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Thread: bit of help needed with test unit

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    JukesKUK Guest

    Cool bit of help needed with test unit

    Been Asked by the company i work for (will try not to mention them ) to provide a method of running hardware diagnostics on PS3 as they want to go into repairing them...

    (Time to shoot myself in the foot) I'm a xbox fanboy and know absolute jack all about ps3 but have been given a couple to use for testing purposes within my business role

    i have run a scan over the network of one of them and it returned the following

    Running: NetBSD 3.X|5.X, Sony embedded
    OS details: NetBSD 3.1.1, NetBSD 5.0 - 5.99.5, Sony PlayStation 3 game console, Sony PlayStation 3 game console test kit

    does this mean that this is a test/debug ps3??

    also any information relating to hardware diagnostics on PS3 would be of use... they haven't given me any games to play with all allowed me access to the psn with it...

    but on directing the ps3 browser to my lappy... i was able to see it was running a mozilla 5.0 browser.. is there a way to gain access to the Ecos operating system via a browser??

    all help and xbox jibes welcome

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    CJPC Guest


    Simplest way to tell if it is a Test kit - check if port 1000 is open, if it is, its probably a Test kit!

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    shummyr Guest
    it sounds like a test kit, but cj is right test is port 1000 is open and that should answer your question.

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