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    BwE Guest
    internal or external?

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    comeonman11 Guest
    all from my internal hdd..

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    caleb4god Guest


    can someone compile a new hermes hex for the olimex boards, i suspect there's something wrong with the hex in the evil_hermes post. Others are just getting booted to the xmb when they try to play anything as am i or the black screen of death. but the hack works great on my PIC chip and my tinyusbmkii. both play dead rising 2, madden, virtua fighter 5, modnation racers from what i've tested. Many thx in advance

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    laptopfreek0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by suddene View Post
    Maybe you are using a dodgy ti-84 hex or bm2. I went through probably about 3 different ones until I got a good 8xk and bm2 that worked well together. If you still got that black screen problem, try the ones I am using on my ti-84 plus silver...

    its a bit large size zip, cause I had prepacked the 2 files along with the latest comgenie file manager all in a package. hopefully they will work fine for you too.
    Oddly enough I am still getting the black screen. Tried the 8xk you gave me, and tried the filemanager and backup manager. And both of them gave me a black screen on startup. I have tried multiple flash drives, and I formatted and reset my ps3. Anybody know what's going on?

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    comeonman11 Guest
    Burnout Paradise also works.

    One thing I've noticed is that some games like MK vs DC is problematic. I had to delete the data from GameData folder before it'll launch again. So I guess I can't have any save files for some games(I really don't know what that folder does)... Red Dead Redemption doesn't have this problem, so I'll try to compile a list of games that are doing that.

    Also, I have to restart the console, and jailbreak for EACH game that I want to play. So I can't launch multiple games just by going to the backup manager. The games will show up in app_home/PS3_GAME but they all just display a black screen when trying to launch.

    Once one game plays, you have to shutdown and do it all over again for a new game.

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    tillman Guest
    I can confirm the problem with black screen, games not loading and so on is not related with the backupmanager but with the hex file. Ive used the hermes-evil hex file for olimex board and no game worked. But with my new own compiled hex file all games worked without problem, so it seems the "evil" compiled hex files are broken!.

    Ive attached the olimex hex file for at90usb162 with fixed leds, and the backupmanager v2 tekken5 stealth. It uses the same directory as the old "Backupmanager-Tekken.pkg" _attention_ use it only if you have backuped your games with the tekken modified backupmanager, otherwise you cant use your already backuped games.

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    tanknation Guest
    when I go to launch the game from app_home/ps3_games/ i get "To play this game, you must insert the following disc.".....(8001003E).

    any ideas?

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    corsasri Guest
    The new manager is loading games from the backupmanager screen not going to the xmb menu, and i have noticed the external hdd will work in any usb port insted of the last one on a fat unit.

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    ordimans Guest

    How can i compile for ATmega32u2 ? somebody can help me, i installed WIN AVR.

    but what file must i change ? somebody have tested with F1 2010 ?

    Because when i launch, he said me data game are corrupted..

  10. #50
    corsasri Guest
    tried f1 2010. said game the game data is corrupted the game will close. you must delete the game data to play this game title
    [backup manager]

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