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  1. #921
    deank Guest
    Along with all the other fixes, the file manager is now redesigned to fit almost any overscaned TV + the remote play overscan for PSP:

    A bit later you can update to the new version.

  2. #922
    PagaN Guest
    Something strange here or its bug with multiMAN v1.10.02 games on internal hdd shows twice

  3. #923
    jhmac Guest
    Reported earlier should be fixed in the next release... 1.10.03

  4. #924
    deank Guest
    Upon launch of the next version all users will have to accept a binding agreement (ONCE only):

    That's mandatory, sorry.


    Next version will be available shortly.

  5. #925
    deank Guest
    You can now update within the manager to version 01.10.03.

    First post also updated with links and information:

    01.10.03 - Loading progress message when multiMAN starts
    01.10.03 - Improved folder scanning speed
    01.10.03 - Changed [L2] Setup menu with motion background and fixed freezing with [PS] button
    01.10.03 - Fixed game double listing
    01.10.03 - File manager rearranged to fit PSP remote-play screen and overscan TVs
    01.10.03 - Fixed folder sorting in file manager


    Setup screen with a pulsing "Press [L2] to close" message

  6. #926
    labonte Guest
    Hey anyone have an NBA JAM Cover?

  7. #927
    hawk188 Guest


    Hi Deanrr - Sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to have 2 seperate folders, one for AVHCD containing only Movies and the other for Games ? Reason being one do not have to scroll down all the way past the movies before getting to the games ?

    Many thanks in advance and top job in all your hard work !

  8. #928
    jhmac Guest

    Hey it looks like you have fixed the double listing of games installed on the int hd until you push the R1 for patch and then it will add to the list the games you have on int hd and evertime after that it will duplicate the games on int hd. Crazy but it is there. If you log out of it and then come back to it the double list are gone but will return if hit the R1 again...

    Great program keep up the great job!


  9. #929
    BackHome Guest


    Waiting for it to be available for 3.21 firmware

  10. #930
    tadzio Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    01.10.03 - File manager rearranged to fit PSP remote-play screen and overscan TVs
    Works great on my 1366 x 768 LG. No overscan needed.

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