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    AluPL Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    You messed up something.

    Put your options_default.ini on a USB stick, connect it to your PS3 and launch multiMAN. I just tried it and with all nethosts commented with # it works just as the previous version.
    I Re-installed MultiMAN 1.09.05 and still it hangs up, also I ftped ini and still hangs. I also tried to clean all nethost commands and still... I have disconnected LAN (I'm connecting it only when I'm using ftp), but with LAN cable connected it also hangs. I'm out of ideas...

    edit: my friend have same problem, his multimanager is also hanging at startup for 40s I think i'm going back to .04 for now... could you add command for turning off everything that you added in .05? nethost=0 / 1 for example? maybe this will help for me...

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    deank Guest
    As I said, I commented out with # all nethost lines and it loaded in split second. Do you have network/internet enabled on your console?

  3. #843
    AluPL Guest
    yes but with swapped DNS (so ftp works but nothing else no) I'm using two PS3's one for JB one with 3.50 and 'legal gaming' and i dont want to go online with this ps3.

    Anyways that friend that have same problem is using Hermes v4b with 3.50 spoofing with PSN and internet enabled, but he have same problem.

    So how about nethost=0 command or something ?

  4. #844
    deank Guest
    I'll repeat... if you press [L2] and you see no [HOST PC#..] lines it means that multiMAN doesn't try ANY network connections, otherwise you'll see

    Establishing server connection to [xx.yy.zz.mm]...

    Please wait..

    The problem is elsewhere or at least I cannot replicate it. I'm using hermes4b with a sony ericsson xperia x1 and it works just fine. I'll wait for feedback from other users.

  5. #845
    AluPL Guest
    L2 looks almost the same as in .03 or .04 , there is no host pc or nothing new. maybe you changed something important in manager itself? I dont know, i'am already out of ideas... I'll wait too. Anyway thank you very much for your help,you and your manager are best


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    tillman Guest
    I've added the nethost command to the option.ini and L2 shows nothing "new" related to the nethost setting, ps3 slim 3.41 PL3 payload.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tillman View Post
    I've added the nethost command to the option.ini and L2 shows nothing "new" related to the nethost setting, ps3 slim 3.41 PL3 payload.
    have you downloaded the update on page 1?

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    revo75 Guest
    Hey Deanrr,

    Amazing work as usual. I had a question. I read that Multiman deletes the db of recently played games upon launch of multiman.

    Is this true? I do not see it listed elsewhere and more importantly in this thread

  9. #849
    bitsbubba Guest
    yes, and I believe he answered this question for someone else a few pages back.

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    jhmac Guest


    Could someone please show me how to call ps3serv in a bat file with more than one nethost at a time...

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