of it on my TEST console is below, and also there is an unpacked FileList of it for those interested. It adds a new "vm" folder to the PS3 HDD among other things, but we have yet to thoroughly look through it.

    This is VERY cool news mainly because (as we all know) even the retail PS3 Firmware 2.15 isn't available yet from Sony!

    For other PS3 Devs to examine, we will be adding the 2.15 Firmware to our PS3 Downloads this weekend as it's a bit sizeable weighing in RAR'd at 103 MB (108,852,452 bytes).

    PS3 Debug Firmware v2.15 FileList:

    Directory of ..2.15_DEBUG

    02/28/2008 05:38 PM .
    02/28/2008 05:38 PM ..
    02/28/2008 03:46 PM 3 dots.txt
    02/28/2008 05:38 PM 0 firmware.txt
    02/28/2008 03:47 PM update
    02/28/2008 03:46 PM 103,260,160 update.tar
    02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5,581,512 updater.sce
    02/28/2008 03:46 PM 5 version.txt
    02/28/2008 03:47 PM vsh
    02/28/2008 03:46 PM 10,240 vsh.tar
    6 File(s) 108,851,920 bytes

    Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGupdate

    02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
    02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
    01/19/2008 03:41 AM 1,966,992 BDIT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE.pkg
    01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_301R.pkg
    01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_302R.pkg
    01/19/2008 03:42 AM 951,040 BDPT_FIRMWARE_PACKAGE_303R.pkg
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 243,559 BLUETOOTH_FIRMWARE.pkg
    01/19/2008 03:43 AM 4,976,256 CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg
    01/20/2008 01:51 PM 1,671 dev_flash_000.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:51 PM 5,616,394 dev_flash_001.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:52 PM 3,357,807 dev_flash_002.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:52 PM 5,055,467 dev_flash_003.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:52 PM 19,451 dev_flash_004.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:52 PM 10,304,923 dev_flash_005.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,569,246 dev_flash_006.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,557,602 dev_flash_007.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:53 PM 9,790,673 dev_flash_008.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:53 PM 10,329,525 dev_flash_009.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:53 PM 7,453,935 dev_flash_010.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,740,817 dev_flash_011.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 9,137,037 dev_flash_012.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 5,223,205 dev_flash_013.tar.aa.2008_01_21_084823
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 28,636 MULTI_CARD_FIRMWARE.pkg
    01/19/2008 03:40 AM 576 RL_FOR_PACKAGE.img
    01/19/2008 03:40 AM 704 RL_FOR_PROGRAM.img
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01000005.pkg
    01/20/2008 01:54 PM 4,864 SYS_CON_FIRMWARE_01010302.pkg
    01/20/2008 01:55 PM 1,209 UPL.xml.pkg
    26 File(s) 103,238,533 bytes

    Directory of ..2.15_DEBUGvsh

    02/28/2008 03:47 PM .
    02/28/2008 03:47 PM ..
    12/17/2006 07:09 PM 0 a
    1 File(s) 0 bytes

    Total Files Listed:
    33 File(s) 212,090,453 bytes
    8 Dir(s) 158,846,169,088 bytes free

    [imglink=|BREAKiNG NEWS: PS3 Debug Firmware 2.15 leaked!][/imglink]

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    for my debug station, it's just impossible to update with this 2.15 fw. I got a 8002F997. Am I the only one?

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OOKAMIDJ View Post
    for my debug station, it's just impossible to update with this 2.15 fw. I got a 8002F997. Am I the only one?
    I found a solution : seems than my MS (8go) wasn't good enough . I tried with an old SD card (1go)

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest

    Question Need Help


    for begin, thanks for the 2.15 debug, it work well. I have a problem with BD EMULATOR for the external HDD, I know how I can format the problem is in debug setting if I choose BD EMULATOR (usb) and reboot system, he come back to BD DRIVE. my question is how I can copy games to BD EMULATOR ?

    what is the function of \app_home\PS3_GAMES\ ?


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    RMX Guest
    I have the same question on BD EMULATOR (firmware 2.15) besides I'm not sure how to use USB HDD. I managed to format (Quick Format) my MP3 player (only 2GB of flash memory) but I can't format 120GB SATA hard drive connected via USB-SATA bridge.

    I believe that's because hard drive (or USB-SATA bridge) introduces itself as an external hard drive while the MP3 player reports it's a removable device (like other usual USB flash mass storage devices). What kind of USB hard drive should I connect and how can I use the BD EMULATOR ?

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    For RMX

    To use BD EMULATOR, you must connect on the fourth USB connector (at the right side)

    You can format the HDD but if the HDD is FAT or FAT 32 => use PARTITION MAGIC to prepare it

    When the HDD is formatted, connect on your PC to see the HDD

    You can see it but you cannot enter, the system format is different and windows cannot define a letter to enter

    Indeed, the system file of PS3 is not a linux system file or windows system file

    I think he exist a tool you can enter in and copy games on HDD but only them who have a debug with the famous CD can go in and copy.

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    RMX Guest
    Thanks for the hint. I can format that SATA hard drive now however I still can't figure out how to use the emulator. It seems PS3 formats USB hard drive using custom file system for BD Emulator. Sector 256 contains signature BD-EMU-1 within first eight bytes. There are also strings _spuQue, _spuPrv, _spuPrv and some value in sector 260-270 while a lot of the following sectors are zeroed. It looks like the sectors 256-2047 contain something like file allocation table or table of contents and all the sectors after 2048 contain encrypted data.

    The debug setting returns to BD Drive for me too and I think the BD Emulator is supposed to work in Debugger Mode (not the System Software Mode or Release Mode). I don't know what Debugger Mode is since the console boots to black screen when I chose it. I have no idea on how to operate the console in that mode while I believe it could expect a network connection from a special terminal application.

    PS: Does anybody know what is the Title Store Preview ?

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    I have tested the Debug Mode and indeed, I have black screen.

    If you do the reset system by power button (you turn off the unit, turn on, still push power button and release it at the second bip), the unit come back to normal screen and the Debugger Mode still selected but if you let like this, the black screen will come back again.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well yes, you do need (c) tools to get this done. However if you are not authorized to have them, then it would put you in quite a tight spot, to the point we will not talk about it here.

    If you guys want to help out with your tests to our DEV effort, drop by EFNET #ps3news, and drop me a message!

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    OOKAMIDJ Guest
    ok, thanks, can you send me a email to get connection settings ?

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