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Thread: B0xloader SELF Loader 1.0 for PS3 JailBreak is Released

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    ModderFokker Guest

    B0xloader SELF Loader 1.0 for PS3 JailBreak is Released

    Scene release group blackb0x have returned today with a PS3 homebrew application that will come in handy for PlayStation 3 developers and JailBreak users called the b0xloader SELF Loader.

    Download: b0xloader SELF Loader 1.0 for PS3

    The PS3 SELF loader will load the files directly without the need to package them. Just FTP them over to your PS3 or place them on a USB stick and load them.

    From the NFO File: b0xloader - SELF Loader 1.0

    A Simple SELF launcher for the Playstation 3.


    Initial release

    • Install the package to PS3
    • Select a Fake signed SELF from the menu and press X to launch.
    • Enjoy.

    The SELF you are launching must be "fake signed" for it to launch, if not it will bring you back to XMB, This is good for quick testing your development/test builds without repacking to a PKG every time. Future support will be added for non-signed SELF/ELF's

    "The age of miracles is past."

    Greetz to DeLiGhT


    12/9/10 - b0xloader 1.0
    10/2/10 - FTP Server 1.2
    9/25/10 - FTP Server 1.1b
    9/23/10 - FTP Server 1.0b
    9/12/10 - LV2Dump 0.7a


    [imglink=|B0xloader SELF Loader 1.0 for PS3 JailBreak is Released][/imglink]

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    sananth Guest

    Will this help with proper signed selfs?

    First of all, thanks for the self loader!

    Question: Lets say a certain eboot.bin file prevents loading a .self file due to some checks, and also lets assume that the .self file is properly signed, will this launch that properly signed self file?

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    Moved to the Site News now, and +Rep for sharing it ModderFokker.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I do no really know what they mean with fake signed. The eboots of a sdk can normall only be used on jb. With a debug con you will get a error message when you try to start. But if you patch a flag or the developer have coded it to run on adebug it will do so.

    So what exactly is a fake signed eboot.bin?

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    Heden Guest
    A "fake" signed is nothing more than a self file made with make_fself_npdrm...(adding the SCE header)...

    I guess fself = fake signed elf


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    Mbb Guest
    Good to see that this scene group is still working to make homebrew for the PS3.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Hmm...i thought that means format self like format 2 self

    But ok hehehe clears it up.

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    zeromx Guest
    I was sure that i posted this NEWS THREAD before, maybe someone deleted it. anyways..

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    This was the only thread on this article I saw yesterday in the member news, if there were dupes they would have likely been merged since we can do that now thanks to our Member News submission system vs our old one. Ah well, at least it got posted, eh?

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    SCE Guest
    Good to see them back. Hope the same for Parad0x and Ferr0x

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