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  1. #951
    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Alkis30 View Post
    My games are all in internal HDD "GAMES" folder. For some reason all the version above 1.10 have the loading time problem. This loading time depends on how many games are in the "GAMES" folder. For example if I have 3 games then I wait 3-4 sec in black screen before the scanning folders screen appears and get into the manager. If I have 30+ games I wait at least 30 sec before get into the manager.... None of the 1.09 and below versions has this issue...
    For me too, i get 10 sec of black screen.

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    deank Guest
    Okay now... I think I know what is going on.

    Let me upload a small TEST-update.pkg for you to check with 30 games.

  3. #953
    deank Guest
    Please check the attached version. I really hope it will fix the issue!


    If it does - I'll reupload 01.10.04 with this minor change.

    p.s. Download links in 1st post are removed and update is disabled until we figure out this issue.

  4. #954
    Alkis30 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Please check the attached version. I really hope it will fix the issue!
    Yes ! This works great without the time delay !!!! Great job. What was the problem ? Please reupload 1.10.04 with this fix.

  5. #955
    deank Guest
    The problem was that multiMAN was checking file and folder permissions of all games and it probably required some time.

    I'll post the updated package in few mins.

    Also in this version:

    * No modifications to user PS3 system will be made before accepting the DISCLAIMER.


    p.s. And thanks for testing and being patient!


    First post udpated:

    01.10.04 - Fixed LONG loading time
    01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
    01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode
    01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH)
    01.10.04 - [START] - launches File Manager
    01.10.04 - No modifications will be applied to user PS3 system before accepting the Disclaimer/agreement


    p.s. I'm attaching the version for 3.15, too.

    Also attached:

    multiMAN ver 1.10.04 [20101121_164400] FULL package with 825 game covers.

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    badmrfrosty Guest
    I see from the screenshots that this should support multiple USB drives plugged in at the same time. I have a USB SATA caddy that takes 2 individual drives which works fine on the XMB, both drives are shown. It even works fine in the file browser feature of multiman, I have 2 dev_usb devices listed and I can browse and copy between them.

    The problem is multiman will only display games on 1 of the drives in the game browser screen. Depending on which USB port I plug the external caddy into, the device ID's are usually a low number (dev_usb001, dev_usb002, dev_usb007) for one of the drives and a much higher number (dev_usb071, dev_usb081, dev_usb121) for the second. Its always the lower numbered drive that works. Any ideas how I can get games from both drives to be listed in the game browser?

  7. #957
    deank Guest
    That's is because the system scans only devices /dev_usb000 through /dev_usb009.

    You can't make multiMAN game list display anything from devices after 009.

    Also PS3 supports up to 5 external storage devices (USB/SDHC/MS/CF).

    I'll see if I can do something about your particular case.

  8. #958
    badmrfrosty Guest
    Cool, would be good if you can fix it.

  9. #959
    muny21 Guest
    hey dean, thanks for your continued support on this awesome manager. by far the best. i have a question, does the ps3serv only allow you to access computers on your network because i was trying to access my brothers computer that lives across town and it was not working? if so, is it possible for the server to behave in this manner or is it only able to work within your own network? thanks.

  10. #960
    deank Guest
    ps3serv uses sockets and TCP. It doesn't care where the remote host PC is. If it doesn't work then the problem is in FIREWALLS, ROUTERS, PC settings.


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