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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3ex View Post

    @sk group
    I don't like LAUN12345
    yeah i use a ninja backup manager and i suppose its a good idea to move the files out of there because if you delete the backup manager in the xmb (for any reason) all of your games would be deleted also.

    and wtf are you on about 00h its just 00 ... hex...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3ex View Post
    That was wrong. Version 3 will do the Job. Tested with GTA4.
    Version 3 is the no disc check version. I'm looking for one that depends on the disc check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ps3ex View Post
    Here are my 3 Versions of the Backup Manager.
    thank for those 3, just what I have been looking for much appreciated.

    I am currently copying my GAMEZ folder from the Launch12345 directory to the hdd/GAMEZ directory which is a great idea especially with the possibility of the Gamez being deleted if I delete the launch1234 folder.. using comgenie's file manager .04 but I noticed under advanced mode it only has a copy directory setting and not a MOVE directory setting, so its taking very long and I need to baby-sit each game then when it's copied, I must delete the old folder cause I am almost out of space. Just wondering is there any other program that will allow MOVE rather than copy? been thinking about performing MOVE folder with ftp app but if i remember correctly it does not allow that? thanks again.

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    @SK Group
    I've uploaded the eboot file

    I extracted the eboot file from your ver3 BM using pkgview and opened it in XVI32 (hex editor) and changed the 2 references to GAMEZ to VIDEO, ftp'd it across overwriting the old file but i cant get it to start. I get some 800.. odd code error.

    Am i missing something?

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    i read that it will only give you an option to display one game at a time, e.g you must replace a game in ur GAMEZ folder every time you want to play that game?

    is that the case with this BUM?

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    I tested:

    Yakuza kenzan (JAP): Black screen / Freezes PS3
    Folklore: Black screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by ordimans View Post
    F1 2010 work perfectly with BUM2 ? where i can find hex update of psgroove for Atmega32u2 ?
    Just use the olimex hexes for ur atmega32u2. they work perfect on mine. look for the one in this thread that has been repatched for hermes... the first hermes olimex was a bit screwy, it's on pg 5 of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farenheit View Post
    @SK Group
    I've uploaded the eboot file
    i don't have a link or anything buddy

    sorry for 3h delay, i fell asleep.

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    I am having a problem with not being able to find trophy data and being asked to quit the game on startup with the direct load backup manager.

    Games are mafia 2, alpha protocol, kane and lynch 2, ones working are infamous, lost planet 2, battlefield bad company.

    If anyone could help that would be great, I have a ps3 with non reading bluray drive, and XPLAIN board with what seems like the good hermes psgroove hex on it as it will play some games just this problem with trophy data on starting a few.

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    how to you rename a backup manager file. like call the origanal pjb manager manager 1 and the second manager manager 2.

    as i have 2 dongles is there any way to get 2 backup managers on the xbm menu?

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