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  1. #981
    deank Guest
    You can't load PS2 backups at this time.

    Here is a test version for those of you who with to test and share their experience.

    As seen in the screenshot below - title names are dimmed. It happens like in normal XMB mode - after about 5 seconds title names will fade to barely visible and you can fully enjoy the game background.

    If a button is pressed, titles fade-in again

    I also changed the length of the names for each modes, so more characters are visible. Also in file-manager names of files and folders with "%" sign are now fixed.

  2. #982
    PagaN Guest
    another bug... after i'm delete game all rest games shows in double, each time pressing [SELECT]+[R1] games shows double, triple, quad...

  3. #983
    deank Guest
    Well they don't show double, triple here.

    Your games must be placed in folders under the one set in your INI... NOT in additional subfolders:


    and not


  4. #984
    PagaN Guest
    my games in

    and external hdd in GAMEZ

    double.. games appears only if (multiman 1.10.04)
    delete any game or press [SELECT]+[R1]

  5. #985
    cpaiva68 Guest
    work well the update, thanks.

  6. #986
    deank Guest
    How would you like playing MP3 files (from local devices and NETWORK)?

  7. #987
    lefterisk Guest

    Can i ask you something more?

    I have a game (GT5) on my pc NTFS how can i tranfer to my FAT32 (for PS3 games) external disc.

    I know to need to split >4gb files
    Tell me how with your program split4G Which is the differents between the format <filename.#.part> and the <filename.666##>??

    Ps. Which program you used to make the GUI (i want to make a try with something to my work )

  8. #988
    condorstrike Guest
    Deanrr love what you're doing, test version is ok, but i think it would be better if the unselected titles were alway dimmed, and selected title was alway clear....

    and also maybe... the 5 sec dimm should go to the hotkeys... del, copy and the rest.

    great job... you're a 1 man machine... thank you.

  9. #989
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Use <filename.666###> for multiMan

  10. #990
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lefterisk View Post
    Ps. Which program you used to make the GUI (i want to make a try with something to my work )
    The program is called CalcIt and it is free.

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