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Thread: Backup manager on TEST unit

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    luix Guest

    Question Backup manager on TEST unit


    i installed the manager.pkg on my test unit. it installs fine, then i got into the menü, i backuped resistance fall of man, then i tried to start it via backup manager, but it wont boot. the message appeared: 'exit game: no request event'. do i also need the dongle on my test unit, or some special settings to make? or do i just have to install debug fw 3.41 (by the way, is it available anywhere)?
    its good to make backups anyway, till i got the dongle for my retail unit

    does someone else tested the backup manager on his/her test unit?


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    CJPC Guest
    It will not work - the dongle does some "magic" (for lack of a better term) to the system to allow games to work - due to timing, it most likely patches the system on the fly.

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    itwong Guest
    For it to work, you will need to fake-sign the EBOOT.bin and replace the original. Then you can boot the game but you still need an original game in the drive for the backup manager to work.

    I hope someone would step up and code a HDD manager for the debug owners (this will work for retail units with psjailbreak too). I see an immediate need for such a handy program considering managing PS3 HDD files is such a pain in the butt. HDD manager with FTP support would be the best.

    Maybe we can figure out a way to patch all currently released ps3 scenes releases to work with psjailbreak. For games with single file > 4GB, use FTP to transfer to internal hdd to play. For games with files < 4GB, just copy it over to USB HDD. Just my two cents

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    playforfun Guest
    interesting maybe backup manager make some modification to launch game in HDD mode maybe the thing is to know how

    in other hand if one of moderator of PS3NEWS have this magic system, he maybe have test to connect the retail console with PSJAILLBREAK with the target manager or SDK.

    it would be something useful to see all game dumped

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    itwong Guest

    Big Grin

    Don't be silly. PSJailbreak does not turn your retail unit into real debug/test units. Target/Sony $DK debugger won't run. You will need a real debug to do that. But, I expect to see more development on the debug units since it can now run using the jailbreak dongle on retail units.

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    luix Guest
    is there a chance that the psgroove method will work on a TEST unit?? tried it but with no success. just got a black screen. on a retail its no problem, works great.

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    Rac3rX Guest
    I think there is a manager for Debug units available for download on the download page, check it out..

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    luix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rac3rX View Post
    I think there is a manager for Debug units available for download on the download page, check it out..
    thanks for that hint Rac3rX, i missed this info

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    shummyr Guest

    Backup Manager

    Does the PS3 Test RDX Backup Manager permanently decrypt the eboot so that you can reuse it to rebuild the backup into an image ?


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    pasky Guest
    Is there an updated backup manager for the Debug machines that has the recently patched one that fixes many of the games?

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