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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by randomusername View Post
    Sorry dean, let me get this correct, you can fire up ps3serv.exe on your pc, point it to whatever folder you want to define, give it a random port (that's the bit i'm unsure about), add those settings to the ini file for the PS3 then away you go ?

    You need to know your PC IP address to put it in the .ini... for example if your PC has an IP address you open command line on the PC (cmd) and launch ps3serv

    ps3serv d:\downloads 12345

    then put in options.ini


    Don't forget to use quotes "" if you share a folder with spaces in the name, like:

    ps3serv "d:\My Music" 12345

    Sharing a root folder may be too slow, because the server will scan 8 levels deep to find all the files/folders and to send them to the PS3.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Dean, is there any way to do this on a Mac?

  3. #833
    deank Guest
    ps3serv is created with CalcIt (just like multiAVCHD) so I don't see why it wouldn't run under Wine or another emulator on Mac.

  4. #834
    FMAranda Guest
    Ok, i will try it. Thanks for all.

  5. #835
    randomusername Guest
    Thanks for the clarification, you're really producing some great work here, thanks for all the effort.

  6. #836
    deank Guest
    You're welcome!

    Please post back when you get it working. I'm eager for some feedback on the nethost implementation, because I worked almost a week to get it done.

    It is not perfect, but it's a start.


  7. #837
    AluPL Guest
    Hello dean, after newest update , it takes almost 40 sec to turn on the MultiMAN. It just hangs up with black screen for one minute.
    I tried to turn off the nethost (it doesn't work for me, i think i messed something with ip's or firewall configuration)
    Anyway it is my ini file:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    i also tried to reboot console but still it hangs up for a minute.

  8. #838
    deank Guest
    You messed up something.

    Put your options_default.ini on a USB stick, connect it to your PS3 and launch multiMAN. I just tried it and with all nethosts commented with # it works just as the previous version.

    Something I forgot to add about the nethost feature:

    01.09.05 - [SELECT]+[X] while in filemanager with currently active net_host# will cause forced REFRESH of net_host contents (you can mark any net_host in the ROOT tree, too)

  9. #839
    FMAranda Guest
    Dean, i tried to run it with wine, but it doesn't start, a black screen appears and close quickly.

  10. #840
    deank Guest
    It is a CLI application and has no GUI interface... You need to start some kind of COMMAND PROMPT (like cmd.exe in windows) and then launch ps3serv.

    p.s. ... or you can create a BAT file (myps3.bat) and launch it... just open notepad (or a text editor) and put the command line in the bat file as explained above with full path to the ps3serv.exe.

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