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    Can you tell me how ? When I go to XMB I only see one icon for BM, so if i want to switch to another version of BM, I have to reinstall this version from a memory stick. I don't seem to be having much success at the moment.

    Doesn't matter.. I can see what Open manager does (I think)
    My answer may have been misleading. Remember that Backup Manager and Open Manager are two different programs. I'm running one of each. If you are trying to run two different builds of Open Manager, then I assume that they do install over each other. Does that help any?

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    Nice! looking forward to trying this out. Which backup manager is best right now? Thanks in advance

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    This ones for the Minimus AVR 32 (due to requests): I have not tried it as i do not have access to a Minimus AVR 32, it was a ball ache to compile as i found out the hard way in the end that WinAVR had the reference to ATmega32U2 missing in its definitions in file power.h.

    Try and Report back...

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    Updated it with LED's..

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