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    Bluray disc emulator

    for Debugging stations (prototype,Test,debug PS3s......FW 2.0 has a very nice additions

    - From the 2.00 update data(system software) onwards, system software
    downgrading has been supported.
    Note that when downgrading to 1.xx using the 2.00 system software,
    update data that supports downgrading is required (such update data is
    to be released separately).
    Also, there are restrictions on the versions that can be downgraded to.
    Please refer to "5 Updating Flash Memory" section of the "Reference Tool
    Software Setup Guide" document for more details.

    - The following menu has been added to the termination confirmation dialog
    that is displayed when a DUALSHOCK(R)3 wireless controller and the PS button
    is pressed.
    Controller Settings -> Vibration Function (On/Off)

    You can switch the vibration feature On/Off from this menu. Note that when
    a SIXAXIS(TM) wireless controller is connected, this menu is not displayed.

    "Game" Column
    - A content information check feature has been added to the Game column.
    This feature checks content information files to see if their format is
    Currently it supports only the following content. Support for other content
    is expected to follow.
    * Save data (only save data saved to the internal hard disk drive)
    * HDD boot game
    * Game data

    Please refer to the document "System Software Overview" for more details.

    "Settings" Column
    - A custom theme feature of PLAYSTATION(R)3 has been added to
    the "Settings -> Theme Settings" menu.
    Please refer to the custom theme tool package (
    that is provided separately for more details.

    - The debugger can be connected to the Debugging Station using the dtnetm
    command. Due to this change, the following menus have been added to
    the system software of the Debugging Station:
    Settings -> Debug Settings -> Boot Mode
    Settings -> Debug Settings -> Game Output Resolution

    - The following menus have been added.
    Settings -> Debug Settings -> Blu-ray Disc access
    Settings -> Debug Settings -> Transfer rate pacing for BD emulator

    These menus can be set on the "Boot parameters" page of the Administration
    tool (Blu-ray Disc access, Transfer rate pacing for BD emulator settings).

    Also the USB mass storage can be now used as the HDD for the BD emulator
    on the Debugging Station. Please refer to the "Reference System Supplement"
    for more details.

    - The following menu has been added.
    Settings -> Remote Play Settings -> Remote Start

    Whether to switch the power of PLAYSTATION(R)3 on when connecting in
    a remote play mode from PSP(TM) can be set using this menu.

    - The "SELF Check Mode" menu that can be found from the "Debug Settings" menu
    has been renamed as "Release Check Mode" menu.

    - The following menu has been added.
    Settings -> Debug Settings -> Update Server URL

    The system can be updated via the HTTP server. Please refer to "5 Updating
    Flash Memory" section of the "Reference Tool Software Setup Guide" document
    for more details.
    now if we could convert a retail ps3 into a debug ps3, or make a hybrid FW
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    Old news, and useless too unfortunately. The Debug Firmware only works on Test consoles, not retail ones. Those with a Test console already have the Debug FW, but it doesn't help in hacking retail PS3's.


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