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Thread: Backup Manager 2 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives, Compatible Games

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    evilsperm Guest

    Backup Manager 2 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives, Compatible Games

    Yesterday Hermes released a modified PSGroove version for running PS3 backups without a disc in the drive, and today Ulmez on (linked above) has updated the installer to PS3 JailBreak Backup Manager 2 along with a Compatible Games list (below).

    Download: PS3 JailBreak Backup Manager 2

    This Backup Manager lets /bdvd link to app_home/PS3_GAME so to load your PS3 game backup with this manager will need to have one of the Hermes hex codes on your device. To install it just overwrite the existing one, you do not have to delete the currently installed Backup Manager.

    Once you have Jailbroken your PS3 you can launch the backup manager. Select the game you want to load and press X. It should then drop you back to the XMB. Now select app_home/PS3_GAME and press X. If all went well your game should load without a disc in the drive.

    Not all games are work yet with Backup Manager 2 without a game disc in the drive, with an internal or external hard disk drive, so in the PS3 JailBreak Game Compatibility List add "Backup Manager 2" to the notes section if you used it in your results.

    Here are my Backup Manager 2 PS3 game results thus far:

    - 3D Dot Hero - External HDD - Working
    - Donates Inferno - External HDD - Black Screen System Lockup
    - Boarderlands - External HDD - Black Screen System Lockup

    Finally, to quote, roughly translated: "Thanks to the work of Hermes is possible to load backups without having a BluRay on the reader, but as we all know the Backup Manager is leaving us for the work load a game without the disk inside.

    But thanks to a very nice anonymous user that is no longer a problem because this program has been modified to not ask for the disc. So, in conclusion, it is possible to play without a disc in the console :)

    To install it is not necessary to remove the previous one, just what you copy to a flash drive and instalais. The console will tell you that already exists and you will be prompted to overwrite it (if the ID matches, leads the original), you accept and go. Also respect your installed games on the hard disk, which is welcome.


    It is important to you to know that not having a disc in the console BluRay icon appears in the XMB, you ought to go to the "app / games" to load from there select the match after the Backup Manager.


    Some games do not load if no disk in drive nonetheless. Apparently not too many, but can be solved by inserting a disc, as with the original Backup Manager. Not a problem if the Backup Manager or PSGroove.

    Remember that it is necessary to have the latest revision of PSGroove with Hermes changes ;)"

    [imglink=|Backup Manager 2 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives, Compatible Games][/imglink]
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    corsasri Guest

    Backup Manager 2 for PS3 JailBreak Arrives, Compatible Games

    backup manager 2 is working. but some games i tried failed to boot, they did with before i changed the manager.

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    capnick Guest
    So far on BM2 i've tested the following:
    • RUSE successfully loads
    • Red Dead Redemption quits to XMB
    • Mafia 2 quits to XMB
    • Assassins Creed 2 quits to XMB
    • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 Kills PS3 on Black Screen
    • GTA IV Episodes From Liberty City Kills PS3 on Black Screen
    • GTA IV Kills PS3 on Black Screen
    • 2010 World Cup Loads Fine
    • Just Cause 2 Gives Error "Fatal error while reading from disc. Please restart game."
    • Devil May Cry 4 Kills PS3 on Black Screen
    • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Crashes on Black Screen/Can still get back to XMB via PS Button
    • Kane & Lynch 2 Loads Ok
    • WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 Kills PS3 on Black Screen
    • HAWX 2 Kills PS3 on Black Screen

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    BwE Guest
    the problem with this is the stability of the program exiting.

    i launch a game but its frozen on exiting, i goto xmb and i see my game waiting for me but i try and open and the whole ps3 freezes and just resets.

    this isn't stable enough for me to start moving files around (every game is on my internal).

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    eyed1 Guest
    damn not another one.. shame about the game issues!

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    frub3nz Guest
    My ps3 has been gathering dust in a corner ever since i updated to the current firmware. Still waiting for this to work on the newest firmware though :[ Whatever, back to minecraft

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    izac01 Guest
    Ps3 hacking scene is the craziest out there. All this pent up need to hack this thing has come out in one crazy moment and now we get constant updates, new homebrew and new mod tools DAILY. God bless ps3 news.

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    mikerock98 Guest
    i couldn't get most games to load with backup managerv2... i'll just stick with v1 till the code is worked out!

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    twitch Guest
    Sounds like there is many issues with this. Can someone please point me in the correct path to edit where this installs to so I can install it side by side with the other BM and test games between them?

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    froka Guest
    I tried LioMajor backup manager and it works great. All my games are now working!! Yahooo!!!

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