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    Junior Member Takavach's Avatar
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    thank you cjpc very thanks ... how can i dump the memory ?

    thanks in advance ...

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    Its not very easy. You first need to get a DEBUG/DEV PS3.

    After that you need to get the proper tools (say SDK etc).

    Even after that its not easy!

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    thanks dear cjpc.

    i have a question too. if i install firmware 2.15 debug my ps3 changed retail to debug ?

    it is true?

    and one question too. key is into eboot.bin ? and if i can dump eboot.bin from original disk ps3 with key and patch it to iso game and extracted to hdd and chang boot to bd-emu i can run back up game?

    thanks for your answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by takavach View Post
    i have a question too. if i install firmware 2.15 debug my ps3 changed retail to debug ?

    it is true?
    No, false. You need a PS3 Debug/TEST to run Debug Firmware as mentioned numerous times now. It seems you are asking the same questions over and over, and CJPC can't keep answering them repeatedly.

    NONE of the stuff CJPC posts about (Game Launcher, EBOOT.BIN, PS3 HDD, BD-EMU, etc) any of us can do as it ALL requires a Debug/TEST PS3 console (not Retail) and you also need (c) Sony files that we cannot discuss here.

    And NO, installing 2.15 Debug FW will not make your PS3 Retail change to a Debug... this is mentioned right on the download page and Site News.
    Official $ony 2.15 PS3 Debug/TEST Update. This will currently NOT install on a retail PS3, and so it is intended for examination and comparison purposes only. We have 100% confirmed that running this updater on a retail PS3 will not damage it, however, it will give the following error before the installation completes: The data type is not supported. (8002F029)
    I understand you want to learn, but until you have both a Debug PS3 and better technical knowledge it is better to let CJPC spend his time Dev'ing instead of trying to re-explain everything to you that is posted in our Site News.

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    ok thanks my friends ...

    i was mistaking, thanks for your help. then i think this better i wait for finish work cjpc.

    thanks for everything than you and every one.

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    No prob... CJPC will post some new PS3 Dev news progress later today he said.

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    what exactly does a ps3 debug machine have that differs from a retail? Is it software of hardware? Does anyone know?

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    It's been stated numerous time, but the answer is software... the hardware is the same as retail.

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    I believe the main difference is an internal decryption key of a some kind or even just a hardware ID. That's why it isn't possible to install debug firmware to a retail console.

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    hey, just a thought. What would it be if we just dump all chips on TEST unit and than flash this dumps on a retail unit? main key gonna change, device keys gonna change, everything gonna change! If i am right - we could get two ps3-TEST-clones.


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