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    Senior Member d3adliner's Avatar
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    Can we please have an L1 option for Custom BG withOUT PIC1.PNG? I would love to see the custom background instead of the games background.

    And also possibly list text font/size?

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    It is possible.

    "list text font/size"?

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    Hey dean are you planning to implement the auto-patch for SFO, i.e. games that require 3.42?

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    whichever mode shows you ie


    etc along the bottom

    it wasnt vastly in it, but it was a smidge. trust me I hate em too, it's mostly a problem on dlps

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    you two should like really work together.. would be like goku+vegata LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jurai2 View Post
    i'm impressed that only one asked for source so far
    Maybe because the source is in the first post?

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    I agree lol.... Ultimate Manager....? Hehe

    Hey dean adding any more buttons on the file manager gui? i love the exit one

    -Jared V

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    Dean: Could you host the package file for the covers somewhere else? RS has the restrictions for free users. Sometimes you can't get access. I'm on a wait period right now. Thanks! BTW, your mirror link isn't working either.
    Last edited by tonybologna; 10-24-2010 at 01:24 AM

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    Thanks for posting your source dean. Its good to see people willing to share.

    Another alternative to notepad you may like is programmers notepad 2. Among its benefits I find it useful when debugging large programs as it allows quick navigation between functions.

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    dean can you make an option to switch the sliderview with the covers instead of ICON0.PNG?


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